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[ Guess who's on the network and newly arrived to Wonderland? This kid, who isn't looking so good. He's in the dining room of the mansion, and just his head is visible--he's leaning as far back as the chair will let him, and he squints at the network as if personally offended by each and every person on there that isn't where he is now. When he speaks, it's easy to tell he has a bit of a lisp and is missing his front teeth. He's also going to be sick, from the looks of it. For someone who's brand new he's remarkably calm--it'll all hit him later. ]

The dining room can get you anything you want. Anything. You just gotta say it. [ Which isn't news to people but it's an absolute marvel for him. He groans, pained, and sinks lower into his chair.]

Oof, I--I think I overdid it.

[ And with a thwunk, he falls. There's another groan, an audible 'shit!' and the visual being broadcast to Wonderland is no longer of Dustin, but of an incredibly full table with nothing but junk food--including, but not limited to: fruit roll ups, a plethora of Hostess cakes, Poptarts, Bugles, and even something called burple. The next phrase comes from the floor, a small hand reaching up to start to hoist himself back up and onto the chair. ]

I don't feel good.
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[Well. It seems it's that time again.

Bedelia sits in an armchair a few feet from the camera, much as she was the first time she made an announcement over the network. One leg is folded over the other, a red high heel just visible. She adjusts the end of one of her jacket sleeves before looking up at the camera.]


[She's seen what's been happening. She would have to be blind not to. But she's been careful, managed to stay away from nearly everything suspicious and everyone unfamiliar. She hasn't come away entirely unscathed, but you won't find any hollow look of distress behind her eyes. The fortunate consequence of keeping to oneself and making few friends. This is not her first rodeo.

And she is, definitely, absolutely, not enjoying this. ]

I should start by saying that I am aware of the losses many of you have suffered recently, and that I’m sorry. [She drops her gaze, the picture of sincerity.] It has occurred to me that there may be quite a few people left shaken by what has happened here over the last few days. For those who may still be unaware, I want to extend my services as a psychiatrist.

I’m opening up my availability to accommodate for any influx in people who need someone to speak to. Walk-ins to my office will be accepted at the same times as always--9 to 5--but I will also make myself available at any hour to those who contact me. If you would rather not visit my office to speak, we can meet elsewhere, or speak over the network.

[She pauses a moment, thinking. Then she gathers herself, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward, hands resting together on her lap. She stares pointedly into the camera, speaking to whomever may most need to hear this.]

We all suffer, and we are all alone in it. Know that you do not need remain that way. Whatever has happened to you, whatever you have done, you don’t have to be alone.

[No, she is not enjoying this at all. That would be a highly inappropriate response. Were anyone particularly perceptive to look closely at the video feed, very close, you definitely would not see the smallest glint of eagerness behind all that practiced sincerity. Nothing to see here.]

Thank you all.

(ooc: This will be the main therapy post for this month. I will accept video, text, audio and action, and will match prose or brackets. Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer a closed log.)
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If you would kindly, Wonderland, answer some questions, I would greatly appreciate your input.

1. Are you from a species that can dream?

2. Do you dream? How often?

3. What do you typically dream about?

4. Are your dreams lucid? Can you control what happens in them?

5. What's your favorite dream that you remember?

6. Tell me about any nightmares you've had.*

* - This one is optional.


Jun. 14th, 2016 08:11 pm
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[The feed starts, and it is clear the woman in front of the camera has set the device a few feet away, so you can see that she's seated, one leg crossed over the other, hands in her lap. For a moment she stares at the device, face blank. This is a risk, she knows. Maybe a mistake. But in the few days she has spent wandering the halls of Wonderland she has encountered no one she knows. And anyway, it's late for fear now. So she smiles, and her whole demeanor brightens with it. She tilts her head toward the camera in a polite nod.]

Hello to... whomever may be watching this. [Bedelia speaks slowly, every word careful, exact. Her voice hardly ever reaches above a low and breathy rumble, but she speaks with confidence.]

My name is Dr. Bedelia du Maurier. I am a recent addition to this place, and I'm not familiar with most of you, but in light of recent events I thought it would be best to make myself known, and to offer my services. I am a licensed psychiatrist, and am beginning a small practice out of my quarters in room Thirty-five on the Eighth floor. I am available by appointment, or, if you would like to speak more informally, you can find me around the mansion.

[She pauses for a moment, and nearly stands up before she thinks of something more that should be said.]

I have been made aware that there is currently a therapist already practicing here. It is not my intention to be in competition with her. However, I imagine she has limited time, and everyone has different needs. [She takes a deep breath, never breaking eye contact with the device. It is best to be up front.] I am particularly accustomed to...disturbing cases. Trauma is something I am wholly familiar with. If that is what you need, I am here.

[She pauses again. That nervousness has not left her, her hands tremble in her lap, but she keeps her toothless smile on. She is, after all, a professional.]

That is all for now, I suppose. Thank you.

[Bedelia leaves the frame and the click of her high heels grows closer and closer before she turns off the feed.]


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