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[Unsurprisingly, Wynonna is clearly sitting at a bar as she takes this video. She even holds up a shot.]

Cheers to waking up in strange weird places without even the excuse of blacking out the night before.

[she downs the shot.]

Now that I've got that out of the way I have a question -- are the people here selected randomly? I mean, they could have taken anyone in the world, I can't see why they would take me.

[Yes she can, she's the Earp heir, but she's not going to just advertise that to everyone. ]

I'm sorry if you've heard that one before, I tried to be original and not do the whole okay who is doing this, why am I here, how do I get home, I demand answers spiel. That has to get hella boring after a while.

[there's a pause and then.]

If you have any answers to those questions, however, I wouldn't say no to them. Even better, come down to...I think it was marked Damon's Bar? Anyway, come share a round of shots, fill me in on anything I need to know, it's sad to drink alone, especially when you've just been kidnapped.

Do a girl a solid, would you?

[feel free to respond via action or video, I'm open to both.]
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Since my last advice post was such an utter success, I've decided to throw my hat back into the ring. If you weren't around before, this is how it goes: ask me for help, and I'll give you some of my uniquely qualified advice. What makes me so qualified, you may ask? Well, I happen to know everything.

[this is a great distraction from father's day when all your father figures were shit bags and also where the fuck is peter??? he can only spend so much time skulking around areas where peter usually frequents like a neglected cat.]


Jun. 13th, 2017 06:44 pm
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[ ooc: open to thread jacking/easily seen unless otherwise indicated. wonderland went haywire and let it happen w/ this post so people can freely read responses and reply. if you have any concerns about the bar or want to help generate a memorial for those gone, head there to oocly talk about it! ]

( the camera pans on damon who is seated up on top of the bar. it's hard to imagine it's been an entire year. how much he's changed, how much his relationship with elena and with people in wonderland has changed since then. he's in a much better place despite how hard it's been lately, despite witnessing elena's- damon smiles for the camera. )

Wonderland, you've officially been graced with my presence for an entire wild and crazy year. When I arrived, I was handing out ponies to everyone who made it worth my while, and now I'm giving you a fully operating bar with regular activities. ( damon pans out to give a view of it all and then he turns the video back toward his face again. he smirks and lifts up a glass in toast like he did for his very first network post. ) You're welcome. The name's TBA.

I realize there's already a bar here, but no one's claimed it since- since Cami also disappeared. ( and she was a friend so that's harder to talk about. ) It's been empty. It felt... strange picking up a bar with so much history from old timers. ( it's not just the fact he bit Simon though there's also that. They made their mark here, and for all damon's faults, it wouldn't feel right.

he steps out of the bar to indicate where it's located. Level 4. damon turns the camera towards the chalk board which lists out the bar's current schedule. )

My girl tells me apparently, for some reason, Trivia Nights are the popular thing in bars so it's on our weekly schedule along with a host of other fun times to be enjoyed by all. Schedule changes monthly so keep checking back.

I'm looking for people who want to work even if money has no meaning so I can't exactly pay you. But consider this... it's something to keep boredom from swallowing you whole and you get to help out your fellow, trapped Wonderland-er. Need bartenders, waiters and waitresses, and chefs if you can cook. And yes, I know we can pull it all out of the closets perfectly, but sometimes it's nice to have someone make something for you even if it's not perfect.

( he lifts up his glass again in toast for the camera. ) Especially if it's not perfect. ( perfect isn't real, and damon always wants what's real. )

voice post

Jun. 13th, 2017 08:21 pm
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This is...different. I was just in Central Park?

[She doesn't really know what's going on, and it's pretty obvious in her voice.]

I'm Claire Bennet. Does anyone here know me?

[She takes in a breath and looks around.]

Can anyone tell me what's going on? I mean, what's really going on?

[Did someone transport her here without her knowing? And where is her dad? And everyone else that was just in Central Park. She's a long way from home now.]
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[For those who know him- and his story- it should come as no surprise that Daryl's face pops up on the network now, backlit with a hazy, mid-morning sky, bare branches, and a landscape that's probably unfamiliar to everyone but him. And he doesn't look happy: hair damp and clinging to skin already streaked with dirt, his expression probably says it all-

Welcome to my world.

But just in case it doesn't (and for those who haven't heard about this crap yet):]

It's the brain. Only way to put 'em down. Don't let 'em grab you, don't let 'em scratch you, don't let 'em bite you. Hell, don't let 'em anywhere near you if you can help it. [He scowls.] ...Easier said than done since we're crammed in here like a bunch of damn sardines- [never before has Wonderland made him feel more like an ant trapped under a magnifying glass........] -so I'm gonna say it again: Brain.

[If he seems more annoyed than anything else, it's because he is; this is business as usual for him, but just like back home there are people here he cares about, people who don't deserve this shit. That's his main concern. This won't last forever, but he'd like to keep the horrible deaths to a minimum if at all possible...]

Got some stuff out here, y'all can come find me if you need it-- [He pauses, and for a fleeting second considers making an apology... But the moment passes without one. Anyone wanting to ream him out for bringing this hell to Wonderland can do so when it's over- ain't no time for in-fighting unless someone don't got a pulse.] Out by the water, where the beach used to be. Don't got too many of 'em over here yet... [And of course as soon as the words leave his mouth, a figure shuffles into view of his camera, drawn, no doubt, by Daryl's deep and enduring love for the things.....

The feed ends there. DARYL SMASH.]

[[ooc: HIT HIM UP HERE VIA VIDEO OR ACTION IDK. He's at the quarry area now, but he'll go wherever he's needed. He has a stockpile of crap with him so if you wanna grab something from him there's that. Also walker-exterminating lessons, those are also a thing.

ALSO. This is a catchall, so if there's something you wanna do with him on a day other than the first day, just specify that and I'll roll with it! He'll be roaming so feel free to assume he's wherever you want/need him to be!]]

01 | Video

Nov. 13th, 2013 12:15 pm
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Okay, so tell me something. Just what are we supposed to do around here? I mean, call me crazy or whatever you want, but I just can't shake the feeling that we're little better than test subjects for someone's insane experiment.

Or maybe they're just trying to make us go crazy, and you know what? They're doing a pretty good job of it.

[The business of the mirrors colliding with the reals, and having people try and kill him twice in a very short amount of time hasn't done much to improve Peter's temper.]

I don't want to sit here and just let people jerk me around because it's how they get their laughs or whatever.

So, what's your secret? Or maybe there isn't one; but either way, it's not good enough to just be someone's science project.
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[Claire's kept to herself after that last event, not exactly pleased with the way things went. But it's been a day or so and she's feeling restless. Restless and angsty. So she's taken to the rooftop, and before she takes to jumping she sends a filtered message, making sure to keep things short and to the point.]

You guys better be okay after everything that happened. I'm up on the roof, if you need something to do.

[There's a pause, and she smirks a little.]

Or you can wait down on the lawn. I just want to see you guys, okay?
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[He spent five days living like a regular human, albeit a regular human stuck in a haunted mineshaft, and now a week as his normal, synthetically-enhanced self. Except Luke isn't aware Wonderland can turn them all into average humans, and he can't figure out what that last event actually did to him.

Because he doesn't have obvious flashy powers to lose, the only explanation he has is he got sick. But Luke isn't supposed to get sick, and no one else has been complaining about being ill, which is what usually happens when things go bad for all of them.

So, given a choice between going for a medical check up at a clinic staffed by UNIT, Torchwood and Victor Frankenstein, or asking a vague question that's going to sound really stupid to everyone, Luke's opted for the latter.]

That last week with the mines, did anyone feel weird? Not just 'trapped in the dark eating mine food' weird. Like sick, or really tired, or kinda... gooey?

[Phlegm and bile and oily skin, ugh. Surely that's not normal for a bunch of terrified people starving together in a cave.]

Like you couldn't think properly, because your brain was all messed up. But it only lasted for the event. Like the mansion made it happen. Am I just crazy?


Oct. 14th, 2013 12:10 am
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[Shock and awe, Wonderland. Tom has been here for how long and this is his first time on the network unaffected by an event. But anyone who knows him knows he hates the friggin' thing. Or, more to the point, just really doesn't like drawing too much attention to himself.

But hey. He's happy for once in a very long time. He's in love! And instead of jumping around on someone's couch or screaming from the roof tops, he's sitting outside the back of the house with a power saw, a generator, and a stack of timbers that he has lugged from the closest closet.

A lot of you he hasn't met but you might remember him proposing a football game a months or so back, but he wasn't feeling quite himself then. Living alternative lives and all that.]

Was thinking about doing some work out here. Idle hands and all that.

[It's a beautiful autumn day, guys. Come out and do something constructive.]

Could use some help to get the walls up. Not like we've got much else to do.
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[The rooftop is such a nice place to brood. She's been back for right under a week at this point, having shown up just in time for another event has left her in a sour mood. She's needed time to herself, to think and piece things together, to convince herself being back here is definitely real.

When she flips on her device and starts recording, Claire's face is different than it was the last time she addressed anyone over the network. She looks older, with straight and short hair, and when she speaks she sounds older as well.

It's only a little unsettling to not remember a thing about this place until you're brought back. I've been through some pretty crazy things the past few years, but this place still finds ways to freak me out.

[There's a long pause, and she looks almost confused.]

I mean, I'm used to things not making any sense, but the way everything here works has to be outside reality. There wasn't even an eclipse for that last event.

[Which would only make sense to people who know her power is activated and deactivated back home by eclipses...which would be a grand total of no one. So she'll just look like weird girl that likes to mention an eclipse, that's okay by her.

She opens her mouth to say more, but instead ends up clamping her jaw shut and looking out over the rooftop. Time to end the recording so she can squeeze more brooding in.
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[ Oh hi, Wonderland. You've got a demon with a mission on your screen right now. One with newly dyed brown hair! Not only that, but she looks like she's up to no good.

Not that it's much different than normal, but there's this knowing smirk on her face that does not bode well for anyone.

I'm on the hunt for someone. Maybe one of you can point me in his direction. [ She's in her room, just hanging out and doing what demons do in their bored time - which is harass people. She's witnessed some interesting things around the mansion these past few weeks, and she wants to get to the bottom of it all.

Part of it's pure curiosity, and a larger part is for purposes. Ones that relate to possible harassment and (not physical she swears!) torture of a person or three who live right there in the mansion.

Can't give you a picture, but he's hard to miss. Standing about six feet tall, looks a lot like a certain Dean Winchester we've got running around these halls. [ There's a pause, and her right eyebrow hitches up just the slightest. ] He dresses a little less like a lumberjack, so it should be easy to tell them apart.

[ She'll wiggle her fingers at the screen in goodbye and shut off the video. Now it's just a matter of sitting back and letting Mystery Dean Twin come to her. ]


Aug. 29th, 2013 03:44 pm
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[Claire's room is filled with teddy bears. All shapes and sizes piled up on her bed, as well as in a little pile on the floor. Some might say she has a teddy bear obsession, she can blame her dad attempting to buy her love and affection with teddy bears from around the world on that. But that's neither here or there at this point in time, she's currently looking as if she's just done something horribly wrong and has no idea how to fix it.]

Has anyone ever gotten anything really weird out of the closets? Weird as in close to what you wanted, but a lot more dangerous and potentially deadly than what it should be?

[There's an adorable sound of an animal making whining growling noises, one that perhaps a young bear might make. Claire jostles her phone, and drops it on her bed. There's an up close view of a teddy bear with a red bow around its neck, and Claire's voice is clearly heard telling something no and to stay put in an exasperated raised whisper. Whatever it is she's talking to makes noises of protest and whines in return.

A minute or so later, she retrieves her phone, huffing in frustration.

The closet doesn't exactly do returns, either. But...maybe it won't be much of a problem?

[She turns her phone now, where a bear cub is sitting in the middle of the disaster that is now her bedroom. You guys can see her problem, right?]
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Gone. )

[Blake sends a simple text.]

Blaine Anderson's gone. I'm pretty sure he's returned to Lima, to McKinley, and to his friends and family. He's a good kid. I think he'll be all right.

[text; private to Crowley]

Forgotten )
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[Hi Wonderland. This is Tom. Some of you may have met him, most of you will mistake him for someone else, and while he's not the social type something about today is just different. Anyone he's spent some time with will notice he's in good spirits. Playful, even.

The video springs to life, and he stares down the barrel with a goofy smile. He's outside somewhere, crouched down in the grass. And while he would normally avoid the network at all costs, he has a very important question for all of you: ]

So. The weather's nice. We're not going anywhere soon. Who wants to play football?
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[ A transmission, you see, must be like a song: Voice and instruments alike, playing its tune. Her instruments are the pans and pots, the clinking and clacking, the bubbling and boiling, the rustling of pages from the book of recipes in her hand. Truth be told, this particular song may be a little out of tune. ]

Mustard, custard, cream of eel. Salt and pepper, same old-- herrings?

[ Her eyes frantically dart across the pages- ] No, no, no! [ -searching line after line for the origin of this atrocity. ]

Here. 'Twas the wrong page in the right book, and you-- [ The Duchess turns sharply and glares, glares at-- at you. ] --could not even think to tell me sooner!

[ She rips page after page from her book, and stuffs them all into a big pot. ] Of course I'll start again, what choice do I have? But you had better do better this time!
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The Search: A Complete List of Actions and Associated Feelings )

[It's somewhere around dawn when Blake surfaces on the network. A long night has his eyes rimmed dark, but otherwise he's doing a fair job of hiding everything. Which means he'll have what he needs to let everyone know.

Addressing the network rarely comes easily to him, and this time it makes his head and heart heavy enough that he feels pinned to the ground.]

Been by River's. Looks like her and Simon went home. Checked the grounds best I could, found nothin' suggestin' somethin' happened to 'em. 'Preciate if you guys could keep an eye out, just in case. Gotta feelin' they made their escape together, though.

[If only they could all be so lucky.]

Be unavailable a bit, so if you know somethin', or see somethin' urgent and I'm not answerin', forward it on to Dean Winchester. He'll know what to do with it.

[And from here, Blake will answer any questions he gets while on his way to his room where he'll drink alone (yeeeeeah, with nobody else). It's not a common occurrence for John, but if anything warrants getting a bit messed up, losing family (again) does.]

[[OOC: Action is open to anyone bold enough to go knocking at Blake's door.]]
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~ Chapter I: Worse Than Google Search Keywords - An Accidental Video Transmission ~

--never been that stubborn before! Jesus...

[ There is not much this feed actually offers visually, other than one corner of a rather dull room, but the voice to the side of the recording keeps going nevertheless, accompanied by the occasional rustling of pages and frequent sounds of a wooden door creaking open and shut. ]

Book. [ ... ] Will you stop shoving that in my face? [ Something flies past the screen and lands behind the bed. It can probably be identified as, yes, a book, though hopefully it has passed too fast for anyone to catch the cover. ] Where do you even get-- Actually, I don't even want to know. Empty book. Go. [ ... ] No, that's- too small, erm... Thick b-- tome. A tome with blank pa--

[ Click. And with that the feed is getting bored of Philip's search and turns itself off again. Rightfully so, because this will be going on for a while. A good while, until several failed attempts later, when... ]

[ TO BE CONTINUED under the cut ] )


Jul. 30th, 2013 02:49 pm
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So uh. Question.

[The Once-ler coughs into his gloved hand and looks at the camera. He looks like he's trying very, very hard to be calm but is actually freaking out not very far under the surface.]

Anybody else get a whole bunch of their stuff stolen after that chess thing? Because I haven't seen any of my Thneed materials anywhere and it's been days and I'm pretty sure my no-good lousy nerd of a Mirror snatched them all.

...Unless anybody's seen them around? Anybody seen a bunch of fluffy Truffula tufts around? If so, uh. Let me know. Because that is my entire company right there, and I would really.


Appreciate. It.


[And he hangs up.
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[ There are a few odd things going on in the mansion today. For example, there is a strange, orange gel splashed from the bottom of the steps, across the lobby, and all the way to the front door. Should someone step on it, that someone would sliiiiide right on by, as Propulsion Gel tends to do that.

Additionally, each floor has one strange cube sitting randomly in the hall. It doesn't move, speak, or do much of anything except to be mildly cute.

Of course, the cameras are watching. And by extension, one very attentive AI. ]

01 | video

Jul. 30th, 2013 10:11 am
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[ There's the obvious setting of a very clean room where Thea is, and the girl being tucked up in bed. It's not 100% willingly but it's necessary, and she's actually obeying her doctor (but only because he's a grumpypants and she has a big enough headache as it is). But the bed's nice, and she's apparently not dead ]

I gotta say, not being dead's a bonus. [ Even though she wasn't close to being dead, she hadn't been in the best shape when she'd arrived either. She still looks a little rough, though: bruised, healing cuts and in an obvious 'less than comfortable' way ]

Who do I have to thank for that? Other than, you know, the doctor. [ Because, as they might realise from her still being there, and being nice, she's grateful ] It being Wonderland and all. Rabbit holes and getting high? [ Because, obviously, the food and the wackiness from the story was getting high. Oh, Thea ] Sounds like a great escape. [ At least compared to what she drove away from ]

So what's the charge? And be honest.
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[ There's no warning as the audio starts, and it seems very likely that River isn't actually addressing the network at large at all. It cuts in mid sentence, to the rustling sound of movement and near incoherent rambling from River. ]

-but it wasn't meant to go like this. What went wrong? Something went wrong, was it her calculations? The numbers twisted and broke and now so much is lost and how are they supposed to find out why? Pushed too hard and too fast, why did he let her try? Why did I try?

[ She stops talking very abruptly, exhales slowly, and then for the first time actually sounds like she's talking to the network, like it isn't just an accidental pick up of a private conversation featuring one. ]

She's sorry. She didn't- it wasn't meant to happen. So, so sorry.

[ Without any indication of who she's apologising to, she cuts the feed. ]


Jul. 28th, 2013 02:03 pm
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[ Crowley's got a bit of extra stubble going on. ]

Funny thing. One moment I'm here and the next I'm home again. Can't remember a thing about Wonderland the whole time I'm there and then poof I'm here again with a whole new set of memories.

Last thing I remember [ He grins ] I killed Meg and her [ His grin gets even wider ] unicorn ran off with a very important rock.

So tell me where is the Little Angel Who Couldn't? I've got a few choice words for him.

Oh and Sam? Dean? I think it's time we had a little talk, don't you? Kevin, too. Family reunion. Why not?
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People really do come and go without warning, huh?

For those who knew him, John Winchester's gone. Home, I guess.


People who've been here a long time, or who've been told they were here before: I've got a few questions. Was there ever a time you got thrown back home and kept some of what you learned here? Any of the memories, anything?

And-- If there's someone here who can mess with that kind of stuff--memories--let me know. Just trying to sort something out, take notes, the usual. But it's important.

video (01)

Jul. 26th, 2013 06:04 pm
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[ a man in a black leather coat appears on the screen. he doesn't seem confused or out-of-place in the least. instead he idly waves the hook at the camera as if to tell things to get a move on -- yes, he is missing his left hand and there's a hook in its place. peculiar. ]

Ah, Wonderland? I thought we settled this. [ they wouldn't want their queen back, would they? he once attempted to kill the queen of hearts but that was ages ago. they wouldn't even remember, would they? but then again who could forget about this face? ]

[ it's a funny thought so he smiles to himself. oh well back to business. the smile fades as fast as it appeared. his voice sharpens. ]

The queen of hearts is dead, I hear, so I couldn't tell you where she is. Or her body. Or what is left of it.

[ glances to the side as if he's expecting a piece of the queen to appear out of nowhere. turns back to the camera. ]

And believe me when I say that I do hate to be the bearer of bad news but that is just how things are, I'm afraid... We were friends once, she and I. Terrible how things turn out. Please accept my sincerest condolences.

[ he doesn't look that sorry. he stares expectantly straight into the camera. the man has places where to be. obviously. ]

With that out of the way, may I go now? Or is there something else you would like to discuss with me?

[ the smile is back. ]
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[She should be more concerned about the fact she went from being attacked at her school's homecoming to being here, but Claire can't really be bothered but to do anything but stare straight at an empty wall. She's pretty sure there were just doors there. She was just in there, she swore it was a library. But doors don't just move on their own. Of course, most cheerleaders don't show up to new places covered in blood, so she settles on a skeptical frown and speaks up. Maybe someone's able to hear this.]

Okay, so I'm definitely not in Texas anymore. Good to know. [A pause, and she sighs. She's holding one of the welcome pamphlets that she found sitting in the library. It's promptly smashed up against her forehead in frustration.]

Dad's really gonna love this. I'll be grounded forever at this rate.

[Another pause, and she glances over at her now crumpled pamphlet. She gives it a shake, and looks completely bewildered.]

Please tell me there's a magic rabbit hole back home. I'll even take a tornado that leads to Kansas. I've just got enough to deal with without the Alice in Wonderland references freaking me out.


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