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[A very tired twenty-something Indian male appears on camera. His hair is a mess, disheveled as if from sleep and having shoved his hands through it a few too many times, and his clothes appear to have been slept in. Because they have. Mahir sighs and pushes his glasses up his nose before he addresses the camera.]

Hello. Wonderland, is it? As in Alice and, I presume. I’m afraid to say that kind of fantasy literature has never been my particular cup of tea. My name is Mahir Gowda. I am the head of the factual news division of the After the End Times news site, although I doubt that means much here. Perhaps it’s a sign of exhaustion, or stress, or my colleague’s particular brand of insanity has suddenly mutated and become contagious, but if this is a delusion, it’s a very convincing one.

I don’t suppose anyone would be so kind as to point me to a very strong cup of tea? If I’ve truly been kidnapped to an alternate dimension, I assume that calling my wife is out of the question. If she hasn’t divorced me yet, she certainly will be after this.

...I may need something a bit stronger than tea, on consideration.

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Aug. 12th, 2017 04:58 pm
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[ It's been a weird few months in Wonderland, and this last event was disconcerting in the way that it robbed them all of their real identities for a little while. That world was all they knew, and she hated that loss of control, of having her memories completely twisted without her consent. Patterson wishes they would never have to go through that again, but knows that probably won't be the last of it.

Which just makes her even more determined to do what she wants, something she has some semblance of control over. She wants to know more people here, and she wants them all to make their own fun, even if that's a fleeting thing. Even if their captors never give a damn, Patterson will never give them the satisfaction of being visibly frustrated or upset by the circumstances of this place.

So she starts the video feed with a smile and a little wave. ]

Hey, everyone out there. Some of you know me, but just in case: I'm Patterson. Been here a few months now. It' adventure, right?

Anyway, I was thinking about ways to kind of make this place feel even just slightly more normal. Something we can control. Okay, so back home, I collect board games. Like, a lot. [ Enough that she has them organized alphabetically by board game creator. ] We should do a monthly game night. Or weekly? And maybe sometimes we could even come up with a murder mystery game. Like a dinner theater type thing. Would anyone out there even care? I wanna find an empty room, decorate it, and we could do this there. Maybe even watch movies afterwards, eat lots of junk food.

Who's up for it?

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Aug. 9th, 2017 12:55 am
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[Maggie can fake calm and composed quite well when she has an audience. She manages to keep the faint edge of hysteria out of her voice long enough to broadcast this.]

Hello, darlings. This is quite the genre shift!

I admit that my last cup of tea wasn't strictly tea. I don't, however, recall spiking it with something this strong. Even in my party girl phase I was never on any drug that triggered hallucinations so vivid.

While I'm sure it will make wonderful inspiration one day, now is a very inconvenient time for me to be crazy. That role is already occupied on my team. The story just wouldn't work with two of us trying to fill it.

If anything I say is getting through my delusions to the ears of someone real, would you please run and fetch Auntie Maggie an antipsychotic?

anon text.

Jul. 20th, 2017 04:26 pm
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[ After being told there are vampires in this place, Liv has to know what people think about a couple of different things without outing herself in the process. ]

If you're something other than human and need to eat, let's call it, 'alternative food,' are you ever worried about someone finding out and freaking in an 'I'll kill you' way?

And for all of the actual humans, are you afraid of the people who aren't human?

Asking for a friend.

( voice )

Jul. 17th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Just why is zombie literature so abundant? I've never found the appeal of it, and yet apparently it's one of the more popular choices here.

( Not that literature really indicates what events they're getting but the literature surely has to be in that many worlds if the actual thing happens too, and there's been a few zombie type events -- both ones she's seen and missed )

Though it gives me that idea that perhaps now might be a good time to test some defences. I just need a volunteer. Not sure I can guarantee your safety though.

( You won't die! She hopes. Could be close )

( PRIVATE | Leonard Snart )
    You were looking for a more interesting conversation before? I might have something.
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[The device falls from a slack hand, found in a pocket and puzzled over for only a moment before it's dropped. A smear of dirty water smudges one corner of the camera, and someone stumbles halfway into view on the screen.

That someone is soaked through, wearing a white shirt and a dirty, red tie that stands out almost ghoulishly against the pallor of his skin - just a little too grey to be natural. Maybe it's just the cold. He's shivering and gripping his upper arms, viewing the bloody carnage that surrounds him with the wide-eyed bewilderment of a child.

But no matter how you spin it, there is something visibly off about this man. His colour is one thing, but the bluish veins that stand out against his skin and the pewter-grey shade of his eyes paint a very peculiar picture.

He looks more like the bodies surrounding him than anyone who might be watching.

The backdrop paints a clear picture of just where he is, and takes a few shuffling steps forwards, displaying something that looks like uncertainty. His expression works - confusion, worry - then he moves out of shot.

[[ooc: inviting anyone to come across him in person, or shout at him from the phone! he'll come back and pick it up. all I ask is pls don't shoot him in the head.]]
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[ Carl doesn't know where this place is, nor appreciates being kidnapped away from his family really, but when he turns on the video, he is settled in the library comfortably away from the majority of unfamiliar faces here and trying as hard as he can to look calm for whom he assumes are his captors... and fellow kidnappees.

Of course what you don't know is that in the last half hour or so, during his initial arrival, he was 100% an open display of panic, uneasiness, and questions before even getting to this point. And while he's found most his answers and come to calm considerably on the outside, he has a couple more question to ask right now! ]

Dad? Are you here? [ His voice ventures with that to start, hoping if his dad, or anyone he knew, in fact, were here it would alert them to his presence on the spot. Then putting on his brave face and moving more to the point, he continues: ] Um, I was told- [ actually ] I overheard that this's how you can talk to everyone, so I was wondering if anyone seen my friends.

There's Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, my dad. Rick Grimes... [ And others too. But honestly there's too many to list so he trails off at his dad's name, which sounds weird rolling off his tongue because the man was always respectfully just dad to him.

In any case, he figures if anybody knows one of his friends, they'll know all of them. He appears thoughtful about what he should say for a moment before he skips right to a closing thought. ]

So, if you see them, tell them I'm here. To call me on this phone. [ a pause ] Or just tell me how to find them.

(ooc: oh yeah, and a small note! happy to have anyone bump into him in the library or before that. anything is cool with me, really! PM me or add me on plurk at [ profile] Naonith if you'd like to talk or plot.)
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The last time Liv woke up at the beach was the day she woke up in a body bag.

Liv sat up quickly, brushing the sand from her jeans. She didn’t remember driving to the lake but it really didn’t surprise her she was here. This was the last place anyone would think to look for her and she wasn’t in the mood to be around people right now. Plus, the last brain she ate had been from the stoner kid. Peppy Cheerleader wasn’t going to cut it with the way she felt now. She needed something that was inclined to drown her problems in whatever pharmaceutical she could get her hands on. Too bad she didn’t still have a sample from the alcoholic brain.

Liv had rushed back to the morgue the moment her mother had burst into tears. She had killed her brother. It was the icing on top of the shit cake of her life. What else was she supposed to do? Major hated her for taking the choice away from him. There wasn’t any more cure left. If she allowed the doctors to take her blood and give it to Evan it was dooming him to a life of a monster. And that was actually the best case scenario. What if the doctors decided to use her blood for another person? Or a nurse mistakenly stabbed herself with a bloody needle? There were too many variables for Liv to count. As much as she wanted to help Evan, she couldn’t. Damned if she helped and damned if she didn’t – there was no denying it anymore: Liv was a monster.

She’d eaten the last of the stoner kid’s brain, only stopping to dump half a bottle of Siracha on top. She scarfed it down and stopped at the nearest liquor store and picked up the largest bottle of Fireball Whiskey she could find. That was the last thing she remembered until now. The bottle of Whiskey was gone – possibly floating in the lake – but the strangest thing about it was she never remembered Lake Washington having waves before.

She reached into her pocket to pull out her cellphone. It was gone, replaced with a black looking device. It was relatively the same and she was too confused to care. Still, even though she spent the evening in a black out haze, she needed to know how Evan’s surgery had gone. Punching in the number for Ravi’s phone, Liv placed the black device up to her ear.

Silence. Not even a damned ring tone. Instead of being scared, she was pissed. Someone had grabbed her phone and replaced it with some broken piece of junk. She flipped through the files, grumbling when she didn’t even see an icon for Facebook. Who didn’t have Facebook? Not that she was on it regularly anymore – just the principle of the matter.

Liv pressed the nearest button that looked to be some sort of video mail and sent it out to anyone who was on this joker’s contact list. It was much easier to focus on the moron who stole her phone than anything else. Anger was a perfect distraction.


[The video comes into focus. A pale girl with limp blonde hair and dark circles stares into the camera. She looks pissed.]

To all the Asshats that have the misfortune of being on numbnuts friendslist – I have his, her, whatevers phone. It sucks. I want mine back. You have this number so text me back an address.

[The girl looks up, distracted. She squints her eyes as if she can see someone in the distance. Flipping her hoodie up over her head she looks down at the screen.]

Seriously, I will spam your mailbox until I get a reply. Don’t think I won’t.

[The screen goes black. Liv slips the black phone into her pocket. Someone is walking towards her and she puts her head down, not really wanting to make eye contact. Maybe it was a bad idea she came to the Lake. Too many bad memories here. Of course, the moment she starts walking and sees the strange house in the distance, it dawns on her that all of the lake side houses are on the opposite shore. It doesn’t make any sense. If she isn’t at the lake, then where the hell is she?]


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