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[Everyone's memories were so intriguing. It was kind of nice to get a glimpse into each world, though at some expense great or small, whatever that expense was. Minato thought he wouldn't have the opportunity to visit all of the worlds out there, so he did have to thank Wonderland for giving him that chance. Maybe one positive out of being here was that for all the events, if some individuals didn't remember something from it, then there had to be someone else who would.

It did give him an idea too, a small one that he could work with. He just wanted to give it a try, to see if he could also get reacquainted with his own Personas that he didn't have with him now. The most important reason though was to see if he could try to know more people too, as if too to make up for the Social Links, relationships with people that he should have here. It'd be a good test for him.

His current backdrop were the stacks in the Library as he sat at a table with books all around, those that were open displaying pictures of mythological deities and supernatural creatures, maybe a few historical figures as well.]

Use three words to describe yourself, and I'll try to match you with a Persona.
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[Hey look guys, it’s a network post from your ole pal, Bill! No, not the lizard and shame on you for being disappointed by that revelation! Yes he is a triangle, yes he is stunning and thankfully he doesn't seem to have packed any extra entertainment to explode into his broadcast today.]


I GET IT. OUR ROTTING BRETHREN are CHARMING ENOUGH. IF anything the REST of you MORTALS should be like THEM. At least ZOMBIES ACCURATELY DISPLAY the TRUE HORROR of what BEING ALIVE FEELS LIKE—slowly SHAMBLING towards your DEATH every PASSING SECOND, you CAN’T KEEP YOUR PIECES TOGETHER and all you WANNA DO IS GRRRRROAN-- But I tend to LIKE a little VARIETY in my TORTURE! SO I wanna KNOW, just how many more MINDS do we gotta CYCLE THROUGH before we’ve VISITED ALL of your TRAUMA-- because I swear, if I have to GO through ANOTHER REALITY where I FAKE a BLOOD TEST, I just might have to START STOCKING UP.

[The triangle’s lid narrows at that, an unpleasant memory from Genosha flashing momentarily into his retina.]


[And if it’s the latter, he really would like to know.]

“Anyway, you KIDS LOVE CONSPIRACIES; so LAY EM on ME! I think we ALL KNOW what HAPPENS when you DON’T~
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What's up, Wonderland? If you're new, I'm Ellie, and that's all the intro you get, 'cause it's not important.

[ Ahem! Without further ado, she stands aside to give everyone a sweeping view of an arcade game which is sitting in the middle of her room. ]

Ta-da! This is The Turning, AKA the coolest game of all time. I've had it here for a while, but I was waiting for the right time to do this, and I think this is the right time. Or something. Anyway, it's a kickass fighting game with boss fights and shit. And the best character ever: Angel Knives. Yes, that's her name, and she's awesome.

[ Okay, enough advertisement. ]

So, first off, I was wondering if someone could help me get this thing to the teen center... place. [ Because of a broken arm, which she is very strategically not showing on screen. ] Second, I'm gonna start planning a tournament for this, so you better practice up! Prize is TBD, but I promise it'll be awesome. I won't be playing since I've pretty much become a boss at this, but I'll moderate. And pick out the previously-mentioned awesome prize. So... yeah, once I get those details sorted out, I'll let you know. See ya!

[ Aaaand she's gone. ]


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:39 am
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[ When Sarah comes into view, she's sitting with her elbows on a table, fingers steepled, and she actually looks Very Serious™ while contemplating how best to phrase her question. The conversation has come up privately, and she needs to have a full understanding of one of the parts of Wonderland she's never bothered with - the Vendors. ]

Hey. I know everyone's kind of consumed with what the dormouse had to say or...didn't say. But I really want to see where everyone falls regarding opinions on the Vendors.

Since we can't pick the memory they want, that means somehow they can rifle through our minds to pick the thing they want to take. And it'd probably have to be something meaningful or impactful. If I ever, for whatever reason, had no option but to use the Vendors, I could lose something like the birth of my son. I'd have no choice or say in the matter.

[ Her reason for using the Vendors would have to be extraordinary. Something involving Kurt or Ray and dire circumstances. ]

Anyway, my actual question is...how do we know, if the Vendors can access our minds and memories, that they or someone or something else doesn't do that all the time, on a constant basis? If Wonderland does actually use our memories to fuel the things that happen here, does that mean our brains are constantly being...I don't know. Monitored???

I'd really like some opinions on this.

[ Sarah isn't paranoid at all usually, and she'd say this is more concerned than paranoid, but it feels like such a violation of privacy that she can't help asking the community at large. ]
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[ When Jane starts her video feed, there's a moment she's laughing at someone or something, pushing it/them away lightly before re-focusing on the screen. ]

Hi, everyone. I wanted to apologize for the tattoo shop being closed for so long. I left, but I've been back for about a week now. There was the ski lodge thing and before that...

[ There's something muffled said that can't quite be made out, but her eyes dart in the direction of the voice, and she laughs, bringing her left hand up to cover her mouth for a second which reveals a flash of a wedding ring. ]

...I was honeymooning. So, anyway.

[ She professionally clears her voice, getting back down to business. ]

Any appointments that fell through because I was sent home for a while can be considered back on the books and priority. Just let me know when you want to come by and I'll fit you in ahead of walk-ins. Oh, and I can confirm now that any tattoos I do here will completely disappear and not come back when you return. Which is, I guess, great for return business. All of the tattoos I gave Kurt are gone.

[ Guess she'll have to do more, what a burden. ]

Just let me know if you need anything. Oh, and Kurt's back too. Thanks to everyone who checked in on Sarah.
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Oh man this is cool!

[Pun not intentional, but that's not the point. Jolyne actually looks pretty happy about everything eventwise, which is nice. She likes this. More events like this would be great Wonderland.]

I was actually pretty worried, I've been here about a year, so I was like oh god, what's Wonderland gonna do? I mean last year, I got here, and then a month later some asshole's forcing us all to trick or treat or he'll eat us or something. So I was expecting I don't know, monsters or aliens, or some other bullshit. Not a ski trip. I know there's events that don't suck, but from what I've seen? Pretty few and far between.

[It's nice being surprised for once.]

Only one problem. I uh...have no idea how to ski or snowboard. Snowball fights, sure. I can figure that out. But like the closest thing to any of this for me is some of the rides at Disney World and I don't think that counts.

[If anybody wants to talk about her lack of skiing knowledge, she'll be hanging around the outside of the lodge.]
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[Mae appears to be recording from within a well-constructed snow fort.]

Snow in June! This is the best event. Boy, right after that whole Mirror horrorshow, too. I guess Wonderland really can be okay sometimes, huh?

[She grins fiercely.]

Anyway, this is the only warning you're all gonna get--the bunny hill is mine. It's Mount Mae now and I'm the Queen. Maybe also the President. Both. I've got a castle and I'm working on making a flag. If you want to become a Mount Mae citizen, you'll have to undergo a test of loyalty. And in the meantime my borders are closed and any trespassing will be seen as an act of war. Invasion will be dealt with hastily with the gratuitous application of snowballs.

Though I'm open to trade agreements with fellow snow nations.

[She pauses.]

...Also, anyone who tries to tell me this is juvenile and I'm too old for this, I'm going to literally find a way to throw a snowball at you through your phone screen. I'll do it. I'll put rocks in them. Don't eff with me.

[ooc: feel free to put action threads here.]
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Hey guys, so... what's up?

[Because that's how you start out when you've just arrived in Gravity Falls version two point oh, right? Especially when there's bark behind your head and leaves that flitter in and out of the picture behind her.]

What I get is that we're, what? All trapped in a hell dimension? Maybe it's a shared universal nightmare? Not that this is how my nightmares work, but maybe I'm not the dreamer in charge.

[She pauses, the view wavering, showing more of the woods behind her.]

Whatever. Wonderland though? I think I remember that book from last year. I watched the movie, and still passed the book report so that's enough, right? Though the whole kidnapping thing feels more Lost Boys than Alice.

Is there a pirate? Pirate ship? I am all up for starting a band of kids who never grow up, get in food fights, and make adults run in fear. Who's with me?

Also, the lake shaped like a lizard? Bit odd but cool, man.


If anyone is down by the lake, they might spot Wendy perched on a lower branch of a tree. Laid back against the trunk, one leg dangling as she watches the wind ruffle the surface of the lake. Definitely watching for familiar faces, or interesting ones, before deciding to breach the house.

Up there, out of the main line of people traffic, it's much more relaxing and is giving her time to adjust.


May. 3rd, 2017 06:07 pm
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Hello, everyone. I'm sorry to be bothering you, you don't have to listen if you don't want to, it's not really important.

For any newcomers, my name is Mikan Tsumiki, and welcome to Wonderland.

I've been trying to work on a few issues I have, and I think one of the things that might help is the word "normal". I want to become more like a normal teenage girl. Normal teenage girls don't apologize for everything, and they don't cry over everything, and they don't need to be useful all the time.

All worlds are different, though, so one person's normal might be different than another. But that's okay! I want to try all options.

So, if you could please finish this sentence - "A normal teenage girl____"
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[After giving it a few days to make sure things are back to normal, it's probably time to own up to where the other half of the event came from. So here's Jolyne looking pretty glum about the whole thing.]

In case you guys were wondering, or want somebody to blame, the zombies were from my world. And yeah, it sucked just as much when it happened before.

[...if not moreso, since here you could jump into tears and move around. Those weren't options in prison. Also nobody was controlling them here, which...she's still not sure if that's better or worse.]

So, sorry. Is that what you do when these things happen?

[She's not really sure. But invisible zombies sound like something she should definitely apologize for.]

Hopefully, you guys won't have to deal with anything else from my world? That was one of the worst ones...I think. Well, except for the snails...and...uh...

[Maybe she should stop talking.]

Look, I swear there's not a lot of stuff that's going to be that bad.

[She's not really convinced, but that seems like a good place to end the feed, so that's what she does.]
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[The video is posted in the dead of the night. It opens to wonderland's resident ghost monster, fiddling with the camera the screen turns black, falling forward]


[the camera is lifted and wedged more tightly into position, but the ghost is horrifically out of focus]

hi, um.... this is napstablook... um...

i wrote a song about a month or two ago and i've been working on it for a while.... i was thinking....

um... i finished it if you want to listen... uh, click away if you don't, that's fine too....

[they hit a few buttons on their computer, and the song begins to play, with haunting, not quite vague lyrics.]

it's um... it's still a little rough but um yeah... there it is...

those amazing sound effects were gathered by miss coralinejones, aren't they great?

anyway, thank you for your time..... um... let me know what you think....um...


[the video feed cuts out abruptly]
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I'm kind of surprised, but that was actually fun.

[Well, someone's happy about the space trip.]

Like I kept expecting it to all go to shit, and yeah I got arrested, but that's not too bad. Plus being arrested in space sounds way cooler than being arrested on Earth, right?

[She shrugs, it's cool to her. Maybe not to the space types, but whatever, it's cool, okay?]

You know, if more stuff like that happened, this place would suck a whole lot less. Beats drowning and falling asleep all the fucking time and all the other crap that happens.

[She'd throw more examples, but does anyone need more examples?]

So uh...I'm not the only one who got thrown in jail over the weekend, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

[If she was, it loses all cool points and becomes the most embarrassing thing ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but definitely in a while.]


Mar. 9th, 2017 11:16 pm
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[ The last time she was this preoccupied with death, it was because she was very much alive and didn't want to be. Amy had just died, and from her perspective, there was nothing else to live for. She wanted to die peacefully at the CDC. And yet, with everything that had happened since that moment, she knows it was worth it to have held on.

But now, she's considering her own death again; not because she's contemplating harming herself, but because her death is looming and unavoidable whenever she returns home. The reality of that has always been in the back of her mind since first arriving in Wonderland, and she tries not to think about it much, but maybe talking it through isn't such a bad thing. ]

I know there are others here who are dead where they come from. Or...will be dead, whenever they go back.

[ That's a cheerful way to start a broadcast, right? ]

I just got here, a little while ago. Whenever I go back, I won't have long.

[ Dead or nearly dead - what a great club to be in, right? ]

Do you think about it much here? Or do you try to make this place home? How do you deal with it?

[002] text;

Mar. 5th, 2017 10:47 pm
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A few things have occurred to me in the time that I've been here. Mainly, that I really need a hobby. So I've decided to give back. I'm compassionate, wise, and over-brimming with life experience.

So, ask me anything. This is a test-run for an advice column I may or may not actually run based on how much Wonderland is in dire need of my help.
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Hey again, Wonderland.

[Kon gives a half wave and a smile. He's been interviewed before, spent his entire life in the public eye up until recently, but this still feels weird. Maybe it's because of the awkwardness of the question he's asking.]

I've got a... probably unusual question. Can anyone else here fly? Specifically, has anyone else here tried flying to get out of here? I mean, it didn't work, obviously. I wasn't even surprised about that. But it was really weird. Like it's not like I ran into a block or anything like that. I just sort of... ended up where I started. And going up I just ended up not moving after a while, even though it felt like I did.

[He shrugs.]

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else had tried it. Cause man, I do not like it when my flying doesn't work right. It's just wrong.
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[This kid's been busy, it turns out. Very busy. It's Valentine's Day, as most everyone is in all likelihood well aware, and for the first few moments of the broadcast, they appear to be quite busy with something, tongue stuck between their teeth, brow furrowed with concentration.

Eventually they glance up, however, and hold up a simple heart cut out of red construction paper. They appear to have been in the process of drawing myriad swirls along the edges. They were going for something reminiscent of a lace pattern, but results are...inconclusive.]

If anyone needs valentines, I made... [A brief pause, and they duck out of sight, only to return with an armful of hearts of every color in the rainbow.] I, um, I have a lot extra.

[But that's just the first purpose of their broadcast. The second is something they've been hard at work on for some time. A combination of careful observation, idle speculation, and wheedling questions has yielded some interesting results, and it's about time those were documented.]

And there's something else, too.

[For a brief moment, they form a fingergun with their free hand, one maroon eye winking shut in a gesture that was, in all likelihood, meant to emerge as flirtatious but simply ends up comically overexaggerated. And then...then they upload the file.]



[And yes, they will very much be monitoring any and all chatter that goes on within, so they may update their couples list accordingly. Go hog wild, Wonderland.]

[01] Video

Feb. 13th, 2017 12:24 pm
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[Cissie takes her time to get her bearings before she makes her first video post to the network. She appears on screen, looking like any other ordinary blonde haired, blue eyed American teenager. It's an image she intends to maintain, just like she does at home. She holds a hand up in a small wave, offering a tiny smile.]

Hello, Wonderland. Can I call you Wonderland? That's what I hear this place is, and can I just say that I'm kind of seriously regretting never reading those books before? I mean, I'm not the best student in the world, but I do like to know what I'm getting myself into. Not that reading would ever prepare me for getting kidnapped into a children's book, but I don't remember anything about kidnapping anyway, so clearly this is a case of the movie not following the book. ...Where this is the movie, if that wasn't obvious.

[Oh my god stop rambling, Cissie. She looks a litle abashed, blushing faintly. Great, her shot at introducing herself and she's sounding like a complete dork. She clears her throat and continues. Here comes the awkward part.]

Anyway, my name is Cissie King-Jones. I'm from Pennsylvania. You... may have seen me on a Wheaties box? If you're from where I'm from, that is. And if you are, I'd really like to know. And if you're not... it's nice to meet you?

If anyone wants to be kind enough to give me the Cliff Notes version of things, that would be awesome. I guess these kind of 'hey I'm new, what's up with this place' kind of questions probably get old after a while, so if you just want to introduce yourself, that's fine, too.
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Hey Wonderland.

[Jolyne's here today looking like she has something very important to ask. Also, she looks a little concerned. The reason for it isn't going to stay a secret for very long though, no need to worry about that one.]

Assuming everybody heard the cat talking about...whatever the fuck that's about, but uh, anyone know if it started early?

[This might be a dumb question, she doesn't think events work that way, but...]

I know it was talking about water and stuff like that, and not this, but I went to check on my uncle and he wasn't in his room, but there was a bear in there. Like an actual, honest to god bear. He didn't seem to want honey or hang with Piglet either.

[Admittedly she kind of panicked, so if anybody heard someone screaming in the second floor hallway earlier today, that was why.]

So is there an event going on or seriously, why the fuck is there a fucking bear in my uncle's room? And please tell me it didn't eat him. I'm not in the mood to deal with that shit right now.
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I would like to submit a formal, if belated, apology to all those who were inconvenienced by our last event1. It was from my world and no doubt had a discombobulating effect. If there are lingering queries, please direct them to me in the archival room located in the west wing of the library, first floor.

In news that is more favourable but tangentially-related: I am interested in the temporal demographics of those in residence here, as it has been some time since I last conducted a survey of this nature. I am myself from the year 1935, but as I understand it this fits into a very specific timeline from a very specific world, and there are other worlds with differing dating systems and dimension-specific technological innovations. This is not a formal study, but a personal inquiry to satisfy curiosity.

As always, I can be found in the stacks unless the day is particularly fine.

-E. O’Connell

1Said event consisted of (likely foreign and uncomfortable) early-20th century clothing in unforgiving Sudanese desert climes, a hazardous oasis with irritable locals, and frequent aural and visual disorientation.
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[Let's see how does Jolyne start addressing Wonderland? What's a good way to sum up what happened over the last few days, one that accurately conveys how pissed off she is about the whole thing? Oh wait, she's got it.]

Fuck Neverland.

[Not exactly the most tactful thing to throw out on the network, but if everybody's not thinking it right now with one wording or another, she'd be surprised.]

I don't know whose world that came from, but I hope you guys torched the place. I don't think I'll ever be able to watch the movie again now either, thanks Wonderland. Any other childhood classics I should expect to get ruined in the near future?

[She's trying to act cool about it, but she's just angry about the whole thing. Again. Just when she'd gotten used to events, something like this happens and it messes up the already uneasy acceptance of Wonderland she'd been trying to have.]

So I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like venting, so I'll be outside if you guys need me. Probably over by the forest. Come say hi if you want to talk, I guess.

[Sure enough, she'll be out there. She's not going inside, but she's hanging around the entrance, using one of the trees as her sparring partner for now. She knows she could do this inside the mansion, but she doesn't want to be cooped up and pissed off. There was way too much of that back home.

But before she heads out there, she's got one more thing to say in this broadcast.]

And uh...if you stepped into any of the traps I set, I'm really sorry.

[Sorry probably isn't good enough for anyone who stumbled into a bunch of Dreamshade laced spikes, but she's not really sure what else to say there.]
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[There is a Sans, back to normal size and tiredness, kicking back at his hotdog stand. 4, who is now a mostly-grown black cat instead of just an ornery kitten, is lounging on the counter, tail swishing. There's also a random tiny pumpkin set on the counter near four because, you know. Aesthetic, or whatever.]

so, not the biggest fan of having my memories scrambled. memory tends to be one of my few good qualities.

[All things being equal, at least. 4 extends a paw and bats the tiny pumpkin off the counter. Sans catches it and sets it back on the opposite end.]

but uh, that one was kinda fun, actually. might've been the first actually fun e... [He pauses. The phrase "fun event" doesn't sit right with him for some reason.] might've been the first event here i actually had fun with. like, wow. i dunno who here is the one with the whole wizard castle thing back home, but dang. magic food whenever you want it and novelty talking candy? pretty, heh, sweet deal.

[It might be kind of telling that the happiest he's been for any extended period of time in the last year has been when his mind was completely erased and rearranged by Wonderland, but haha. He's not gonna examine that too closely.]

[Sans props his feet on the counter and leans back.]

kind of unsettling in retrospect, i guess. that many humans running around with that much magic.

[He shrugs, staring upward and apparently watching clouds.]

so, there any sorta tradition in wonderland for what you do when you been here a year? mine's coming up.
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(The journal begins to record, obviously without its new owner's intention.

A Geth in a garden is probably a disconcerting sight. It's disconcerting for them too, albeit for an entirely different reason. They had not expected to encounter a garden, or anything else, ever again.

Legion begins to look around. It doesn't take them long to find the journal, and the residents of the mansion will get a good look at their flashlight face when they pick it up and stare quizzically at it for several moments. Upon realizing that it is recording, the flaps of plastic wrapped around their head flare out in an expression of surprise, and they click off the feed.

A moment later, they send a text.)

My reactivation is unexpected. Personality dissemination was irreversible.

Local flora matches that of the Human planet Earth.

(How is this possible?)
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Who the hell knows what's about to happen. We get messages like this, I suggest you start stocking up on bottled water, non-perishable food. Blankets, essential meds, and toilet paper. Not joking. Sometimes the closets stop working altogether when something especially crazy comes.

Don't panic, but be smart.

Private - Philip

Meet me on the roof?

And now for the action part of this post. )

[ooc: will match style for the action portion; prose or brackets both work fine!]
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Okay, so since I've arrived, there was the mirror thing, Halloween in the middle of summer, that one that I'm not talking about, and now we've got something straight out of a Disney movie.

[She's counting on her fingers in the video, not that she needs to, there's only four things. But it gives her something to do and helps her try and act like she's way calmer about this than she is. Plus, it also helps distract from the fact that she still doesn't know how to feel about that last event. That was weird.]

Things never stop happening around here, do they? I guess in one way, it sort of makes this place feel like home, but if Wonderland would like to give us a break, I wouldn't mind.

[And yes, she knows everyone would probably like a break from Wonderland. That's why she's laughing about it. Because that's just not how these things work at all, right? Everybody wants a break, and they just never really get one, outside of the downtime between stuff which is never as much of a break as you want or could use.]

Anyways, if you guys need help moving people or anything, let me know. That's about all I can do. I mean I'm pretty sure I'm not anyone's true love, so you're definitely out of luck there.
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[As always, Souji's in the diner, but sitting in a booth instead of behind the counter. Since there's no one there at the moment, he's more hanging out than working.

There's a thick volume on the table in front of him and though the contents isn't clear due to the camera angle, it's easy enough to guess that it's a photo album or scrapbook of some kind. There's also a not entirely ancient Polariod camera at his elbow. He flips through the thick pages of the album as he speaks.]

The last owner of the diner had this tradition of taking a picture of everyone who came in and putting it in this album. I found it and her camera behind the counter a few weeks ago, but with events and everything I forgot about it.

[He's actually pretty happy it was still there and the small, nostalgic smile on this face says so. He picks up the camera and turns it over in his hands, looking it over.]

I want to start it up again. It's just a picture and a name, so we can keep a record of who was here after they leave.

[He sets the camera back down, closer to the device he's using, but he's still visible past it, looking into the feed now.]

Hm...since there are a lot of new people lately, I'm Seta Souji. I run the diner on the eighth floor, kind of. Anyone can come by any time.


Just expect to have your picture taken, if you do.

[As promised, he'll be in the diner for...ever.]
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[Kanji looks nervous as he turns on the feed, shifting uncomfortably with one hand at the back of his neck, eyes darting off to one side as if to make sure he's not being watched by anyone other than the folks he's broadcasting too-- it looks like he's in the diner at the moment, taking a break on one of the stools at the counter as he clears his throat and focuses his attention back on the device in his hands.]

So, I was just wonderin'-- would anyone be interested in some kinda arts and crafts workshop?

[He's been wanting to offer some kind of classes for awhile, if only to find other people with interests that are in line with his own, but he's been a little anxious about stepping up to actually say something. Events had given him plenty of reason to push it back, but if he was honest, being somewhere other than Inaba made him a little hesitant to take that big first step again, especially with how hard he'd had to work to make it back home.]

Nothin' fancy, but we could do different stuff each week maybe. Puppets, crochet, painting-- whatever. We've got this great youth center, thought it might be a good place for it. If-- if anyone's interested, let me know what days work for you, yeah? Thinkin' maybe some weekday afternoons. Y'know, we don't get events during the week for the most part, so-- probably seems like the best bet.

[He's rambling, and trying hard not to trip over his words, but he manages a hopeful smile as he closes out the message all the same.]

Hopefully I'm not the only one into this kind of thing. If you wanna talk in person, I'm in the diner most days, and I've been hanging out in the youth center in the afternoons. A-anyway-- thanks for listening. Lemme know if you want in.

[He cuts the feed, but he'll be working in the diner for most of the afternoon, helping Souji out both in the kitchen and behind the counter, wiping down tables whenever people finish up their meals. Afterwards, he'll be down in the youth center, where he's claimed a corner table for himself with a number of supplies laid out across it. Anyone who walks in will see him working on the finishing touches of a small knit doll: a monkey, to be specific, which he seems to be intent on dressing in great detail now that the doll itself is complete.]
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[It's probably a silly instinctive thought to have because the danger has obviously passed and she knows Giorno and Mista would never let anything happen to her, but Trish can't help but jump to the obvious conclusion that this has something to do with Stands. How the hell else is she supposed to explain this? She decides, in the end, to keep it as a possibility, but not as a definitive. She'll just have to see what answers she can get out of the people here.]

[So when the feed flicks on, it's a pink-haired girl who seems completely nonplussed by the whole situation. Perhaps even like she's got her nose up in the air a little as she sits there with folded arms.]

The name's Trish Una. I'm sure you guys are sick of answering questions, but you haven't answered my questions. We'll start with the basics: what does a girl have to know about this place to survive?

I'll leave that open to interpretation, but don't waste my time with asinine answers.
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Due moltiplicato per due fa 4. 4 moltiplicato per 4 fa sedici. Sedici è due moltiplicato per due moltiplicato per due, quadrato 4, come il gioco.

[This is what he sends while he's still in his room, still contemplating where he is, and why, if there is a why. Sometimes there isn't, and he knows that; sometimes people attack you for no reason, simply because you're in a position of power, even if they don't have an issue with you specifically. This is what he's learning. It's not paranoia if you're right.]

[The message will draw appropriate attention if it's there to be drawn. If it's not, as he suspects, it'll pass unnoticed or at least ignored by most people and will draw out those who speak Italian or have short tempers or both.]

[He can't stay here forever, of course, so after about half an hour he steps out of his room and into the hall. He's an obvious new arrival, since he's inspecting the mansion with extreme and unfamiliar care, but he doesn't quite seem afraid. Curious, yes, annoyed, definitely, but afraid, no. He moves with the quiet grace he's accustomed to, the only real acquiescence to the situation a gentle frown and a slightly pinched brow.]

[He explores everywhere, and thoroughly, so it takes awhile; even so, he spends extra time in some places. The library fascinates him in the way that only a total nerd can be fascinated by an apparently infinite library, but he manages to tear himself away after only forty-five minutes cradling a tome on rainforest insects that never existed on Earth and never will. The kitchen holds him a little bit longer, because at first he's delighted by the plenty offered by the cupboards, and then he's terrified (again, always) at letting someone else control what and when he eats. He's all tense what-ifs until he gets to the ballroom, where he stays for a little while simply because it's pretty, and pretty things soothe him.]

[It's not until he gets past the gardens into the forest that the switch flips, quite neatly, from frustration and uncertainty to anger. The reason is fairly predictable. All the same, he looks at most mildly bothered, leaning one hand on the nearest tree trunk when the video switches on.]

If anyone has a moment and it's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate if you could tell me what the hell is wrong with this forest. There's not a thing in here but the trees.

[A beat.]

Obviously I have a laundry list of other questions, but really.

( ooc ; feel free to catch him anywhere in the mansion or on the grounds for the action portion! )
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[Dipper always looks a little on the paranoid and overtired side, but he looks especially bad today. Amazing how much harder it is to sleep when the very reason you have trouble sleeping in the first place is actually here and likely to torment your nightmares if you dare close your eyes. Not that staying awake forever is an option. Dipper just wishes it was. He starts the feed, then sits, back, looking grim.]

Hey. Dipper and Ford Pines here. You might have noticed the super weird triangle thing that came up recently? Well, that's not a what. That's a who. [A beat.] And… also a what, actually.

[Ford doesn’t look much better either. His brow is furrowed and his expression, grave.] That super weird triangle thing is a dream demon known as ‘Bill Cipher’. He is incredibly powerful and incredibly dangerous. Now I’m sure some of you will take this as a challenge-- How bad can he be? Right? [He shrugs airily, but abruptly points at the camera.]

Wrong. Bill is most powerful in the mindscape; a mental realm between dimensions. He can read your mind and inhabit your dreams and he is chaos incarnate. He may be charming, but above all else he is a liar and a monster.

[Dipper raises a finger.] Also? Don't make a deal with him. He will lie to you and cheat you out of your end and then he'll possess you and do terrible things to and with your body. [Terrible, terrible things. Dipper rubs his arm.]

But good news? He can't possess you if you don't deal with him, and without a corporeal form he's pretty limited in what damage he can do. Still got the omniscience and nightmares to contend with, but who hasn't had to deal with a few nightmares? [It's fine. He's fine.]

[Ford puts a comforting hand on Dipper’s shoulder.] If you happened to follow his instructions and you drew a triangle with an eye, I suggest you destroy that paper immediately--preferably by burning it. If you can help it, do NOT engage! I cannot stress that enough. Do not be a fool just because you think you can handle yourself. It’s not worth the risk.

[Dipper nods firmly.] If he contacts you? Let us know. If he… takes an interest in you or something, definitely let us know. We're experts on dealing with him. We can help. We can also answer any questions you might have. To the extent that there are answers, anyway. There are still definitely more questions.

[He gives a serious nod, glances up at Ford, then looks into the camera.]

That's it for now, Wonderland. Stay safe, and come to us with any questions.
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[Hi Wonderland, here's Jolyne looking sort of ashamed as she looks into the camera.]

Hey, I just wanted to start things by apologizing. I got here yesterday and just sort of blew everybody off because I thought this was a dream, and I'd wake up soon. But I guess that's not the case. So sorry.

[Not the world's best apology, but Wonderland not being a dream isn't the best subject for her either right now, so she'll move on from it a little.]

So Wonderland, huh? I saw the movie when I was a kid, but this seems pretty different. But since I'm stuck here, so I guess I've got time to learn how different. And I should probably introduce myself to everybody and make up for yesterday so, hey, I'm Jolyne. Jolyne Kujo.

[She's pretty sure that name means nothing to anyone which is actually nice, so there's a smile here. Her name didn't mean anything for the longest time, so being able to go back to that instead of having all this family drama to deal with is a little nice. Just a little though, so that smile fades quickly enough, and she goes back to the subject she moved away from a second ago.]

But while I'm on this thing and talking, what happens back where I was? They've got to be freaking out since I must have just disappeared, right? And...

[For once, she actually manages to stop her mouth from getting ahead of her brain. It's a rare occurrence, but this is probably the best time for it to happen.]

Just answer that one for me, okay?


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