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[If there's one thing Jay doesn't like, it's being out of the loop. He spent a little over four years trying to piece together what happened back home himself, while the people who knew more than he did dangled clues over his head to watch him jump.]

[This past event, he was in over his head, and he knew it. Tim ended up with a second soul (SOUL?) and a new set of monstrous features to boot, and Jay had no idea how to help. Clearly there are things going on here in Wonderland that Jay hasn't even started looking into, and now he's been burned for it.]

[He takes to the network several days after Asgore and Tim recover.]

How do souls work in your world?

Back where I come from, people talk about them. When you die, they say your soul goes to Heaven or Hell (or Purgatory or whatever afterlife you believe in, I guess). But it's not like anyone's actually seen one.

I get the impression that's not how it works everywhere.
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Gonna head t' the caves t'day, so-- [He pauses, and there's a small 'clunk' off-screen as he tosses something into a bag by his feet.] So, if y've ever wanted t' check it out but didn't wanna go alone, here's a chance.

[There's a bark and the camera swivels to put a dog in view. Said dog wags its tail and sniffs at a rucksack with interest.]

He's comin' too. Jus' gimme a heads up, 'll be at the entrance in a half hour.



[If anyone wants to meet him there, he'll be there a good ten minutes checking through his pack and making sure he has everything he needs - just in case.

After that, he'll be in the caves themselves, exploring the passages and leaving small marks on the walls as he goes. At least once, he finds his way to a large, open cavern, and whistles softly to himself before quietly smiling as if recalling a distant memory. The hour following will be spent free-climbing the walls, leaving the dog on the cavern floor with his bag, with exploration resuming after he decides that his hands have had enough.

All in all, he's down there for several hours.
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[Late on the 5th day, somewhere no-one can hear, a song starts playing in reverse. And the SOUL that was once a goat monster is called again to life.]

[The world's saddest boy is eased in sadness and also fur. Asgore Dreemurr awakes in his room and finds himself as whole and living as he has been of late, although perhaps more tired than usual.]

[A short video is posted to the network. It is a close up of Asgore's face; it is late, and he looks weary, but the weariness he feels is deeper than the hour alone would give.]

I have been dead, but for the second time in my experience, I find that I am no longer so. I apologize to anyone whom I may have worried or harmed with my death, especially my children. I apologize for laying such a heavy burden on Tim. I did not wish for my SOUL to be absorbed by one of the Ice Giants by accident, and perhaps making one of them even stronger, enabling the deaths of others.

If my choice was wrong, I take responsibility for it, and again apologize to anyone it has harmed.

[Asgore takes a deep breath and shuts the feed off.]

Entry #90

Aug. 27th, 2017 02:43 pm
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action prompt! cw for body horror )

[If Tim could have his way, he'd be issuing this announcement over text. But he can't - having learned, very far after the fact, that the new, clawlike shape of his hands makes inputting text commands rather impossible. It seems Asgardian technology doesn't account for impromptu goat-human hybrids. So instead, people get something different.]

[Something...very different.]

[On day four, a watery scarlet iris stares hollowly at the screen for several moments before Tim pulls back. If the presence of thick white fur and rounded horns and branchlike protrusions doesn't cement that something has gone really, horribly, terribly wrong, then the tremor in his voice and the glisten of tears down his cheeks certainly should.]

I, uh...

[Maybe it's the eyes - the eyes that, though they've changed in color, undeniably belong to one Timothy Wright.]

Asgore told me - he said that I had to, I had to take it before anyone else did. I didn't know this would - god - I didn't know.

[He's trying not to break down. He's trying not to. He can no longer tell whose guilt is swelling like a tumor in his chest, whose grief is eating at his heart. At the soul he allegedly, apparently possesses.]

I'm sorry.
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[A young man sits before the camera, looking, to say the least, in pretty bad shape. Although only appearing to be somewhere in his early twenties, his eyes seem sunken and teeming with an exhaustion beyond his years, and his complexion is pallid.

He’s seated with bent knees, arms crossed atop them. His chin rests in his left hand, on which he's wearing a pair of nondescript black gloves with the fingers sloppily cut off. His right hand is holding the camera at a slightly odd angle, as it's been awhile since he's used a mobile device of any kind.

Making eye contact with the camera, he attempts a smile, which comes off looking unsure and diffident.]

Am I...

[A pause. While he's no stranger to speaking in front of a camera, addressing a group of strangers on a more personal level is a whole different concept entirely, and he's only just now aware that he has absolutely no idea what to say.]

Is this place... In my head? It feels real but I--

[Again he cannot finish the thought, as he's still overwhelmed with guilt due to the way things were left at home before he was brought here.]

...I'm sorry. [He looks down as he mumbles the words, ending the recording immediately afterwards.

When all else fails, apologize, although it's not like this method of communication has done him any favors in the past.]
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[The camera's pointed at Jay's shoes. Wherever he is, it's carpeted, and it's at least somewhat well-lit. When he finally speaks, it's at a whisper and oddly flat.]

If anyone was thinking about using the last house on...Lakeview Drive for shelter...

[A gas can swings into view, and a narrow stream of gasoline leaks from the spout onto the carpet. The camera tilts for a second, revealing a well-furnished suburban bedroom with lazy gasoline loops painted across both the floor and the bed.]


[Jay starts down the stairs, trailing fuel behind him.]

Don't get anywhere near this place. If you're looking for me, [He tries and fails to suppress a cough. The fumes must be getting to him.] I won't be around either.

[He's in the living room now. Jay pans the camera across the room--couches, coffee table, TV, stereo--before dribbling the last of the gasoline across the floor and up to an open window. He tosses the can aside.]

Last warning.

[Jay reaches up to the inactive stereo, twisting the volume dial as low as it can go. Hand visibly trembling, he switches it on. Nothing. Good. He switches the input to "radio". His breathing is audible now, high and ragged.

He twists the volume knob, and the speakers come to life with the deafening roar of...well, you win some, you lose some.

Jay bolts from the house, leaving the front door hanging open.

There's chaos for a moment, leaves hit the camera lens, and then Jay's looking down from a reasonably sized oak tree. A corpse shambles into view, heading straight for the house. Jay cuts the feed.]

[OOC: Jay has just attempted to create walker-bait out of the last house at the end of a dead-end street. Very loud, very flammable walker-bait. He's stolen Tim's lighter, and he's planning to shut the front door and light the place up through the window once enough bodies find their way inside.

Feel free to use this post to yell at him/cheer him on/try to stop him/try to help him.]
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[ She knew as soon as the cryptic message went up what this was going to be. And it's really something to finally be up, after two and a half years, to know this one's yours and it won't be anything good. Michonne's stockpiled more than usual - cases of bottled water, a shit ton of non-perishable food, and guns, ammo. She doesn't know what to expect; maybe it'll all disappear overnight, but she has to try.

When she wakes up back home, back in Alexandria, at first she thinks she's back. But she remembers Wonderland, sits up straight in bed and realizes a few things. Rick's not beside her, her stockpile from yesterday is still there, and her device is on the nightstand. Dressing quickly, she gets up, walks through the familiar house and out onto the porch.

She is home. There's no Daryl in the house next door, her people aren't here, but she's back and she isn't sure how to feel. She isn't even sure what fucked up thing might happen. She has to do her best to warn everyone, toe the line between scaring the shit out of people and making sure they understand. Sitting at her kitchen table (and that's a weird thing, too. This isn't anyone's but hers. This is all...hers. Her house, her couch, her mantle where she hung her katana thinking in a bout of optimism that it could stay there) she turns on her device, her face a little harder than usual which is, in all honesty, saying something. ]

If you don't know me, my name's Michonne. This is my world. Looks nice. Quaint. But it's not. Most people in Wonderland call it a zombie apocalypse. We didn't know what it was.

[ She really can't help having this moment out loud. ]

It was never entertainment for movies and tv in my world. It's real. Most of you already know what to do: shot to the head is the only thing that kills them. It's not good enough to just cut off the head. It can still bite. You get bit, you die and turn. Come back as one of them. Don't worry about being able to tell the difference between someone alive and someone dead. You can see it. Smell it.

[ And uh, one other thing: ]

If you get bit on a part that can be cut off, arm, leg. Do it. Cut it off as soon as you can. If you don't bleed to death, you won't turn.

[ But everyone knows this is temporary, so maybe people would just rather die than go through an amputation. Maybe they'd die and turn because eventually, this will end. They don't have to keep living it every single day. ]

I don't know if walkers will even be the issue. It could be anything I've gone through, right? There's enough fucked up shit that's happened, the biggest threat might not even be the dead. Just trust me. Get a weapon. Stay close because there's safety in numbers. I'm at the very end of the neighborhood with cases of water and food if you don't have any, but look in your pantries and see if there are rations, first. If you know how to use a gun, I've got those too.

Just know that noise draws them in. Gunfire is dangerous, might as well sound off a dinner bell for walkers. That's why I've had and always will have a katana. If you smell like them, they won't bother you. Smear their guts on you, smell dead, walk slow, you can get through a hoard.

[ She should stop, she can't tell everyone everything, it's too much. ]

You know how to reach me, if you need me.
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[Tweedledee stands beside a tree, her arms crossed over her chest, her back against the tree's trunk. Her eyes are trained on the ground in front of her. The camera angle is off to the side somewhere, the shot partially framed by grass, but no where in the frame is Tweedledum. Where could she--]

I can see them!

[--In the tree. She's in the tree.

Tweedledee sighs, but doesn't move.]

Well, it's no good yelling about it.

They're coming!

There's nothing to be done now. Best to come down and find a place to hide.

I think I'm quite safe up here, thank you.

[Tweedledee thinks about that for a moment, then, with a nod, turns and begins to climb up the tree as well, quite quickly. Soon there's no one at all in the frame, and after awhile, the abandoned feed is cut.]


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:39 am
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[ When Sarah comes into view, she's sitting with her elbows on a table, fingers steepled, and she actually looks Very Serious™ while contemplating how best to phrase her question. The conversation has come up privately, and she needs to have a full understanding of one of the parts of Wonderland she's never bothered with - the Vendors. ]

Hey. I know everyone's kind of consumed with what the dormouse had to say or...didn't say. But I really want to see where everyone falls regarding opinions on the Vendors.

Since we can't pick the memory they want, that means somehow they can rifle through our minds to pick the thing they want to take. And it'd probably have to be something meaningful or impactful. If I ever, for whatever reason, had no option but to use the Vendors, I could lose something like the birth of my son. I'd have no choice or say in the matter.

[ Her reason for using the Vendors would have to be extraordinary. Something involving Kurt or Ray and dire circumstances. ]

Anyway, my actual question is...how do we know, if the Vendors can access our minds and memories, that they or someone or something else doesn't do that all the time, on a constant basis? If Wonderland does actually use our memories to fuel the things that happen here, does that mean our brains are constantly being...I don't know. Monitored???

I'd really like some opinions on this.

[ Sarah isn't paranoid at all usually, and she'd say this is more concerned than paranoid, but it feels like such a violation of privacy that she can't help asking the community at large. ]

Entry #1

Jun. 6th, 2017 08:28 am
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[The feed flicks on to a shaky view of the forest. The underbrush is thick, and for a moment a hand is visible, reaching out and pushing aside a curtain of vines. Whoever is filming looks to be about three miles in.]

[After roughly thirty seconds of this, there’s a voice.]

I’ve been walking for what feels like an hour. Maybe more, maybe less.

[He speaks with a disinterested Alabama drawl, but there’s a quiet, choked anxiety to what he’s saying. If he’s trying to sound neutral, he’s not quite succeeding.]

I don’t know if this thing is actually connected to the internet, or if it just looks that way, but if anyone’s...if anyone sees this and knows where I am, that’d be…

[He trails off, and eventually the sound of footfalls on dry leaves fall quiet as well. He turns the camera on himself. He’s a young man, scrawny, with wide-set eyes shaded by the brim of a baseball cap. He doesn’t look directly at the lens, his gaze twitching toward the trees.]

If this place is...where I think it is--and I mean, not too many other options, after what happened, and if there are people who can see this, I have a question.

Has anyone here seen a--a girl about my age? [He stutters, and his voice speeds up.] Brown hair, past the shoulders, doesn’t look like she’s slept in…? [He winces.] Jessica, her name’s Jessica Locke, and I need to know if she’s here.

[He starts to pace, and the camera dips lower, revealing the edge of a red stain on his shirt.]

And I guess, if you haven’t seen her, there are others, like--like Amy W█̤͕͖͙̖-- [The last name is lost in a blip of static. He continues rattling off the names quickly, like he’s gone through the spiel too many times before.] --Brian Thomas, Seth Wilson, Sarah Reid…

[He pauses. Deliberates.]

...Tim Wright?

Alex Kr͔̕a̡̻█͕̣͟█̜̜̜█͓̖̬?͇͕̖̻̼̀ [Another burst of static, longer this time. Again, he doesn’t appear to notice.]

[Something catches his eye, and he tenses up. The camera drops away from his face, and the video blurs as he jolts forward, leaves crunching underfoot. Just before the feed cuts, he mutters something barely audible.]

--where it takes you--

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[The video opens up to the beach. Still just as pretty as anything else Wonderland has to offer on the surface. Nice weather, beautiful and clear waters. And a masked, 4th wall breaking merchant.

He's sitting in the sand near the edge of the water, back to the camera and a little ways from it. One might think he set it up so he was filmed this way but judging from awkward angle it's more likely Zacharie simply dropped it and it turned on randomly, as Wonderland's communicators tend to do. Zacharie himself seems fairly relaxed yet is dripping wet. Evidently someone decided to go for a dip, even though one might question why you'd go swimming in a sweater and jeans.

Then again, Zacharie's a weird guy. He claimed to be from a video game so maybe he just like swimming in heavy clothing.

The feed continues to record him simply staring at the sea before him. Nice weather today. Always nice.]

....A-a-a query, Wonderland. [Was he someone who stuttered like that?] Would you all leave here if you could? Could? Switch strings to something else? I know some of you won't leave. Won't walk away or Qu-

[Whatever Zacharie was about to say is cut off by a sudden burst of static. If any Wonderland's residents remember a certain man and a certain entry he made a long time ago might recognize it.

Something is wrong here and something is very wrong with Zacharie.]

--at is fine. That is why we are here. So we are fine and we should not worry. Everything is fine. It's okay, it's all okay. I promise, I mean it I͟ ̴̧͝me̸a̕͢n͞ ͞͡i̛͏t̢ I̴ ̷̛m̴̡ęàn ͝ì́̕t̵̀͜ ̢I̶͠ ̵͢͢m̴e̵an͘͟͡ ̴i̷̧͘t͞ ̡̢I̧͘͞-̸͟

<̴͢>͜͠M̨̕͟e̸s̡̛s̡͠͞a͞g̷̀e:̶̴ ͜T͞ó̡ ̶͝m͘u̸̵c͟҉̀h.̴ ͢͞Th̵͡er̛e'̴̢̀s͝͡ ̷to ḿ̡u҉ch҉͜ ̛o͜f̵ ̢̨i͢͠t͢͢. ̢Į̶ ̴̷t̨͘h̶͡i̷̛͏n҉ḱ̴ ̶̛I͞ ̷̷un̛d̡̛ę̵͞ŕst̢̀á̴́nd̶ ̧t̢̨h̵̀͠e̢͜m̕ ̵̢ņoẁ̴.͞

[The audio begins to glitch out as another distortion kicks in as Zacharie sharply turns to look at something that's behind the camera before it cuts out. Quickly words flash on the black feed:


The feed re-appears and Zacharie is walking down one of the many hallways of the mansion using the camera as a recorder. He turns to one of the doors, although the camera fails to catch the number, and tries to yank it open. Locked. Then the camera freezes and the action repeats. Still locked! An unpleasant screech distorts the audio as it cuts out once again.

It picks up in the forest. Zacharie walks through it quietly but there's still something wrong the audio. For some reason it sounds like there are two sets of footsteps despite the merchant being the only one there. He doesn't seem to be looking for anything in particular and at one point Zacharie turns around and the camera catches the still-visible mansion in the background.

He's not that far away. But again a distortion corrupts the image and a few more words appear before it ends for good.




[ooc: as the links suggest, thanks to an overdoes of DT and interactions with the Operator Zacharie's not doing so good. Zacharie may or may not respond to this, so feel free to threadjack if you like!]


Mar. 17th, 2017 10:38 pm
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[The video opens up to Max standing in the kitchen, smiling halfheartedly at the camera. A small streak of flour stains her hoodie's shoulder.

Yup, it seems like Max has hit a not-so-uncommon phase among residents: baking.]

So, uh, I made a cake.

[She pans the camera around to said cake. Is it the first attempt she's made? You bet it isn't! Is it nice and moist inside? No way! Did she give up on decorating it, smear chocolate frosting all over it to cover up her mistakes, and bombard it with star-sprinkles as a distraction? She sure did!!]

This is a little beyond my stomach capacity, so... if anyone wants any, you can come nom on it here.

[She pokes it with a fork, because that's what you do to cakes, right? Especially when they're the suspicious sort.]

I just can't promise that it's actually chow-downable.
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I'll be honest, I don't like the phones and I don't see much point in going viral- it's not my bag.

[There's a rap of something hitting a wood surface in his room, something metallic and heavy, but it's not like he'll ever vocalize what it is. No reason to worry the civs, besides his expertise isn't the best when it comes to the ins and outs of this fucked up dimension.]

But monsters? That's a different story. I've seen a few feeds saying there's some out there that aren't harmful. Whatever. What I need is the statistics. If you've got any intel, I'm more than willing to rap with you.

As far as the pacifists go, keep me informed, and for the kind that hunt or kill, you've got my number.

I'm still waterlogged, I dunno about the rest of you.

[Private to Sam]
What's your 1020?
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[The video opens on an interesting tableau. For one, the backdrop is that of mossy-green tile, a dimly lit laboratory, complete with some extremely fake potted vegetation. And that’s to say nothing of the figures present in the frame. Standing in the forefront seems to be a lizard with glasses in a lab coat, addressing the network at large. Behind her, a small child appears to be getting devoured alive by a -

Oh, wait. No they’re not. They’re actually grinning widely as they scratch the back of the...creature’s approximation of ears. It’s unclear how many dogs this counts as. Is this even really a dog? They’re definitely frothing at the mouth, making contented little bubbling sounds as Frisk scritches them beneath their chin. There’s a heavy whapping sound of something slapping back and forth across the tile as their tail begins to wag, even if the motion leaves shiny strands of their mass dribbling across the floor.

So, you know. Like any other dog.

Alphys speaks up first.]

H-Hey everyone! So, uhm...there’s an event! Which you, uh, probably already guessed, but, in the interest of, uhm, b-being informed, there’s some...things you should know. About this place and. Everything.

[She pauses, takes a nervous glance back towards the melting beast, and continues. Frisk pauses to toss her a resolute thumbs-up and a firm nod.]

These, uhm, monsters are called the Amalgamates. There’s a couple of them, uh, d-down here, but there’s no need to fight them! They’re, uhm, probably just looking for food. They won’t attack you or anything, so y-you can leave them alone. They’re not dangerous.

[Frisk sits up a little straighter, giving the Endogeny one final, reassuring pat, as they add:]

If any of them come near you, just find some food or something for them to play with. They don't mean to hurt you.

[Their tone is firm and unwavering, as resolute as their expression. Alphys, on the other hand, seems to get more nervous the longer the broadcasts stretches on, so she just cuts right to the point.]

There’s a machine that, uhm, looks like a skull around here, it’s got some wires, and tubes, and stuff? Don’t touch it. It’s, uhm, s-super dangerous, and, doesn’t do anything...good.

[Frisk's shoulders twitch in a faint wince, their gaze dropping back to Endogeny. Nothing good, no.]

So uhm. Leave that alone, t-too.

[Just as it seems like she’s going to continue, Endogeny abruptly surges to their feet with a loud, triumphant howl. The Amalgamate barrels at the camera, sending Alphys careening off screen with a small shriek. The camera goes down with her in a haphazard tumble, but at least the last shot indicates that she is, in fact, not being eaten alive. It turns out Endogeny is simply hungry, and seeing Alphys usually means it's time she fed them.

The feed rattles one last time as Endogeny's tail whips across the screen, and goes dead.]
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( it's jay's first day in wonderland, and of course he would end up here when some weird shit is going down in the place. he isn't sure why the hallways are flooded, but he doesn't step foot outside of his room. instead, he goes through previous posts and videos, too used to using videos for information, and he doesn't particularly like what he sees. no one seems happy here, and all it's doing is throwing him back into how he was back home.

it's an uncomfortable reminder. )

Do things like that happen a lot?

( an obvious question to ask perhaps, but it's one he desperately needs answered. if he's gone from one hell to another, he doesn't know if he'll stay sane long enough to see any kind of escape from this place. he's nervous, obvious through the way his eyes shift from one wall to another as if he's searching for something - but whatever it is, isn't there. that's one comfort, at least.

maybe he's wrong, and the flooding was just an accident, but that seems too good to be true. even thinking that just feels as though jay is trying to fool himself into thinking that death was the end, that maybe this would be a better place. of course it isn't. why would jay end up anywhere good?

at least he doesn't have to be on the constant run here, if he even could be. )

Sorry. Why are we here?
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[Booker DeWitt is a simple man with simple needs, but like any other man he gets bored. Tires of the same-old, same-old. Makes a conscious decision to hypnotize the doves fluttering around in the garden so that they run into each other.

Of course, you might be wondering how he's accomplishing such a thing, why, by the same means with which he sets a particularly lurid flower on fire.

With his bare hand.

Like we said, he's a simple man.


May. 21st, 2013 03:24 pm
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[Jay wasn't having a good day to say the least. He had found himself chasing after a masked man all day in an attempt to get answers, was confronted by a faceless entity that had been following him for some time now, and now? Well he honestly didn't know what was going on.
He had woken up in a bed that wasn't his. The only thing that was familiar was the clothes on his own back. Of course Jay was used to waking up with no memories now but-something was off. The place made him even more uncomfortable Well more uncomfortable then he generally is now a days. It just didn't feel right to him.
He jolted out of the bed quickly and went through the drawers, every possible area that may had answers. But sadly for Jay he found nothing that could help him except a strange device that had been laying on the bed side table. He picked it up and messed with it for a moment. It seemed to be recording him already- maybe this was something he had bought the night before. After he had run away from the entity. Knowing him it was very possible.
But upon messing with it further he realized not only was it recording but it was broadcasting. If it was broadcasting then there was a possibility that someone could give him answers as to where he was located. He sat up a bit straighter and looked into the small lens that was recording his every move. He cleared his throat awkwardly in hopes to get someone's attention before he spoke.]
Uhm- Hey. I know this might be a stupid question but where am I exactly? I don't really recognize this place and I really need to go. Any help would be really nice.
[He fidgeted with the end of his worn out jacket sleep before he turned the broadcast off awkwardly.]


Feb. 12th, 2013 11:19 am
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[The screen shakes a bit at first, from James shaking the camera.]

Are these even still working?

[It's not really able to answer him, so he just shrugs. It's worth a shot.]

Hey, if anyone's out there...does anyone have any food or water left? I never thought the closets were going to just stop like that.

[Oops. He's not totally starving yet, but he doesn't want to be either.]

If anyone's got anything to spare, or if they're even short on supplies themselves, I can help make sure everyone's got enough to go around, at least for now. Watch!

[He holds out a piece of candy in his hand, something that had just been on the floor in his room. Then, he pulls out his wand, gives it a wave and says some vaguely latin-ish words, and suddenly there are two pieces of perfectly edible candy. He pops the new one in his mouth just to show that it's real and edible and not poison or anything.]

Now, I know, I know. "James, that's fantastic and amazing, but why can't you just make your own food if you're that magnificent?" Well, magic doesn't work like that. There's five big rules of Transfiguration, and one of them is that you can't make food out of nothing. I can multiply food though. Not indefinitely, but it's an event so we don't need it to be indefinite. We just need enough for everyone for a few days.

So, anyone willing to take me up on it?

[He really hopes so, because otherwise he's going to really regret getting water bottles one at a time from the closet instead of stockpiling them. Also let's pretend I made it in time to post this for the first day of the great closet blackout.]
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 Up until pretty recently, it had been quite a while since Tim ventured out of his room to anywhere farther than the kitchen. It seemed safer in general there, and there wasn't much he needed that he couldn't do or get from the comfort of his closet.
However, since his last trek outside...he's been looking out at the snow and feeling more and more like he ought to take advantage of it. He hasn't enjoyed a real snow day since he was a little kid, and even then he wouldn't exactly say he enjoyed them. Not that this would be any different, but he's been feeling better about things lately. Maybe it would be worth it.
He pulls on a heavy coat and boots and makes his way downstairs, outside, a fair distance away from the walls of the mansion. It's fairly early in the morning and it looks like a fresh layer of snow fell during the night, there are no tracks anywhere besides those of a few small animals here and there. It's quiet, he might even describe it as peaceful.
And in the span of a few seconds he considers and makes the decision to start rolling up some snow. The bottom part is pretty easy, a nice fat sphere to set as a foundation, and rolling up the second ball isn't a problem, but he didn't really plan how he was going to get that on top of the first one. He tries to pick it up, but he can feel it starting to fall apart so he sets it down again. He tries packing the snow in a little tighter, but it seems determined to disintegrate. Out of frustration, he kicks it and it turns into a pile of nothing in particular.
It takes a few seconds to stop being frustrated, but finally he decides to try it again. Making a snowman was not supposed to be this difficult.
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It's early in the morning and freezing out, and a figure in every coat known to man is tramping through the snow. He's an Alabama lad, okay. He's not used to these temperatures.

Several bounds in front of him, quite clearly leading the way, is the cutest husky you ever did see. She's on loan from a local physicist and having a grand old time sniffing around.

They've been playing catch, as evidenced by Alex's red cheeks and the displaced snow all over everywhere. But now the human is catching his breath, and the husky is exploring her immediate surroundings with no sign whatsoever of tiredness. There must be a squirrel to chase hiding in all this white stuff somewhere.

For one reason or another, it's been months untold since Alex took Faraday out. It's a shame, in hindsight. He feels lighter than he has in a long time. Still wary, keeping his wits about him, but...

Well, dogs are good for the soul.
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[This time, Beast isn't in the mansion for once. He's on the grounds, pacing back and forth on all four legs in irritation.]

Another event...do these things ever let up? We barely have time to regroup and understand how this place works before it throws something different at us.

I suppose I should apologize to anyone if I hurt you during the last event, with the fog...I'm sorry. I wasn't myself, but that's no excuse to hurt innocent people.

[He huffs in irritation - it was a sloppy mistake on his part; safety was in numbers with that event, where he was less likely to think negatively about himself.]

All of that aside though...something weird is going on. People are getting hurt, and there's something different about a few of the people here. Their smell is a bit...off. I can tell they aren't human, even though they may look like they are. I think they're the ones behind all of this, but they're awfully clever. The way they handled Castiel...I think I may need some help with this hunt.

So who's with me? I say we hunt them down and make them pay for what they've done to us and our friends.

[If there's one thing that can be said about the Beast, it's that no one hurts his friends unless they want to get a jaw full of very sharp teeth to the face.]
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[Jay was sitting on the floor in front of the mirror in his room silently. His body relaxed for once as he watched for any slight movement that was different than the ones in his own bedroom hoping to see the mirror version of Alex again. It had been a while since he had talked with him and obviously at this point he was getting a bit worried that something had possibly happened to him.
He wasn't generally paranoid anymore, after all it had been a while since anything bad had happened to him but when someone went missing he was still paranoid something bad happened to them. He gave up for the day and grabbed a few things from his drawer and writing a couple things before realizing the communicator was on and pausing a second before switching it to private.

[private to Tim] )
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[ Alex Kralie's face appears on screens across the nation, his eyes wide and curious. And here there are three possibilities:

1) You're unfamiliar with Alex Kralie, in which case this man is nothing more than a happy cheerful stranger in a sequin-covered tank top.
2) You're familiar with Alex Kralie, but unfamiliar with his mirror, in which case this broadcast is probably a little confusing.
3) You're familiar with Alex Kralie, and familiar with his mirror, in which case you probably just rolled your eyes so hard that it granted you a nice view of the front of your brain. ]

Hey, like, I've got, like, if you're listening or whatever, I've got like a question and I was thinking like maybe you could help me with it? Okay, so.

[ His voice takes on great gravity, at least by Mirror Alex standards, which are at any given time about 90% less likely to be high than he is. ]

If you were a key... like, where would you be?

[[ Feel free to reply to the message, or just stumble upon him in person! He'll be pretty much all over the mansion, searching for his woebegotten regular's assigned door-opening implement. Or maybe just slacking off in the pool with a big pink drink. Either-or. ]]
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[Chell stares at the camera of this little device she found in her pocket. It may not have the same white, modern curves of an Aperture device, but it was something meant to record and monitor, which mean there was someone(something) watching and listening. She glares at it, fury burning in her eyes. Her lips form a slight frown, which grows deeper as the feed carries on.

Her hand shakes and she cuts the feed suddenly, because she’s about to scream at the device and whoever is monitoring her (as if it could be anything else).

She was supposed to be free!]


[She takes a deep breath, and suddenly, the anger is gone. It would be safe to turn the camera back on, but she doesn’t. She sent her message. She’s just waiting now, for her to make contact, to tell her she was kidding and then start insulting her intelligence, her weight, her parentage, whatever she thought would get to her.

It wouldn’t. It never would. No one would ever get that satisfaction.

She starts walking down the halls, testing doors, looking for a way out. She’s not going to waste time standing around until she gets an answer, if any is to come.]

[Edit: And now she's smashing mirrors on her way.]
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[Jay had never expected that once he left Wonderland he would make it back.If he was honest with himself it wouldn't have been over the fact that coming back was something he believed to be impossible more so than the fact he believed he would have been killed before it had a chance.

Alex attempted to murder him nearly a year and a half before, the only person who had been willing to help him had been attacked by that thing back home, and there were days he would wake up and wish he didn't have to anymore. He didn't want this anymore, if he could find a way out than he would have done it in a heartbeat but there hadn't been a way except get help from Tim who was most likely gone for good.

But here he was; back in Wonderland and surprisingly he was more relieved being here than home. The thing following them wasn't here and sure he wouldn't trust anyone anymore but- at least no one from his world was here...or at least he thought. So now he was sitting on his old bed staring down silently at his hands trying to figure out where to start first. Maybe he should attempt to see if Pinkie Pie was still here, maybe he could attempt to eat, or...attempt sleep though he knew that wouldn't come again for a few more days. He sighed and stood up to his feet and went to the communicator before realizing it had been recording him. He stared at it a second before forcing a small smile.]

Uhm...hey, I'm back.

[He shut the communicator off after that.]

[He found himself wondering the hallway towards the kitchen silently, his eyes looking at the doors as if he had been expecting someone to attack him. Instead all was silent for now.]
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So...everyone is having the. Costume issue, right?

[There's a long pause. Static crackles.]

Anyone noticing a, um. Like, maybe a reason why you got the costume you got?

46: video

Oct. 26th, 2012 11:28 am
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"Hi--would anyone be willing to conjure up a flashlight or two for me?
At the moment I can only manage these."

He holds up a carved turnip containing a flickering candle-stub.

"Not really ideal for exploring. And the sun doesn't seem to be coming up any time soon."


Oct. 20th, 2012 08:37 pm
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[James stands in front of the camera and when it turns on, he's still angling it just right. Hey, he's starting to get a handle on Muggle technology! Anyway, when he's done, it's clear he's down in the Entrance Hall, near those mail boxes the twins put up. He runs his hand through his hair one last time and then looks right at the camera.]

Hullo there, Wonderland! James Potter here. It's come to my attention that...I'm bored. Very bored. Normally it's not wise to let me go about being bored, but I suppose I'll let it slide this time. [And he grins that mischevious grin that's both charming and worrisome at once.]

Anyhow, I also realized that I don't really know most of you, and that's really a shame since we're all stuck here together. And I want to change that! So, I've got a question for you all. I've been wondering about it a lot lately, and everyone's probably got a different answer.

[He gears up, ready for a grand presentation, with a lot of hand gesturing. He can't really help it.]

So, think about when you're going to home. Pretend for a minute that you'll remember everything from here, and that you'll know the minute you get there that you've been gone for weeks, months...even years for some of you, I imagine. But you're back home, to exactly whenever you were before, and you can go do anything you want. What's the first thing you'd do when you got there?

[He doesn't even have to think about his own answer:] I'd go propose to my future wife, of course. Immediately. Maybe we'd even go get married that second!

But enough about that - I want to hear your answers. As incentive, I've got prizes! Good or interesting answers get treats from my world. [He shakes a bag he's been holding the whole time.] Awful or grumpy answers get something else entirely.

["Something else entirely" being their names on a list of people to prank in the future. This plan is brilliant, in James' opinion.]

Well, come on now - I know you don't have better things to do.


Oct. 18th, 2012 06:27 pm
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[ Usually when Evan found himself in a room he didn't recognize it was either a) he had too much fun the previous night or b) ...well, fuck he almost always woke up somewhere he wasn't familiar with. Regardless though, this was one of the nicer places he had found himself in (i.e. not being in a random shack or in a pool of someone else's blood). He sat up slowly, a camera sitting sideways on the floor beside him. He rubbed his head and groaned, his hand knocking into the camera as he reorientates himself. The camera makes a loud pop as he picks it up and carefully pans it around the room. It's almost to average to be a hotel room, but at the same time, what else could it be? ]

...What the fuck?

[ His voice is quiet at first, but then grows to a shout as he runs towards the door clutching the camera, hoping to find some help by doing what he does best: screaming and looking like a psychopath. He runs out into the seemingly endless hallway and does a 360, having absolutely no clue where to go. ]

Hey!! Jeff? Vinny? Are you guys trying to fuck with me, 'cause if you are... [ He mumbles something inaudible to himself. ]


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