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[Even before everything that's happened these past few months, Rip hadn't been one to openly broadcast over the network. Each time save the last has been out of simple necessity. And in a way, he supposes this time is too.

They had friends here, each of them. They had made their impact.

He's in his room when the feed starts. Maybe some would recognize it after that ridiculous karaoke party Leonard and Mick decided to host there following the whole Chronos affair.]

For those that were acquainted with them, it would seem that Sara Lance, Mick Rory, and Leonard Snart have been sent back to their world.

[Two to live (in spite of Rip's best efforts, in Sara's case). One to die.

Perhaps he should say more. The feed continues on, Rip's eyes looking down rather than at the camera. In the end, however, a minute or two goes on in silence before he simply reaches for the device to turn it off.]


Aug. 30th, 2017 08:44 am
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[The woman who appears on the feed might be familiar to a few people. She's sitting at a table or a desk and facing the camera, composed, but a little worse for wear. She looks tired.]

You sure know how to make a girl feel at home. [Not that she's faced frost giants or dark elves before, but dropped into the middle of a fight she wasn't expecting and wasn't prepared for? One that probably should be left to gods and super soldiers? That is familiar. The last two days haven't been boring] Is that normal?

[Natasha taps the table in front of her twice, drawing a slow breath as she considers how she's going to play this. If putting her face on the network is a mistake, then she's already made it.]

I think I'm ready for the welcoming committee now.
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[ Darcy had been worried that this was happening, had tried to deny that it might since she’d been here three years without any events being pulled from her mind. But, after accidentally dropping a mug this morning and watching it fall through the floor only to drop out across the coffee shop, later repeating it with towels and one of her shoes (which didn’t come back), she knew.

She’d grabbed the whiteboard she kept in the library loft of her room, getting ready for the her own warning message with the added help of Steve. Thor wasn’t here and Jane had just left not that long ago, she was basically on her own in the intel department for people who’d been on the ground in the fight and dealing with it. When the feed opens, she’s standing in front of the board that’s got a few pages from a book taped up, notes scattered in a way that would make Jane proud, and a drawing of a the nine realms à la Thor’s sketch in Jane’s notebook. Steve also stands in frame, if off to the side, giving Darcy the space she needs; she really is the expert here. ]

Alright, so I’m just gonna apologize in advance because what’s coming for us is from my world. Specifically my memories. This is gonna be a lot of information, so sorry in advance. [ But hey, it’ll be less of a word vomit than Jane probably would have done. ] Back home, some weird things started happening where gravity stopped following the rules and some weird teleporting type of anomalies started popping up. They didn’t all just pop around earth, but to all the realms. See, there was a weird cosmic event that was happening that was super rare. Like once every 5,000 years kind of rare. It meant that all of the nine realms in this tree shaped universe-- [ She gestures behind her, wiggling fingers before plowing forward. ] --and all the boundaries separating the worlds became super thin. The Convergence was the only time the Dark Elves would destroy the universe and plunge everything into darkness by using the aether… which was inside of Jane. If some of you remember that one time the lab kinda blew up and we said it was the aether? Yeah, it’s a doozy of a nasty thing. A thing that left with Jane.

[ Taking a deep breath, she tries to get back on track. Steve makes eye contact with her, a small glance of encouragement. You’re doing great, sweetie. ] Just a heads up in case you step into an anomaly and land in literal fire or ice, I'm just gonna give an overview of the nine realms. So, there's Alfheim, which has light elves, Asgard, which has… Asgardians, feasts up the wazoo, no coffee, booze that’ll put hair on super people chests [ Steve sneaks a firm nod in here -- she’s not kidding! ], and the Bifrost aka rainbow bridge. A lot of people might think of Valhalla when they think of Asgard, which is the whole place where their dead warriors go. There’s Nornheim, Vanaheim, the Realm Below, which is apparently beneath Asgard and has Rock Giants, Jotunheim, which has Frost Giants, Midgard aka Earth, Nidavellir, which has dwarves, Niffleheim for all the dishonorable dead to go hang out on. It’s also got Hel which doesn’t discriminate between honorable or dishonored dead. There’s Muspelheim which is basically a fire world with fire demons, and lastly Svartalfheim, which is where the Dark Elves hide out when they’re not trying to destroy literally everyone.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I just wanted to give you guys as much info as I could. I’ve got some books up here with info on the realms as well as some of Jane’s notes on her research into how to get the aether out and its reactions. Just because it’s not here anymore, I’m worried that the Dark Elves might try and show up still looking for it.

[ She spins around, plucking a note off the board about some of the things that go bump in the night and the info Jane had given her about them from things she hadn’t had a chance to see. But, before she starts in on talking about tips and tricks with dealing with the Dark Elves or anything else that might show up, she looks at Steve. ]

Did you wanna-- [ She kinda vaguely gestures, having already broken down points she wanted to hit with him before starting. And honestly, if there was anyone in this room more qualified than her to talk about fighting things that go bump in the night and attempt to destroy universes, it was him. Besides, she wasn’t sure if gravity was gonna be going wonky and there weren’t any car bumpers to throw at them, so her tips were out. ]

[ At that point Steve steps up and clears his throat. He wouldn’t consider himself an expert on fighting these particular foes, but Darcy had asked for his assistance. ] We don’t know if any of these things are going to show up, but if they do? Anyone who isn’t enhanced or imbued with some kind of power really shouldn’t be engaging with them. We had the God of Thunder himself go up against the Dark Elves and it wasn’t an easy fight. [ Darcy nods, running a hand through her curls. ] Yeah, a lot of people got hurt and we had Jane’s tech mimicking the anomalies and thanks to gravity being weird, we were able to throw car bumpers or whatever else at them. [ Not many people may remember Thor from his time here, but Steve hopes the message is clear all the same. This is not the time for people in combat training to test their mettle. ] Those of you who can handle a threat on this level, check in with us if you can and we can try to organize ourselves to keep as much of the mansion safe as possible.

[ Maybe they won’t be able to keep everyone safe, no matter how hard they might try. But that shouldn’t stop them from making the effort all the same. ]

Contact either Darcy or myself if you run into anything like what we described. We should try to stay two steps ahead of this event, if we can. [ Hence spreading all of this information and bracing people for all of the possibilities that may come. ]

I think… I think that’s everything. Any questions, feel free to hit us up. Otherwise, we’re both on the 7th floor. I’m in room 27 and Steve’s across the hall in case you need anything. I’ll also probably be wandering around the mansion trying to mark anomalies with this-- [ She pulls a small device off of the table, one she’d kept in a drawer in case Jane ever needed it again, and holds it up. ] --assuming it’s cooperating today. Just be on the lookout for big colored duct tape markings on floors and walls. Oh! Also, if someone has one of my Chucks from this morning, I’d super like that back. [ And with that, she cuts the feed. ]

( voice )

Aug. 14th, 2017 05:44 pm
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According to Doctor Palmer, I need to make friends.

( Though her tone may indicate that she doesn't believe this. She has people, and also hasn't ever really made a 'friend' before. It's not that important, right? #obliviousandroid )

Though it's possible that he didn't consider the request prior to making it.

It leads me to at least posing the question which he declined to answer.

( An incredibly serious question )

What would be the recommended paint for a wall?

( I mean it was said as if it was a serious question. It is important information )


Aug. 9th, 2017 10:47 am
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[Today, Naoki has opted for text. Not for any particular reason, other than that it reminds him of using his phone back at home, and he kind of likes that nostalgic feeling.]

It seems like we talk a lot about what we had at home that we don't have here. But what's something you have here that you don't have at home?

And I mean something good, not something like "here we have terrible events that try to kill us and we don't have that at home."

For me, the thing we have here that I don't have at home is night.

01: Video

Jul. 18th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[After the slightest bit of fumbling, Red appears on the screen, dressed in his customary three piece suit and Fedora. He has an extremely important question, after, of course, the customary introduction. It's only polite]

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Raymond Reddington.

[The introduction, like his wardrobe, is just slightly over the top. Other than that, he seems completely at ease, like winding up in Wonderland is just another day for him.]

While I have to commend our hosts on the accommodations, it seems as though the food and drink leaves something to be desired. Does anyone know where to get an above average chocolate chip cookie? I’m having a hell of a time locating one that doesn’t taste like the packaging it comes in. A good scotch wouldn't go unappreciated either.

03 | video

Jul. 18th, 2017 08:44 pm
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Right, here's the thing - I need a nerd. A geek. A smart guy. Or girl, whatever. I ain't overly picky.

[He shrugs his shoulders, casual as anything, taking a long sip of his beer. Sara may have told him this was not the best method to catch himself a genius but given the chance of there being some hanging around this joint, he thinks it's the perfect way. When in doubt, post an ad.]

This guy I know got brainwashed into being the king of dicks and I'm getting kind of sick of his shit so I need someone who'd be able to do some sci-fi sciencey stuff on his head. I have a vague idea how to do it but I just can't remember the details. [He's pretty much forgotten how they originally did it back home but he can unhelpfully offer vague information and a beer while you work. A+ service.]

All the 'smart' ones I know are annoyingly the biggest idiots around, I'm looking for someone less inclined to be stupid as hell. Help me out and maybe I'll help you out. Though my skills are limited to burning and breaking stuff.

[At least he knows his strengths? If you want a bonfire, ka-ching.]

I know a good looking chick if that sweetens the deal. Ain't saying she's gonna touch you but you can admire from afar. Really far. I also know some easy dudes if that's your thing. [Hey, whatever fixes this mess.]
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[ sara's picked two swords as her weapons, though there's a large number of knives hidden on her person as well. she doesn't look happy, exactly -- but she looks very much ready to kick some ass, a determined glint in her eyes. ]

I was going to be grateful that something disrupted the whole quaint little village feel, but did it have to be zombies?

[ that's not the point of this. the point is: ] If anyone's got a spare sniper rifle lying around, I could do a lot of good with that. If not, well. Just let me know if you need help.

[ ooc | i travel for work soon so replies may be slow, but feel free to hit this up with action as well if you're so inclined and i'll backtag into forever. ]
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Let's talk news.

[Georgia's sitting at her desk, dressed in her usual black blazer and white shirt, staring at the camera seriously through her dark sunglasses.]

I'm sure no one's guessed, but it's an important topic to me. In my world, the news, like everything else, changed radically during the summer of 2014 when the Rising happened. While mainstream newspapers and tv anchors were reporting that everything was fine and laughing about "hoax" zombie sightings, bloggers who took it upon themselves to figure out what was really happening. For bloggers, spreading the truth was more important than maintaining the rapidly deteriorating status quo. They risked their lives to learn how to deal with zombies, and they wrote everything down even while fighting off infection, so that more people could use what they'd learned to survive. They were the heroes of the Rising, and a big part of why we're still around.

The Rising ended over twenty years ago, but we never forgot. There's a reason I'm a blogger, and it's not because I couldn't get a job with a so-called "legitimate" newspaper if I'd tried. My generation trusts bloggers to tell the truth on their own terms, not to bow to the will of various outside powers with different agendas. That's what I'm here to bring. The truth, nothing but.

[She sits back. Her eyes are hidden behind her glasses, but her intense focus is clear anyway.]

But that's my world. I'm interested in hearing about yours. Internet, newspaper, hell, even if the best you've got is a town crier, you've got to get your news somehow. So tell me: what's your experience with the media?


Jun. 14th, 2017 12:10 am
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Three years. Three years is a really long time to be stuck in one place isn't it? I've been here for three years already.

I guess that makes me one of the veterans here huh?

I mean I know there are people here who've been longer, but. Well. Not many of us make it this far.

[ he's not really sure where he's going with this. He does have a point, he just isn't sure how he wants to ask what he wants to ask. He's rolling a ring around between his fingers as he talks, the camera may dip to catch him fidgeting with it. Those questions he knows no one but his mirror can answer and well, that's not happening. So he'll stick with things that other people can answer. ]

Has anyone else never gone home? I mean. Like when some people disappear for a week and come back after time has passed gone home, not for good.

It's been three years and I've never gotten to leave and come back. So anyone else whose been here close to this long or longer, have any of you never gone home?

[ He's almost afraid to think of what it means. He knows Jo had never left and that was because she had nothing to go back to. And well, everyone from home whose been here is either before him or Loki who had no idea what he was up to. Did it also mean he had no future to go back to?]

If anyone wants to come help me celebrate three years I'll be at the bar. [ By which he means the old bar, because he's got issues. ]


Jun. 12th, 2017 07:57 pm
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[ Well, it's another newbie, but he's sure calm about this whole thing. There's not a whole lot Bucky needs to process here. When you work to combat supernatural wackos, well, you have to expect waking up in wacko places. ]

Huh. I've gotta say, this is probably the gentlest kidnapping I've ever experienced. And there's even a theme, which is a new twist on an old problem. I like captives who think outside the box! I'm not complaining! You know, makes this all a little less tedious, am I right?

[ Through the Looking Glass of all things, too! That is mainly why Bucky isn't taking this too seriously. This seems more like a weird dream or an illusion—Something he's experienced before within the literal head space of a powerful mutant. ]

Guess that makes me the latest and greatest catch, huh? Name's James, by the way! And if any ladies would like to give me a full tour around the prison grounds, I'd be much obliged.

( voice )

Jun. 12th, 2017 09:54 pm
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All right, listen up. [ sara’s voice isn’t particularly commanding, but it’s firm despite the hint of levity. the latter is forced more than felt, but hopefully no one will be able to call her out on it. she's been here for a few hours now and she's still fuzzy on a lot of things. ] You probably get newbies asking for answers all the time, but I just got here, so someone mind filling me in? What is this place, how did I get here, and how do I get back to where I was? I was kinda in the middle of something.

[ she thinks about asking whether anyone from her team is here, but if they are, they’ll see this. they’ll talk to her. so she just shrugs to herself and adds one last hint, in case her voice alone wasn't enough: ] Sara out.
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( VIDEO | public )
Hey Wonderland, uhh-- oh, I'm Ray. [ cue generic handsome guy smile that looks super nervous and weirdly up close and personal. ] And not to sound the alarm or anything because nothing's really inherently wrong and everything's probably going to be just fine. [ was that convincing??? ] If you're a friend of Rip Hunter, I think he's gone to get a memory upgrade. So... we should talk. Just-- yeah.

[ er. ]

Oh, and if you're a friend of Nate Heywood, he's gone home potentially also temporarily? All the signs point to the same, though. He might be back soon.

( GROUP VOICE | legends filter )
Hey guys, so. Unless we're having another mirror fiesta, I'm thinking both Rip and Nate are making pit stops home. Uhm. [ pause. ] Have you guys talked about the future at all? Specifically Rip's?
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[ on what must be one of the first days of relative peace, a feed opens to present a newcomer. Leia is dressed as she normally would, all in white, collar high. The clothes she came with have been tossed away but there is nothing she can do about the ugly bruise on her neck, circular, red. it would turn to purple in a few days and is a dead giveaway for a collar of metal that bit into her skin until very recently.

her palms tell a story too, skin peeling at places, red and irritated from when she pulled on metal. However, it'd be difficult to pass her for the slave girl whose part she'd been forced to play. There's an air of authority to her even now.

Oh, and there's the blaster she tucks just beneath her belt, a touch of black on an otherwise white palette. ]

Well, this is rich.

[ biting with just a hint of sass but then, she seems to realize her message is finally being sent. ]

I see no practical reason for so much technology when we all live in the same cell.

[ this is what she calls this, a cell. A prison is a prison, vast as it may be. ]

But if you hear my message, know I mean you no harm. I understand I've come in a time of great peril [ somehow, she senses it in the very air around the halls ]. My own world is in great peril as well, it is urgent that they'll receive any help available if they're to see our mission done.

[ a beat. ]

We share the same predicament, I ask that we share information as well. If there is anything worth knowing about this system, I'd hear it and if any assistance is needed, I will supply.


May. 22nd, 2017 11:16 am
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This is a long shot I know, but was anybody in my room while I was on the other side?
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( action » closed to rip hunter )
the last thing she remembers is an argument with chief thompson... )
( network » open text )
[ later, after she's been briefed and has (mercifully) located her own damned room: ]

Good evening -- I understand the mansion is undergoing a spot of upheaval at the moment, so I'll be brief. Can someone lend me some steady hands and a bit of medical experience? Actually, simple first aid will more than suffice.

It's not an emergency. Rather, I've got some bandages that need changing. Nothing too fussy: abdomen, off-centre, and on a wound that was a clean through-and-through. Unfortunately, those bandages are a challenge to change alone. Believe you me, it's hardly my ideal way to make anyone's acquaintance.

That said,
[ down to brass tacks, ] I'd love to know what's the cause behind the current havoc. My arrival -- quite unwilling, although I'm told that's the way of this place -- seems to also be spectacularly ill-timed. What on earth is happening?

[ even through text, the words are brusque an just a twinge demanding. ]
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( It didn't quite register at first until she'd spoken to someone else. Peggy had felt the initial confusion after waking up, not realising where she was and how she was there, but it hadn't been until she'd spoken to someone else that Peggy had realised she didn't remember anything.

Her life, her experience. Who she was. It made her feel afraid to have forgotten it all - unsure even more over the situation. Over what now to do )

I fear that I must apologise to anyone I may have met. Somehow - for some reason - my memories have gone.

( Has she said the same thing before? Perhaps that's why she's here - that she's supposed to be here )

I don't know if there's any way of bringing them back but I'd like to try. If anyone does know me.

( Or remember her. If no one knows who they are - who anyone is - can they get their memories back? Or have only some been affected? )
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got my slate wiped clean, heard it's going around.
anyone got any info about me to spare? kinda weird to sit down for grub and have no clue what you like, you know?
name's faith, got some of the the basics from a friend but i'm still feeling kinda swiss cheese.
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Right. Hello again. Update on the escape plan! Good news.

[his lips stretch wryly over his teeth, his brow rising into his hair. it's practically a grimace] I actually have one now.

I know, few days late--looking to you, Gamora--but not my worst delay. And I went about it the long way 'round. So. Wonderland!

[he stops gripping his hands and spreads his arms with a welcoming smile]

In case you missed it, I'm the Doctor. Anyone who'd like to help in my little project, please stop by the library on second floor. I need the spectacular and the mundane. Anyone who wants to make a difference. Beyond that--[he winks] Well. Let's not share our secrets with our neighbors, eh? People will talk.

[true to his word, the Doctor is sat in the library, glancing through a book on advanced quantum physics. propped up against his table is a full-length mirror, a single red-marker message written backwards on the glass:

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[ the last time dean had addressed wonderland, he’d been all leery smiles and compliments— with a set of nice inky eyes, too, that is. today finds him in entirely different mood, face set to a carefully guarded neutral expression, as he sits by a table somewhere within his own room. fingers drum a steady beat against the wooden surface, the only cue that not all may be as well as he’d like for it to appear. ]

Now that we’re all done hating each other, I got a small refresher as far as our feathery ranks in Wonderland go. Looks like Cas — uh, Castiel — has fluttered off back home, leaving this place without any flying nerds to bark about Heaven. [ which should be great, sure. but it was cas, and anyone who knows anything about dean also knows how much said nerdy little dude meant to him.

it’s as if that very thought crosses his mind, too, as his sets his jaw into a harder line some seconds later, then attempts to brush off the topic. ]

He didn’t have a lot of stuff, perks of wearing Heaven’s badge, but it turns out he did have this. [ the feed drops a little lower on the desk, where placed neatly right in front of dean is the first blade. the drumming intensifies, but dean firmly keeps his hands away from it— hell, he doesn’t even look at it. ]

I need someone to take it.

[ before i jam it into someone’s throat. ]

That's it.

[ end feed. ]

private to crowley. )
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[there's a clatter and a shake of the video as it's set down on a teetering column of books. then this strange young man in a ridiculous bow tie stands back and spreads his arms theatrically. as he speaks in an English accent, he waves his hands about]

Helloooooo there, Wonderland! I've a lovely message to impart to whomever happens to be presiding over this mucked up fairytale this time 'round, but I'll save that for later, FIRST!

I'm the Doctor, you may have heard of me. Time traveler, alien, wizard with any tech, I've even got my own magic wand. [he whips out his sonic screwdriver from his inside jacket pocket. it pulses with a green glow and a strange buzz before it switches off and he tucks it away.

his expression sobers seriously]
I know you've been trapped here a long while. I know you may be scared, or lost hope, or even accepted your lot in life. Made the most of a pretty prison, because that's what humanity does, makes the most of what they have, no matter how little or how strange.

But now the Doctor is In. And I'm here to help. [he flips back to speaking quickly, excited] I'll be wandering about asking only slightly invasive questions on whatever isn't covered on this LAN network of yours, if you want to drop by and speed up the process of your escape, then please! Give a shout.

[the transmission ends, allowing the Doctor to march about the manor and grounds. you can find him nearly anywhere, waving his "wand" at walls, hedges, and people, muttering to himself, talking to flowers, you know. general sane inspecting activity]
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08/28 - TEXT | CLOSED Wonderland Avengers + Peggy, John, Sansa, Sharon, and Evelyn.

Steve has been brainwashed - I don't know how. He doesn't remember anything, and thinks he's an agent of HYDRA. Stay away from him.

I think this event is based on my memory, and if that's true... We're in for a lot of trouble.

08/29 - VIDEO | OPEN

[ The video opens with James in full combat gear. He's using one of the wall-mounted monitors, but the bulk of his body blocks out most of the room. There's a fading purple bruise just above the high collar of his vest; it obviously isn't fresh, but he's fighting to control his breathing, like he just got into a fight. He closes his eyes briefly, takes a breath. ]

Some of you might have noticed that people around the mansion are losing their memories, becoming violent, attacking friends... And these - [ He holds up a red banner with a particular logo on it. ] Have started to show up in the hallways. They belong to an organization called HYDRA. They're from my world - from my memory.

[ He looks directly into the camera. His expression turns softer, something weary in eyes. He knows he's addressing the whole mansion, but he's speaking to a few people in particular, too. ]

HYDRA wants you to believe that you're working for the greater good. They tell you they can put a stop to all of the violence and the chaos. [ Another breath. It's been almost a year, and he still feels cold sweat prickling at his spine, talking about this. ] They'll tell you that you need to help them do it, and once all of the dirty work is done with, we'll have peace. They'll tell you that you're doing good by helping them, that there's a reason for it. They'll say whatever it takes to get you to believe them and excuse the things that they do.

Listen to me - I've been there. It's not true, no matter how much you might want to believe it.

This is what they do.

[ He moves to the side. Behind him, a chair is visible. It has straps built into it, obviously made to hold someone with considerable strength, and a halo of machinery ringed around the top of it. There are monitors arrayed nearby, currently silent. ]

They use this to brainwash people. You forget everything - your history, friends, family - right down to your name. Your entire existence revolves around HYDRA and furthering their cause. They don't want peace, they want obedience.

Anyone they can't manipulate or brainwash, they'll kill.

[ He exhales softly. ]

I'm sorry I brought this down on your heads. If you still know who you are, be careful. Switch rooms if you can. Lock up and stay safe.

[ He touches the edge of the monitor, thinking he's turned it off.

He walks over to the chair and stands in front of it for a long moment, the fingers of his left hand skimming the machinery. It's been months, and even after all he's just said, he knows that if he lets them take him, it's back to quiet oblivion. He wouldn't have to think about what his memory has done to Steve, and what it will do to so many people who have nothing to do with it. They could just wipe him, start again.

If HYDRA taught him anything well, it's that anything he cares for, he will lose. Being what he is, he has no right to it. How many times did he convince himself, in the end, that pain was a necessary lesson? He was nothing. It was better that way. He was a weapon.

Maybe this is his reward for daring to think he could be more than that.

There's a metal-on-metal screech as James' fist tightens. He rips the upper half of the machinery off the chair, then swings it into the bank of monitors nearby. He could take the whole damn thing apart with his bare hands, but he stops there, watching the sparks fly, his expression utterly blank.

The terrible truth is that he doesn't feel angry, seeing the chair again for the first time.

He feels a bitter, self-hating kind of regret. ]

[ ooc: action log here ]
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Okay, short and sweet. I've got some questions. ... And one comment, which is fuck that last trip. You think you're home free from whatever crap you've got back home, and then... bam. It's in your face. What's that about?

[ huff ]

Name's Ellie. I spent a lot of time reading back home and now that we're not in the trenches anymore, I need some reading material. Suggestions? The library's huge here and I don't even know where to start!

Uh... [ What else... She scrunches up her nose, thinking. ] Anyone up to teaching a kid to swim? Because that's something long overdue that I haven't gotten around to. And -

[ She looks a little more meekly at the camera, then glances away, chewing on the inside of her cheek. ]

There any way to get in touch with someone back home? Like... I dunno, a magic mirror so we can see they're okay? It's important. Thanks.
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[It wasn't enough, she thinks, to lose so much back home that she had to return here to another loss she was only just rebuilding. It wasn't enough to take away, it wasn't enough to really hurt, no, to quietly return to a familiar room, empty with its vast walls and dark corners. Slowly she filled it again, odds and ends of furniture and the trappings of a home to which she can never return.

She has a reputation to uphold even in spite of the circumstances, better to nurse the greatest wound out of the public eye, a garish scar across her stomach. Evelyn could swear the blade reached her heart.

The exhaustion nestles deep into her bones, a palpable chill that reminds her what she is.

What she isn't.

I've been informed I was away for a little while, [she addresses the network, unable to muster more than a tired smile.] Perhaps someone might catch me up. I'll be-

[For a moment Evelyn appears distracted, hand gravitating toward her waist.]

I'll be in the library. I've also got several, erm, dogs that need homes. Please let me know if you're interested.

Private to Philip, 11:31 AM
I’m back. May I come and see you? It's important.
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( It's the second day of the event when Peggy's face appears on the network. She's been thinking about her 'mission' since receiving it. She hadn't had the opportunity to act on it the day before, preoccupied with aiding Steve on his but now that they were back, that she'd rested, she was able to do something about it. Now that she'd had time to think about it.

She's outside when the video comes across, inside the compound still but out in an open space. Peggy didn't have a lot with her but that was one thing that she could also address on the video - the level of supplies there )

I regret that this isn't the most opportune moment for introductions- ( She's been there a few weeks and hasn't yet 'introduced' herself as she's seen other people do. There's been a lot of other things clouding her head - people that shouldn't be possible, situations that she has no idea how to handle and knowing that she's been there before. Her introduction probably would have consisted of telling people that she's sorry she doesn't remember them, but alas ) -but I'd like to handle the more pressing concerns.

My name is Peggy Carter and I'd like to offer my help in ensuring that people stay safe here. ( Although she's missing the warning labels that come with zombies. She does at least turn the video around to film her surroundings - she doesn't know how better to describe where she's set up ) I'll be here for anyone who is interested.

I would like to ask about the state of affairs here. Supplies, defences, if anyone is more informed about that. Thank you.

( ooc; Peggy will be doing some basic hand to hand, how to make a decent meal from scraps/campfire cooking and maybe gun technique but that's on a case by case thing )
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Hello again, Wonderland.

[Maxine imagines that every once in awhile, she might as well make a foray onto the network, and they're just about due.]

Apparently we've pulled through another round of the usual. So if you've been waiting until things aren't falling out of thin air to come in and get patched up, catch up on some first aid lessons, or put your name on the emergency medical volunteer list, now's your chance.

[She hasn't seen their last source of medical controversy in awhile, either, which hopefully pulls a little bit of a cloud off of the clinic? Not that she minds the slow pace. It's probably how things should be, with the amount of magical assistance around here.]

Oh, and anyone who has some decent technical chops? I'd love to talk trade for a better lab setup in here. I can do the bench work, but actually building a CT scanner from chunks that will fit through the wardrobe doors-? Not so much.

[Now and then, additionally, there will be a sign up on the clinic doors during evening hours, directing prospective patients to her communicator or the bar. It's a relaxing place to be after work, sipping a few beers and throwing darts, and she's always glad to have company at either.]


Jul. 24th, 2015 02:21 pm
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[ Robin generally prefers spending his time outdoors, when the weather and circumstances allow for it, of course. The forest isn't always the most hospitable environment, but in an explicable and inescapable way, it will always be home, no matter where he happens to be. When he's doing target practice, though, he tends to keep to the gardens, especially if he's teaching others, as it's much safer that way. Unless he's hunting, and then he ventures further into the forest.

But though he's been teaching a few friends how to handle a bow, Robin's been considering making an offer to the network at large. The more prepared everyone is, the better. Given what's just happened with the rips, it seems more imperative now than ever. ]

I was wondering how many others here in Wonderland know how to wield a bow?

[ He's boasted to many people before that his arrow never misses its mark, and he's tempted to playfully declare that very same thing now, but he tempers himself, not wanting to put off anyone who doesn't know him and his penchant for cheekiness. He's not really cocky, just...confident. ]

If you're not familiar with using one, would you perhaps like to learn? I have years of practice, I'm quite skilled, and I'd enjoy the chance to help others who might want to learn, either for fun or in defense. Especially in Wonderland and given what's happened recently, one can never be too careful or prepared.
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[When he closes his eyes, it's for a catnap on the canapé in his cabin, between his shifts at the helm. The storm the night before had left the whole crew with very little sleep and he suspects he isn't the only one that will be catching a few moments while they can, but for now, Cotton has it for eight bells unless something unthinkable should happen.

When he opens them, it's most certainly not the ceiling of his cabin he finds himself looking at, and most certainly not his canapé he's reclining on. Instead, the sunlight filtering through above his head is far too clear and clean and bright to come through the panes of whorled glass in the cabin. The air is filled with the papery smell of books, and when he sits up, both booted feet hitting the floor, he realizes because it's some sort of library.

A thorough search of the room leads him to a pamphlet, the pamphlet leads to to his heart rate slowing to something more its customary pace, and the lack of hearing his own thunderous pulse pounding through his head - along with the unclenching of his stomach, where it's turned into a hot ball of dread sitting heavy and hard - leads to him thinking far more clearly, and he becomes aware of a weight sitting in his waistcoat pocket. From it, he withdraws nothing but a black rectangle, and for a long while, he simply stays where he is, perched on the edge of a couch to move at a moment's notice - if need be - and puzzles it out. It is, of course, like nothing he's ever seen, and experimenting leads him to a nonsensical series of moving images and voices that, once he pays attention, are nothing so much as questions he himself has been asking silently to nothing but dead air since the pamphlet, though perhaps phrased in a way that at first makes it seem like so much garbling.

And that's how he ends up here, on the network, after much trial and error and realizing he, too, can somehow shout out into the void and hope that perhaps he isn't alone, despite the worry he isn't. The pamphlet itself has been clear enough, but that doesn't mean it is enough. Not enough to explain why he's here, when he should be in the cabin of the Pearl. His expression is open enough, touched with slight apprehension, and it rings genuine, despite the fact that he's been sitting here for at least an hour, composing his message in his head and schooling his face to be just so.]

I find meself at a bit of a loss, as I understand it be fairly pointless to demand to go home. [For now.] And this Wonderland nonsense means not to me. [It wasn't a location on the map...He doesn't think, damn Jack Sparrow's hide.]

So, p'raps in the interest of sating me curiosity...Be there something I am supposed to be doing, then, other than bringing up the general class this place has so thoughtlessly left out.

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[When the video starts the first thing people will notice is the music playing in the background. Yes, you are dealing with a huge nerd here. Then you get Billy's grinning face, and Teddy in the background....holding a green lightsaber?]

Hello Wonderland! So, now that we all seem to not be puppets anymore, I figured it was time for a little announcement. As some of you may remember Teddy and I threw a movie night back in August featuring sharks and tornados. Since that seemed to go so well we've decided to host another one this coming weekend.

I know, I know, it's Valentine's Day. And what better way to spend it then watching the greatest love story of all time? [Don't argue with him on this, Han and Leia will always win, okay?]

Star Wars. [Why yes, he's pausing for dramatic effect.] The Original Trilogy, to start anyway.

Now I'm sure some of you have seen it already and some of you haven't but theres no excuse to miss the best scifi movie of the twentieth century. Besides some lucky guests may just get a lightsaber of their very own. [Cue Teddy swinging it around in the background.]

We're starting Saturday at noon, so anyone who has a special someone can swing by and still have date night. There will be food and drinks and awesome movies.
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About five months ago I asked about your worlds and how magic was involved. If you weren't here then we can get to that.

( It's all for science!! )

While it gave me something interesting to read it's only half of the story - or theory. Some worlds seem to run predominantly on magic, like here, but there are some worlds where magic doesn't appear to exist. I'm not going to get into a magic versus science debate but I would be interested in knowing the other side of the story.

And, as always, everything is private. Until there's results.
Where are you from?
When are you from?

Are you familiar with magic at home? (Not from stories)
    If yes, is magic a secret or public knowledge?
    If yes, does daily life use magic or science/technology more?

Were the kitchen appliances something you had seen before?
    If no, what would you have used instead?
    Do you consider the appliances advanced, common knowledge, or out-dated?

If someone were to contract an illness would your world be able to provide medicine/a vaccine, instantly cure them or other? (If other please explain)
Has science ever gone too far/wrong?
Obviously if you have other examples you can list them. It would be interesting to see how worlds are different even for people at the same time, and if anything did influence that change. Or if it could be useful here.

And if you did miss the last poll you can always fill that in too.
Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?


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