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Tweedledee just appeared in my room out of thin air, and we had a good chat while she ate some cookies. ama.

and just in case you don't feel like it, the gist was if people don't die Wonderland will implode. Memories are good, death is better - more fuel for the Core. So.

it was casual girl talk tuesday.


Sep. 16th, 2017 10:08 pm
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Hey guys. [ He gives a small wave because he's a dork.] It seems like Wonderland is giving us gifts again. [ "Gifts" actually because its never actually a gift, there's usually a catch. ]

Since this never actually happens for no reason there has to be a catch. There's always a catch. I got this. [ He holds up a journal with a hand on the front. ]

Anyone have any idea what this is? It seems like a spell and information book about Gravity Falls. I'm assuming it belongs to someone here? [ He remembers an event, but he's not sure if they are still here. ]

Uh, so, yeah. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
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[Honestly, a text post would've sufficed enough, but perhaps for the context of this post, a video might be a bit more beneficial. So you get a blue robot staring at the screen pensively.]

Ah, greetings, Wonderland, this is Turing. I'm here to inquire about something...

I have noticed that some of the past events I have experienced throughout my time here has had some element of combat thrown into the mix, so to speak. Not all of them mind you, just some. Just this past event, you all saw it, all of those ogres, ice giants and dark elves storming into the mansion, and you must have also saw a multitude of the guests here fighting back. I, unfortunately, was unable to lend a hand in that time of crisis, solely because I have had no combat experience myself.

I may be sapient, but I am still a ROM, or I suppose a robot in layman's terms. I don't specifically exist to assist, but there's still a voice in the back of my mind urging me to help out however possible. If, in Wonderland, this means that I must become skilled in some weaponry or combat techniques, then so be it.

So, I'm posting this video as a call for suggestions and help: I am interested in learning how to properly defend myself and protect others while I am here in Wonderland. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Getting into specifics...I'd like to be skilled in ranged weaponry, say, a laser pistol, for example. My partner, Alys, was given a laser pistol to use in case of emergencies back where I come from, and they were able to use it with relative ease.

I will take any and all suggestions into account. Thank you for your time.
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Again? Really?

[She sure sounds annoyed. She'd put this on video, but she doesn't see much of a point there. Everybody's seeing much of the same thing.]

And here I thought we wouldn't have to deal with zombies again. That's what they're called, right? Zombies?

[Not being from a world with these things, she wouldn't know. And zombie movies really aren't high on her list of things to watch or look into. But she's pretty sure that's what she heard them being called earlier.]

At least they're visible this time. The again, doesn't really make it better, judging from how some of them look.

[Maybe she shouldn't be so flippant about this, but it's the only way she really knows how to be. Acting otherwise, would show that she's worried about this mess given her lack of magic at the moment.]

Don't suppose anyone has a quick fix for this one though? A spell, some sort of anti-zombie bomb, anything that would make this more tolerable?

[She's guessing no.]
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[ It's been a long, long while since Steve transmitted a message through the network, and that's been no accident. His last announcement was when he came back from his last trip home, over a year ago. It hadn't felt right to take the lead in the same way after that, and others had jumped in to take his place as needed. Hadn't they? He'd thought as much, but others have told him that he's still needed as a leader. Maybe not as Cap, but as Steve.

It's a work in progress.

But here he is all the same, sending out his message toward the end of the second day. He's indoors; the room he's in not well-lit but his face is still visible. It's quiet out, the calm before the storm. ]

Michonne and I took a trip past the gates today, and... there's something coming. Or, well, a lot of somethings. A whole horde of zombies headed right for us. She's already given you guys the rundown, but I wanted to get the word out. We're gonna have to fight, or barricade ourselves away from danger. [ His expression hardens then, something steely and determined. ] Whatever you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, do it.

[ A pause as he gathers his thoughts, and then he's back to it. ] I know death isn't permanent here, but this isn't a way that anyone wants to go. [ Is he speaking from experience?? Who knows, he doesn't elaborate. ] And I'll do whatever I can to help. In case you didn't know, I've got super strength, super speed, and I can take a hit. I'm not even sure if this infection will affect me because of the way my metabolism is. So if you need help getting out a scrape, let me know, all right? Or even if you just need help barricading a house. [ He's perfect for all that heavy lifting. ] I'm here to do whatever I can.

[ It's never enough, but he's still going to try. If he's learned anything this past year, it's that. ]

Oh, it's Steve, by the way. Steve Rogers. Stay safe, everyone.

[ With a firm nod, he ends the broadcast. For someone who's rusty on the speeches, it could have been worse, right? ]
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[ She knew as soon as the cryptic message went up what this was going to be. And it's really something to finally be up, after two and a half years, to know this one's yours and it won't be anything good. Michonne's stockpiled more than usual - cases of bottled water, a shit ton of non-perishable food, and guns, ammo. She doesn't know what to expect; maybe it'll all disappear overnight, but she has to try.

When she wakes up back home, back in Alexandria, at first she thinks she's back. But she remembers Wonderland, sits up straight in bed and realizes a few things. Rick's not beside her, her stockpile from yesterday is still there, and her device is on the nightstand. Dressing quickly, she gets up, walks through the familiar house and out onto the porch.

She is home. There's no Daryl in the house next door, her people aren't here, but she's back and she isn't sure how to feel. She isn't even sure what fucked up thing might happen. She has to do her best to warn everyone, toe the line between scaring the shit out of people and making sure they understand. Sitting at her kitchen table (and that's a weird thing, too. This isn't anyone's but hers. This is all...hers. Her house, her couch, her mantle where she hung her katana thinking in a bout of optimism that it could stay there) she turns on her device, her face a little harder than usual which is, in all honesty, saying something. ]

If you don't know me, my name's Michonne. This is my world. Looks nice. Quaint. But it's not. Most people in Wonderland call it a zombie apocalypse. We didn't know what it was.

[ She really can't help having this moment out loud. ]

It was never entertainment for movies and tv in my world. It's real. Most of you already know what to do: shot to the head is the only thing that kills them. It's not good enough to just cut off the head. It can still bite. You get bit, you die and turn. Come back as one of them. Don't worry about being able to tell the difference between someone alive and someone dead. You can see it. Smell it.

[ And uh, one other thing: ]

If you get bit on a part that can be cut off, arm, leg. Do it. Cut it off as soon as you can. If you don't bleed to death, you won't turn.

[ But everyone knows this is temporary, so maybe people would just rather die than go through an amputation. Maybe they'd die and turn because eventually, this will end. They don't have to keep living it every single day. ]

I don't know if walkers will even be the issue. It could be anything I've gone through, right? There's enough fucked up shit that's happened, the biggest threat might not even be the dead. Just trust me. Get a weapon. Stay close because there's safety in numbers. I'm at the very end of the neighborhood with cases of water and food if you don't have any, but look in your pantries and see if there are rations, first. If you know how to use a gun, I've got those too.

Just know that noise draws them in. Gunfire is dangerous, might as well sound off a dinner bell for walkers. That's why I've had and always will have a katana. If you smell like them, they won't bother you. Smear their guts on you, smell dead, walk slow, you can get through a hoard.

[ She should stop, she can't tell everyone everything, it's too much. ]

You know how to reach me, if you need me.
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Alright, so I’ve done all the reading, looked through the brochure. Really handy, by the way, more inter-dimensional kidnappings could use something like that. Nice to show up and have tourist info provided right off the bat.

[He’s doing his best to put a good face on this, he really is. Given his most recent inter-dimensional experiences, this is something of an improvement-- although all things considered, there’s nowhere he’d rather be right now than Earth, preferably with his team, although he supposes that last part is on him. He’d chosen to walk away, at least for a little while. Thanks to that decision, the first night here had been a little more difficult than it might have otherwise, but he's managing.

He’ll give Wonderland some credit. It beats solitary confinement in a parasite’s prison.]

That said, I’m not sure how I feel about a world without Wikipedia. How do you settle all the random debates that come up over breakfast without Wikipedia?

Teddy Altman, by the way. I hear I've been here before, but I don't remember any of it. Apologies in advance for that one.


Oct. 1st, 2015 09:21 am
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[Billy stood in the middle of an empty room, what appeared to be a book on Norse mythology clutched to his chest. He looked at the camera and cleared his throat, trying to keep his expression neutral and his voice steady. His friendship with Loki was never exactly approved of by most people and Loki wasn’t exactly the most popular resident in Wonderland.]

For those that knew him, Loki Laufeyson has returned to his world and the fate that awaits him there. [Which as far as Billy knows is death. He pauses for a second thinking of something.] That would be the older Loki, not the younger Loki.

I just thought people might want to know.

[There wasn’t much else to say. So he gave the camera one more nod and clicked it off.]
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Not cool, Wonderland.

[Kate gives a meaningful stare like her Momlike Disappointment might stir something in the heart of Wonderland. It won't, of course, but A for effort, I guess. After a moment she sighs. The video is mostly focused on her, but there's vague forest like trees behind her. It's intentional, obscuring her location. Either that, or she's just out on a stroll, you know, whatever.]

So you know those recruitment attempts all over the mansion? Yeah, you may have also seen the other post about them. Here it is from another source: H.Y.D.R.A. sucks. Don't trust them. Seriously, these guys have been trying to take over the world since they started their club meetings.

Unfortunately, it looks like the whole memory-shenanigans of this place means we can't trust each other. Heck, I'd probably tell you not even to trust me. I could be lying to you to get you to work with me and then BAM. Recruitment time.

That's not actually what's happening here, fyi.

Find a weapon. Preferably a blunt one, so you're not harming anyone permanently. Cricket paddles are cool, I guess? Blunt arrows. Know how to defend yourself. Don't be afraid to knock someone upside the head. (Carefully, because, fun story: you can kill a guy if you hit them too hard in the right spot. Use google, it's your friend.) If you can't defend yourself, lock yourself in a room. Those closets are a godsend - much easier than being an actual fugitive. If you need assistance, I'll do my best to provide it.

Good luck, Wonderland, stay safe.
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[As a person who likes to be organized, Cami comes prepared with a list when she sets up her broadcast for the network. There’s a lot that’s happened lately, events readily apparent to all and other things that might have gone unnoticed in all the chaos. She wears a tired smile when she turns on the video, one that’s far closer to resigned than happy.]

Hey all. I just wanted to let everyone know, it looks like Elijah and Kol Mikaelson have both been sent back home, along with Hayley Marshall. [She hesitates, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. There had something left behind, but it’s not anything she wants the public at large to know about—the fewer people who know just what Papa Tunde’s blade can do, the better.

Looks like even outside of New Orleans, Cami has ended up the caretaker of mystical objects.

But beyond that, it means that Cami stands as the last resident of New Orleans as she knows it. It’s strange to think about, given the number of them around when she first arrived. No doubt there would be people happy to see that group gone, but for Cami, it means that now she’s alone.]

I’m sorry to anyone who was friends with them here. There have been a few disappearances lately, which doesn’t make anything else we’ve all gone through any easier. So just as a reminder, I’ve got a therapy office in room twenty on the sixth floor. It doesn’t have to be official or formal; even if you just want to come up and talk for a while, I’m more than happy to listen, and everything will be kept private.

[She glances down, mentally checking off the items from her list before looking towards the phone again.]

I’d also like to start putting together group therapy sessions, for those interested. Sometimes sharing experiences with people who have gone through something similar can provide a source of strength and understanding you might not find in a one-on-one talk. The first one I’d like to set up is for people who have died and come back; it’s an unthinkable form of trauma, and one modern psychology hasn’t exactly expanded to cover. I was thinking we could meet on Wednesday around 4; my office can fit a decent sized group, but there are also empty rooms close by if we need to move some place larger. Anyone interested in attending should remember that what goes on in group stays within the meeting. Kind of like Vegas, except without the gambling.

And that doesn’t have to be the only group therapy topic, by the way. If anyone has anything they might be interested in discussing, just let me know and I’ll make the announcement. [She’s serious about the whole confidentiality thing. Cami is very aware of her role, especially in the wake of an event where mercy killing became a very real thing. She can only hope people might take her up on one of the offers, or even reply to dismiss their own needs and give her a chance to talk to them in the process.]

That’s about it for now. I’ll be in my office for a while yet if anyone wants to stop by. Just knock and I’ll answer, provided I’m not talking to anyone else just then.

[With that she reaches forward, seemingly ending the feed--but only for one person. To the majority of the mansion the picture carries on, but she's set up a filter to keep Wirt from watching the part that comes next.]

[Filtered from Wirt]

Actually, there's one more thing. Obviously the majority of us have experienced events where the mansion alters our basic personality, but--is there anything else that might do that outside of those events?

[Since they're just coming off of a trip to Abel, she doesn't think Wonderland is responsible for what she saw in the library the other day. Wirt's personality change had been drastic to say the least, and given her experience with such things in the past--

Cami's very concerned.

But with that asked, she ends the public broadcast feed in favor of sending out individualized messages. There are any number of people she wants to check on in the wake of that event, not to mention certain other posts that have gone up since then. She'll stay in her office long enough to send them, plus a few hours in case anyone wants to take her up on the offers. Then after a break, she'll go to the bar to pull a shift, plus hopefully have another important conversation.]

Private to Sam Yao )

Private to Maxine Meyers )

Private to Billy Kaplan )

Private to Simon Lauchlan )


Aug. 11th, 2015 10:09 am
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[Some time in the afternoon Teddy's voice is broadcast over the Network. He clears his throat, trying to mask some of the worst of his emotions but to those with keen ears he sounds incredibly sad. He's doing his best not to alert people to the fact that he and Billy have broken up. He's just really hoping no one will notice.]

So... I, um, am looking to see if anyone needs a roommate. I just sort of found myself without a room and so if anyone is interested you can, uh, text me or call me.

Oh. This is Teddy, by the way.

So, um, thank you.

Text to Kate
Hey. Can I come by?

Text to Tommy
Billy and I broke up.

Text to Sam
Billy and I broke up. I thought you should know.


Aug. 8th, 2015 09:10 pm
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Can someone text me what the heck is going on? Like why we're post-apocalyptic pioneers all the sudden?

Also, does this thing have a setting where you can slow down stuff? You know, like make a video slow motion or something.

Narrative )

Video 006

Jul. 5th, 2015 04:21 pm
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[The video clicks on to just Billy's face and he moves the camera back quickly because no one wants to see him that close up. He's sitting on a couch in a room with book shelves behind him and he smiles awkwardly at the camera.]

Err. Hi. So. I had been thinking recently, what with all the stuff this place has been throwing at us and everything, maybe it was time to have a place for the people who come from worlds with magic who can use it or even who want to learn to study or train. We have a fitness room, and a training center but no magic studies room. So uh, I made one.

[He pans the camera around the show everyone the room, before the camera comes back to his face.]

Its not much yet, but I was hoping that anyone who is interested would come and contribute what they know from their worlds. A place we can meet and teach each other or just hang out and discuss whatever. Its on the first floor next to the training center. I'll be here for a while but anyone is free to stop by whenever.

[There really wasn't much else to say so he shot the camera another grin before turning the video off.]

{OOC: video, text, voice or action welcome}
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[Oh, he looks so enthused to do this when the feed opens, but his expression gently takes on a more welcoming and charismatic visage.]

I am Loki, no longer one-of-a-kind here in Wonderland. Many of you know me as the villain, monster, God of Lies, but you should all know by now that I possess a deal of magical ability. I specialise in illusions and deception, however I am not shy to offensive and defensive magics.

[He gives that a moment to sink in and decides to continue. Now was as good a time as any with Captain Criticism briefly out of the picture to cast his judgement on Loki's actions.]

I am also aware that there are some of you here with, at the very least, an inkling of magical ability. It got out some time ago that I was secretly training young Kaplan in the development of his abilities, and while I do not have the desire to extend such extensive treatment to others, I will however offer basic training to aid those of you with the gift in its development. Be it setting you down the right path to learning your abilities or providing a training target for you to cast more powerful spells without the fear of injuring others, I may as well assist you. This is not out of sheer kindness, for those of you fearing ulterior motives. I may as well admit that it is out of self preservation. The more able magic users we have here to defend ourselves against threats, the more likely we are to succeed should... certain creatures resurface.

We have many such residents offering combative training, but few offering magical aid and I thought it was high time we correct this err.

[He managed to give an entire speech without a single lie. Half truths were not, in fact, lies.]

Private to Kol )
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[Okay, Verity was... where? The whole place gave her a headache. It was a little like the entirety of her surroundings were a lie and the truth rolled into one big ball, tossed in a blender, and made into a milkshake. A very weird milkshake. How could it be both? She gives up that train of thought and decides to do something she should have done as soon as she found her Stark Phone was no longer her Stark Phone. She keys the phone she'd found in her pocket for the fifth time in as many minutes, but this time she goes through with it. The video feed opens to show the redhead's worried and confused face. She appears to be sitting in the garden if the scenery behind her was any indication.]

Um, hello? This thing's like Skype, right? I don't really know how I got here, or why I'm here, or where here really is, but can someone point me back to New York? The U.S. of A.? Earth...? Just point me in the right direction, you don't even have to take me there. Just give me a map and I'll be on my merry little way.

[She pauses to collect her thoughts, pursing her lips.]

The fancy little brochure said Wonderland, but I'm not really buying what it's selling. See, whoever wrote it apparently believed it was Wonderland, but I think they had to be loonier than a three dollar bill. So, anyone here who doesn't belong in a white padded cell want to tell me what's going on? Unless of course this is some kind of insane asylum retreat for the irreparably crazy... If that's the case, I can prove to you I'm not crazy, so can we please talk? I kind of need to find a friend of mine who's in trouble. Even... even though I don't know how to go about actually finding him or even helping him, but... but I can't give up on him, either. So, please?


Mar. 23rd, 2015 09:37 pm
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[It took Billy most of the day on the 22nd to figure out that the memories he had of Tommy being a priest and someone he thought was his uncle going crazy were not in fact his memories. He might have gone on thinking they were actually his for a while longer if it wasn't for the vampire that appeared in his memories and the rush of emotions he felt towards him.

Billy knew he had never met a vampire before coming to Wonderland and when he asked Teddy about the probability of his brother being a priest that went crazy and killed his entire seminary class...well the fact that Teddy laughed for a good five minutes kind of clued him in.

What was worse was knowing that he was missing memories, missing points in time where it actually felt like there was a blank space in his head.

Asking around the library came up with nothing useful so he decided to address the network, maybe someone could point him in the right direction.]

Hey so, does anyone know of vampires that can compel away a memory or make you do what they want?
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[Teddy had done his best to ignore the strange memories. It had been easy on Saturday. He had more important things to preoccupy his mind with but, now that Billy's birthday was over he found himself with his thoughts and the strangeness of the mansion more and more.

It wasn't just the zombies that concerned Teddy. It was the intense emotions that poured through them. The horror and sorrow of discovering his family had been violated and turned into something evil and grotesque. The utter elation and relief of knowing that at least one of the non-flesh craving villains had ceased to become a problem. But the worst was the vacant, glazed over and wide mirthless grin of someone he had trusted, someone he loved. It made him feel sick and he couldn't tear his mind from them as he puzzled over what they could mean and where they had come from.

It wasn't until Monday that Teddy began to piece things together. Maybe it was the memory he had of Simon - a traitor which just didn't mesh up with the person he'd met here in Wonderland. Or perhaps it was the name given to the person with the grin: Number Five. Whatever it was, the puzzle clicked into place and Teddy was at once relieved to know whose memories these belonged to and saddened to share them. He almost didn't want to give them back if it would save Sam from feeling these memories again. Yet, if he had Sam's memories then it stood to reason that someone had his own. What they were, he couldn't say, but he wanted them back.

He was sure Sam would feel the same way.

Teddy pulled up a video chat and closed it to Sam. This was private. This was personal.]

Hey, Sam. I think we need to talk.
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[ Private to: MCU!Loki ]

brother to brother about brother )

[ Private to: the Avengers. non-MCU Avengers Thor has CR with are also welcome. ]

please don't kill him? )

[ Public, but locked from 616!Loki to the best of Thor's (not so terrible) abilities ]

Any here who know Loki... May we speak?

((ooc: action is also totally acceptable. Thor can be found pacing out in the gardens. He's not going to conduct any of these conversations ANYWHERE near a mirror.))
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[When the feed begins, the Once-ler is sitting inside the old greenhouse, bundled up in his pink Thneed scarf and long gloves. More specifically, he's sitting in front of what looks like a rudimentary heating system as the whole thing starts to kick in. The greenhouse hasn't been used in an actually greenhouse in...

...Actually, the Once-ler can't remember anyone using it as a greenhouse, ever. Which means it's been literal years since anyone was using it for what it was supposed to be used for. After spying on the place for months until he was pretty sure no one was using it anymore, the Once-ler decided to do something about that. For...practice, for a thing. He's spent the last couple of days cleaning the place out so he can start from scratch, and getting rid of all the other abandoned projects from years past, and now that there's room today's project was the important one - fixing the heat. It took forever (and some of the new pipe work looks positively Seussian, with seemingly unnecessary bends and turns) but it works and it vents out correctly and sitting in front of it and letting the warm air blow over him feels pretty great.

But this isn't an accidental post. No, this is intentional - he has something to ask. He debates how for a while, but he eventually just spits it out.

So...spring's coming soon. Anyone know anything about, uh. ...Gardening, by any chance?

[Not for any particular reason of course. Nope.

He ends the transmission there, but he'll be out in the greenhouse most of the day, fixing the lighting and trying to set up any other hardware things. Other times he'll have his nose in a gardening book or be sketching out blueprints on a comically over-sized notepad, but at least it'll start warming up now if he gets any visitors.
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You are not my Stark phone.

[ The voice that speaks sounds extremely offended by that fact. Loki scoops the network device off the ground, struggling to keep it balanced in one hand. The shaky video feed that follows gives hint to why he is having such trouble: his left arm hangs limply at his side. In addition, his face is deeply bruised, and one of the horns has been knocked off of his headpiece.

Someone's arrival in Wonderland was almost fortunate. Loki considers the irony of a sudden kidnapping being a plus to his day as he sinks heavily into a chair, but the train of thought is lost as the action jars his ribs. Working through a deep wince, he manages to prop the device up against a stack of books and pokes at the screen with one finger.

All right, you. Let us see how you work.
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[When the video starts the first thing people will notice is the music playing in the background. Yes, you are dealing with a huge nerd here. Then you get Billy's grinning face, and Teddy in the background....holding a green lightsaber?]

Hello Wonderland! So, now that we all seem to not be puppets anymore, I figured it was time for a little announcement. As some of you may remember Teddy and I threw a movie night back in August featuring sharks and tornados. Since that seemed to go so well we've decided to host another one this coming weekend.

I know, I know, it's Valentine's Day. And what better way to spend it then watching the greatest love story of all time? [Don't argue with him on this, Han and Leia will always win, okay?]

Star Wars. [Why yes, he's pausing for dramatic effect.] The Original Trilogy, to start anyway.

Now I'm sure some of you have seen it already and some of you haven't but theres no excuse to miss the best scifi movie of the twentieth century. Besides some lucky guests may just get a lightsaber of their very own. [Cue Teddy swinging it around in the background.]

We're starting Saturday at noon, so anyone who has a special someone can swing by and still have date night. There will be food and drinks and awesome movies.
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[ Lana had felt constricted in the mansion today for some reason. So she'd decided to go out flying. She could only go so far, but it made her feel better all the same. She blasted herself up out over the beach, enjoying the way the wind blew through the long coat of her Bombshell costume.

Everything was fine until she headed back to the mansion. She lands on the roof and is about to head for the stairs when she steps in something and slips. Is that... blood?

She runs, following the trail of blood, then gasps when she sees a body. A body that she knows. She pulls her cell out from inside her costume and fumbles with it for a second, hands shaking, before finally recording a message. ]

This is L-- this is Bombshell. I'm on the roof, and I found a-a body. [ Deep breaths, Lana. ] Billy... Wiccan is dead.

Please, I don't know what to do!

[ She ends the recording and hits Send, then kneels, still shaking, by Billy's body to wait. ]


Jan. 16th, 2015 11:22 am
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[Billy knew she was gone before he even checked her room. When Kate didn't show up for their daily coffee date and no locator spell could find her he knew. He went straight to her room anyway, needing to see proof for himself. It was empty save for her bow which was sitting in the middle of the floor. Wonderland's way of giving him something of her's, or taunting him. He couldn't decide which.

He pulled out his phone and flipped it on pulling up a video feed. His face appears, sad, and more drawn than it normally is. It's been a long few weeks.]

Kate Bishop has gone home. So for anyone who knew her...yeah. She's gone back to California.

[He opens his mouth to say something else but thinks better if it. Sighing he ends the video. That's all anyone really needs to know. He picks up the bow and heads back to his room. First Tommy, now Kate. He really hopes Teddy isn't next.]
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[When the video starts, James is outside, bundled up in a plain black cloak and leaning against a tree. It's a little cold, but not unpleasantly so, but there's one big draw to making such a broadcast outside - privacy. He's out not so much because it's a pleasant winter day, but because he doesn't want to be accidentally overheard.

That's how much he's been fretting about this. There is exactly one person in all of Wonderland who shouldn't hear this post, and he feels like she's going to sneak up behind him at any moment. But, he has no idea how to go about any of this at all, and it shows.

Hullo, Wonderland. I, err. ...Need some advice. Romantic advice. An absolute shocker coming from me, I know.

[He tries to laugh at himself a little to remove some of the awkwardness, but it doesn't work very well.]

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, I assure you. And if we could keep this between us, and not mention it to Lily, that would be fantastic as well. [He can't help smiling a little at mention of her, though he does peek off into the distance to make sure she's not coming.] I'd rather keep it a surprise, and that'll be hard to do if she knows about it. Thanks.

[With that, he shuts off the camera. He already feels a little better just having put the request out there.]


Jan. 2nd, 2015 09:48 pm
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[Filtered from Billy.]

So, happy new year and all that aside, the holidays weren't exactly all that pleasant for everyone involved. But I say better late than never, right?

[Kate raises her eyebrows and grins earnestly. Her eyes then dart downward for a second to double check the filtering levels set. What good is a belated holiday gift if the recipient knows about it?]

Now that things have returned to normal - or whatever most closely passes for normal around here - I think we should continue the trend of ringing in the New Year's with some epic parties. Like a Hannukah party. Because who doesn't like gambling and a little bit of fire?

Seriously though, guys. We got a semi-decent Christmas day... eve, anyway. But the Jabberwocky ate Billy on the first night of Hannukah and he never got his celebration. I can't think of a better gift to get him for the holidays.

Is there anyone Jewish here - that isn't Billy and won't mention this to him on pain of some kind of horrible payback - that can help with that planning? Mrs. Kaplan usually invited us all over the past few years, but it's been a while. And getting Billy involved defeats the purpose of all of this.

I know there's latkes, menorahs, and dreidels but what else? I want this to be a celebration he won't forget.

[She frowns. It's a new year even though it hasn't really been a full year of her life. Still, it's safe enough to say that it's been a long one filled with enough trouble and heartache for all of the Young Avengers, Billy especially. Arriving here hasn't made anything easier.

Some more celebration, some more good memories over the bad sounds almost seems like a necessity.]

So, I'm thinking sometime soon. Everyone's invited so long as you promise to leave any consideration of weapons or insanity in your room.

Anyone have a preference?
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[Teddy looks incredibly worried. He's on edge and he can't seem to keep his shifting in check - his skin keeps sliding into different shades of green as he speaks. Panic is written all over his face as he speaks quickly to the Avengers team.]

Billy is gone. He's been taken Mirror side! He left a message on my mirror and I... I think there's blood...

[The video pans to the mirror showing Billy's message , spatters of blood dripping through the words. The screen shifts to Teddy's face and he's completely serious.]

This is bad. Billy is in trouble. He's been hurt or ...

[Teddy can't even think about what other options there were and he avoids saying the words.]

I need to get to the other side. I have to help him.

Billy's Mirror is loose on this side and that spells trouble for us here, too. We need to swap them back. Please...

[Teddy's voice chokes up and he steels his features. He will not let the emotions overwhelm him. Billy needs him and he will keep it together.]

If there is any need for Avenger's Assemble, this would be it.


Nov. 5th, 2014 01:59 pm
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[ Frank is scratching the back of his neck as he turns the network on, looking… well, extremely awkward. He isn’t one for making open posts to the entire network like this, especially when he doesn’t really have anything specific to say.]

Uhm, so I was told it was better to tell people that I’m back. It was… weird, like I was dreaming about something that had already happened to me. I didn’t even really remember this place.

Does that kind of thing happen often? This going-home-but-not-really thing, I mean.
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[Sam is positively beaming when he appears on the network. And really who can blame him? It's one of the most fun holidays of the year and Maxine is here and they get to set off fireworks without the worry about attractive every zom within a hundred miles. How was that not awesome?]

It's Bonfire Night in a couple of days, you know, all that 'Remember Remember the Fifth of November' stuff, so I thought it might be fun to have a bonfire party. Bonfire, food, fireworks. We're gonna be out on the beach so come down around dusk, bring stuff to eat and drink and we'll try not to set ourselves on fire with sparklers.

It's been ages since I've seen fireworks. It should be fun!

[Ages since he'd seen fireworks that hadn't been in a life or death situation at least.

The feed goes dead, but Sam can be found wandering as usual, a large Newfoundland puppy following him as he collects what he needs for the party, even going down to the beach to start piling up wood to burn.]
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[The feed would start when a pulse of magic hits a barrier and knocks Loki's phone from his pocket. It turns on, capturing video while aimed at an odd angle, catching only two pair of legs and some scenery. A swirl of blue and green light is the only aftermath of whatever jarred the mobile device from the Asgardian's pocket.]

You need to focus, Kaplan. The raw power must be much denser if you are to break through my barrier. Again. And concentrate this time.

[A foot steps back, sliding against the ground to deepen his stance in order to prepare for Billy's next attack. The heel of his boot bumps the device, spinning it on the ground to give an awkward upward view of Loki and Billy. The Asgardian is holding both hands out, a green shimmer solidifying in a warbling dome before them, between himself and Billy Kaplan.]

It's hard to concentrate when you are distracting me. [ Billy takes a deep breath, hands coming up glowing blue.] And yes, before you say it, I know that's the point.

[The video captures the electric blue glow surrounding his hands grow until its surrounding him. He pushes it forward colliding with Loki's shield and ripping through it, knocking the Asgardian off his feet.] Was that what I was supposed to be going for?

[Loki's hand hits the phone when he lands on his godly behind, covering the screen and blacking the video out.] Precisely. Well done. [The picture returns moments later with said Asgardian looking directly into the video. A suffering sigh escapes and he pinches the bridge of his nose in pure irritation. Then the feed cuts out. WELP.]
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[Henry had to figure out a way to ask for an artist without actually letting his mom know what he wanted. He had to be vague, and though she knew a little about what he was doing, he didn't think she knew that he was having a real actual book made for. Which was why Henry's face appeared on screen and he gave a little smile and wave.]

In case you don't know me, I'm Henry. I'm looking for someone who can illustrate. You know, like a kid's book or something?

[Wow, this was not shaping up to be subtle at all, but he figured as long as Regina was still surprised by the finished product, it was okay.]

If you can, it'd be great if you could get back to me. Or you can find me in room 27 on the eighth floor. Thanks to anyone who can help.


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