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[ As always, Video Time with Mondo will have some kind of motion sickness-inducing bits as he's still... not very accustomed to technology, pardon him. This time it begins as soon as the feed starts. Don't worry, he isn't flinging the palm pilot ー he's broken one, got another, learnt his lesson, etc. This is just him figuring out how to get the package out of the wrapping and show it at the same time. ]

Hey, uh. Apparently there were other people who've got 'em, but like you guys I've got this note.

[ And as always, a well-built teenager will be gracing your screen with his massive corncob pompadour. He's trying to show the notes but ... it gets too close you probably can't read it. But whenever he pulls it back you'll be able to tell that it's the same 'In the search for something lost, do what you know you must. -RQ' one. ]

Sure as hell this ain't for me nor is it mine, so. Anyone can tell me if they recognise this?

[ He tries his best to keep his hand still as he uses another to show off a humongous pink sweater, with 'Mr. Dad Guy' text stitched on the front of it. It's possible that you don't manage to see the full text, as the sweater really is Big, and there's so much Mondo can show with his lack of innovation to... maybe set the palm pilot somewhere stable so he can show it off better. Well, gotta take what you can get from this doof. ]

If you do, gimme a ring or whatever. Yeah. Bye.

[ Awkward it might be, but at least it cuts off rather smoothly. Yes, he's figured out the off button! ]
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[Late on the 5th day, somewhere no-one can hear, a song starts playing in reverse. And the SOUL that was once a goat monster is called again to life.]

[The world's saddest boy is eased in sadness and also fur. Asgore Dreemurr awakes in his room and finds himself as whole and living as he has been of late, although perhaps more tired than usual.]

[A short video is posted to the network. It is a close up of Asgore's face; it is late, and he looks weary, but the weariness he feels is deeper than the hour alone would give.]

I have been dead, but for the second time in my experience, I find that I am no longer so. I apologize to anyone whom I may have worried or harmed with my death, especially my children. I apologize for laying such a heavy burden on Tim. I did not wish for my SOUL to be absorbed by one of the Ice Giants by accident, and perhaps making one of them even stronger, enabling the deaths of others.

If my choice was wrong, I take responsibility for it, and again apologize to anyone it has harmed.

[Asgore takes a deep breath and shuts the feed off.]
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::The video feed turns on. Asgore is in it. He is sitting next to a... Christmas... tree... which he has apparently put up in his room. For some reason. And he is wearing a very Ugly Christmas Sweater. The absolute worst.::

So! Because it is almost Christmas time, I was wondering if anyone other than Monsters celebrates this special holiday. It is a time when Monsters exchange gifts with friends and family, and decorate trees, such as the Christmas Tree which I have behind me.

::He pans the camera over to get a look at what appears to be a very average Christmas tree; he must have asked for 'generic Christmas Tree decorations' from the closets or something. It has lights and balls and tinsel and non-religious bauble at the top. He keeps the camera on the tree instead of on himself for the rest of the video's duration.::

I thought that if you wanted to, you could share what you were hoping for for Christmas this year. I always enjoy a new necktie bottle of Stetson cologne shaving kit new kind of tea. Who knows, you may be visited by Santa and he will bring you what you want.

::The video feed cuts off::
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[There's a thirty-something sickly-looking human man on the network, currently perched inside one of the myriad holes in the cliff face. He looks like he's trying to just chill here, but judging by his body language he's...kinda stressed. His expression, on the other hand, is completely neutral--which is kinda weird, considering. He's wearing robes, or at least some kind of glorified Snuggie, and it's emblazoned with the holy symbol of a hotdog.]

Hey, so uh. It's me. Sans. Usually a skeleton. Currently a human.

[Yeah and let's not get into how godawful weird it is to suddenly have organs and skin and hair and all these weird things that humans have, and the fact that he has no idea how to do anything, and the fact that basic shit like breathing is something he has to actually remember to do. Let's just. Not think about any of that.]

Also currently a Cleric of...heh, okay, I gotta give Wonderland this one. I'm a Cleric of Godtoh. I can spontaneously manifest healing hotdogs. Yeah, ya heard that right. Wonderland really, uh. Threw a whole bunch of crap at the wall to see what would stick this time, huh.

[Like, yeah, make the lazy asshole the healer, and give him healing hotdogs, and gloves that make people laugh. Sure.]

Anyway. The short version is, I'm a sorta healer. Not so great at the fighting and escaping part, and these Gem critters are all over. So I figure...if anyone needs healing, I can come by, but I'll probably need, uh. Help. Got all this brand new magic, and none of it's the fightin' kind. I figure being in groups would be best for this sorta thing, yeah? We call it partying up, in the business. Heh.

[What a nerd.]

So, yeah. Healing hotdogs. I got 'em. Anyone need 'em?

[Sans is LFG, but sadly he has shit Charisma and rolled a 9. He might need to rethink his hotdog sales pitch.]
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::The video opens upon one (1) Asgore Dreemurr, King of All Nothing In Particular, and professional Beardist, semi-professional Dad (ret.) looking somewhat distressed. Just. Mildly panicked. Only a little bit.::

Ah-hem, yes. Uh. So. It appears that someone is playing a very funny joke on me. Last night I went to bed and someone* must have snuck into my room while I was asleep,** because when I woke up, I discovered that a couple of my, uh, personal affects had been replaced in some sort of a, uh, funny joke.

::He pans over to show the wall. There's a couple of ripped out pages from what appears to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition from a world where the models are Monsters taped up on one space.::

I had two very nice Polaroid™ photos here of myself with both Frisk and Chara in them, and well, they were very nice photos and I did not make any copies of them and while these swimsuit ladies are a funny sort of replacement -- ha ha ha, see I am laughing, ha ha ha -- if someone could return the originals to me I would be very much appreciative of that.

I think that you have left some... empty beer bottles... in my room as well.

::The camera pans over to show what is clearly some empty bottles of 'Brewtien' which is a beer that has added protein somehow, which seems like a bad mistake on so many levels.::

So, please, I will be glad to pick up the bottles and throw them away for you; I would just appreciate it if you could. Give me the photos back, thank you.

::The camera cuts abruptly. Five minutes pass, and then there's a hasty addition, a second, very brief video with a somewhat more distraught image of Asgore appearing in it.::

Also someone has taken a pink sweater from me that says "Mr. Dad Guy" on it and appears to have replaced it with this Sun's Out Gun's Out tank top ::he holds it up in his hand; it's Asgore sized so the largest tank top you've probably ever seen:: which is, hahaha, even more like a funny joke because, hahaha, I was trapped underground for centuries, but, hahaha, I think that the joke is joked enough at this point, so please just. Trade me back the sweater and the photos okay thank you good day please I will be in my room waiting for you to contact me.

::The camera cuts for a second, and seemingly final time.::
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Greetings! This is Toriel.

So, I have been keeping an eye on the calendar, and I believe that Frisk's birthday is later this month! The date is, ah... rather vivid, in my memory.

As I am sure anyone that was there will remember, I. Somewhat put a damper on their party, last time. It has been something which I regretted deeply, and so I was thinking that perhaps we could throw them another party? One that will not have any unfortunate interruptions.

This may be a bit early for this, really, but I wish to be certain that everyone is given ample time to prepare, and come up with ideas!

What do you think?
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[The video is posted in the dead of the night. It opens to wonderland's resident ghost monster, fiddling with the camera the screen turns black, falling forward]


[the camera is lifted and wedged more tightly into position, but the ghost is horrifically out of focus]

hi, um.... this is napstablook... um...

i wrote a song about a month or two ago and i've been working on it for a while.... i was thinking....

um... i finished it if you want to listen... uh, click away if you don't, that's fine too....

[they hit a few buttons on their computer, and the song begins to play, with haunting, not quite vague lyrics.]

it's um... it's still a little rough but um yeah... there it is...

those amazing sound effects were gathered by miss coralinejones, aren't they great?

anyway, thank you for your time..... um... let me know what you


[the video feed cuts out abruptly]
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The camera opens to view one (1) Asgore Dreemurr, looking very large and goatly and like some sort of “he’s gonna make it after all, maybe” divorced goatman. He appears to be in a kitchenette or perhaps even a full kitchen. There’s some countertops and cupboards and other assorted kitchen accoutrements.

Is this… yes, this is on, hello,” he says into the camera. “I am Asgore Dreemurr and today I am doing a Let Us Play that shows you how to make a delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, which I feel is an easy meal that nearly anyone can make. I am being helped today by the Underground’s most popular TV cooking host, Mettaton.” He looks over at his gracious co-host, like a not-yet-drunk Kathie Lee would look over at a just-starting-to-get-buzzed Hoda.

Mettaton, for his part, looks the perfect picture of bedazzled cooking host, complete with signature chef’s hat embroidered with a glittering gold MTT and matching apron. There is not a hair out of place on his robotic head and his grin is dazzling as he addresses the camera.
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[The video opens on an interesting tableau. For one, the backdrop is that of mossy-green tile, a dimly lit laboratory, complete with some extremely fake potted vegetation. And that’s to say nothing of the figures present in the frame. Standing in the forefront seems to be a lizard with glasses in a lab coat, addressing the network at large. Behind her, a small child appears to be getting devoured alive by a -

Oh, wait. No they’re not. They’re actually grinning widely as they scratch the back of the...creature’s approximation of ears. It’s unclear how many dogs this counts as. Is this even really a dog? They’re definitely frothing at the mouth, making contented little bubbling sounds as Frisk scritches them beneath their chin. There’s a heavy whapping sound of something slapping back and forth across the tile as their tail begins to wag, even if the motion leaves shiny strands of their mass dribbling across the floor.

So, you know. Like any other dog.

Alphys speaks up first.]

H-Hey everyone! So, uhm...there’s an event! Which you, uh, probably already guessed, but, in the interest of, uhm, b-being informed, there’s some...things you should know. About this place and. Everything.

[She pauses, takes a nervous glance back towards the melting beast, and continues. Frisk pauses to toss her a resolute thumbs-up and a firm nod.]

These, uhm, monsters are called the Amalgamates. There’s a couple of them, uh, d-down here, but there’s no need to fight them! They’re, uhm, probably just looking for food. They won’t attack you or anything, so y-you can leave them alone. They’re not dangerous.

[Frisk sits up a little straighter, giving the Endogeny one final, reassuring pat, as they add:]

If any of them come near you, just find some food or something for them to play with. They don't mean to hurt you.

[Their tone is firm and unwavering, as resolute as their expression. Alphys, on the other hand, seems to get more nervous the longer the broadcasts stretches on, so she just cuts right to the point.]

There’s a machine that, uhm, looks like a skull around here, it’s got some wires, and tubes, and stuff? Don’t touch it. It’s, uhm, s-super dangerous, and, doesn’t do anything...good.

[Frisk's shoulders twitch in a faint wince, their gaze dropping back to Endogeny. Nothing good, no.]

So uhm. Leave that alone, t-too.

[Just as it seems like she’s going to continue, Endogeny abruptly surges to their feet with a loud, triumphant howl. The Amalgamate barrels at the camera, sending Alphys careening off screen with a small shriek. The camera goes down with her in a haphazard tumble, but at least the last shot indicates that she is, in fact, not being eaten alive. It turns out Endogeny is simply hungry, and seeing Alphys usually means it's time she fed them.

The feed rattles one last time as Endogeny's tail whips across the screen, and goes dead.]
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[The video turns on to see a little blue bot, looking a little bit annoyed that they have to use this little palm pilot in order to use the network.]

Ah! Hello, to whomever views this! I suppose I should introduce myself and leave a good impression. My name is Turing. I am the world’s first sapient ROM created by the late Hayden Webber of Parallax. Nice to meet you!

Now, then, I must ask if there’s a way for me to connect to the mesh - er, network, through my system rather than using this outdated palm pilot. I’m trying to connect to the network myself, but it’s not working. I might still be damaged from…well, anyway.

I’ve only been here for about a day, so I haven’t been able to look around the entire premises, but the topography of the gardens and the architecture of the mansion…well. It reminds me more of a storybook. Perhaps Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? The checkerboard hills and the heart motif around the gardens gave that impression to me the most.

One final pressing question I have for whoever sees this video, and forgive me for appearing dramatic, but, is…is…this the afterlife? The last thing I remember is having my personality program taken out from my system, followed by a series of loud sirens.

[They…guessed TOMCAT wasn’t able to get their personality program back into their body successfully. They…really were…

Turing suddenly appears to look very sullen as the thought of them actually being dead hits them like a train.

Alys and TOMCAT…I’m never going to see them again, aren’t I?

Entry #89

Feb. 4th, 2017 11:57 am
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[The world is dark, and it's quiet. Suffocation's an unpleasant way to go, and everyone knows it. The heat and the pressure crawls up into the back of your throat and your eyes feel like they'll burst, your .hea'ds poudning., your breath high and tight and ragged in your lungs that scream for deeper breaths, for air, and that's when everything else begins to pulse in an unfurling of phosphenes and scalding colors across the backs of your eyelids.

You get dizzy. The panic, assuming it hasn't set in by then, claws its way up your esophagus as your jaw parts, throat straining to take in air that doesn't exist with a high-pitched, dragging wheeze.

Unfortunately for Tim, it seems the panic settled in early; cloying and unbearable and tearing away at what little composure he still had. He'd switched on his device at some point, though his oxygen-starved brain can't possibly latch onto what that reasoning might have been, not now. Possibly a cry for help, hastily stifled. Have you seen this video before? It's possible that you have. It's possible that it's gone up already, only for the hitching slide of time to roll things back. Déjà vu. It's a hell of a thing.

When you've begun to suffocate, perception of reality - already muddled to a gross fault and exceptionally poor to begin with, for one unfortunate Mr. Wright - tends to be one of the first things to go.

The subject of the video is pressed somewhere in the corner of the room, practically wedged there, curled around himself with his hands sunk into the fabric of his shirt. Words stream from him in a perpetual rise and fall, a breathless litany, high and sharp with a cresting panic:]

Not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway. 'S not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway, it's not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway it's not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway -

[His voice breaks. He buries his face in his hands.

He's seeing something in the corner of his eye that's not there, regressed to the state he always regresses to when that thing creeps into his memory, nothing more than a scared and trembling little boy huddled in a windowless hospital room, and it's keeping him pinned until his air runs out. And that's looking to be - soon.

Very soon.]
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[Sans is at his hotdog stand like usual, apparently doing a crossword.]

hey, so this has been bugging me since that event with the pyramid. what's actually the point of suspenders? i mean. a lot of human clothing is kind of baffling to me. but suspenders just seem excessive.

[He fills in a word in his crossword.]

if you're worried about your pants falling down, you could just use a belt. or rope or such. or wear a skirt instead.

[Frankly, he has questions about every article of clothing he was forced to wear during that event, but he's holding back. Plus, talking about weird clothing means not having to talk about weird past lives.]

by the way, anyone ever get that giant diamond that was up at the apex? didja get to keep it?

[He pauses, frowning at his paper and tapping the pen against his teeth. Hell yeah, he uses pen on his crosswords, cause if he makes a mistake it's an excuse to just give up on it.]

these crosswords are all human oriented. what's a six-letter word for "iron deficiency"?
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::The video feed opens to show a smiling Asgore looking into the camera.::

Hello, everyone. I was talking with Sans the other day and he told me that on the internet, which is something I do not know very much about, that people do things that are called "Let Us Plays" and that the "Let Us Players" will play a game and have a nice chat, and that people like to watch them. And so I thought to myself that it would be a fun idea for me to try to do a "Let Us Play" with a game here for you all, since there is no Internet here.

::The camera pans out a bit more so that it's more than just Asgore's face, it's all of his upper body, swathed mightily in a lavender colored tank top and pink short sleeved-shirt combo; it's very fashionable.::

I asked the closet to give me a fun game and I got this!

::He proudly holds up a book of Sudoku puzzles.::

So, I think that I will start to play one of these Sud-oku games. I did a couple on my own to practice so that I know what I am doing.

::What follows is a ten minute video of Asgore reading numbers, counting things, giving life tips for brewing cups of tea, a story about a particularly difficult bush that he's had to prune, an anecdote about a weight lifting belt snapping in the middle of a deadlift, a couple of minor mistakes and some erasing, and at least three really bad puns. He helpfully moves the camera to focus on the sudoku but sometimes he picks it up and looks into it to make sure that it's still running, and then puts it back on the writing numbers action.::

::Eventually, he finishes it successfully.::

Oh, there we go, I guess I'm done. All of the columns and rows and boxes have all of the numbers from one to nine in them. I think it was very diverting. If anyone else has any games that they would like to see me play, or if you would like to see more Sud-oku videos please let me know. Like comment subscribe click the link to donate to my Patreon if you want to see more videos
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[Kiyotaka Ishimaru's sudden change of scenery was a surprise, to say the least. He went from being trapped in a school and forced to participate in a class trial, to suddenly being somewhere in the outside world again. Specifically, he's ended up perched on the branch of an orchard tree. After spending a few moments shocked over this sudden turn of events, he proceeds to wrack his brain wondering how and why this could have happened. What happened to the trial - did they figure out the killer? Are Bro and the rest of the class outside and alright, too?

He does find one potential clue on him: a small device that he's never seen before. Looking it over, it looks like some strange communication device! After fiddling with it for a moment, he manages to activate it. He stares intensely at the screen for a moment before he finally starts speaking.]

Hello!! Is this thing truly working? How incredible! Anyway... my name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru! I am a hardworking young student who believes in bold simplicity! I also bear the talent of being the Super High School Level Public Morals Committee Member! It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance! ...Er, the acquaintance of whoever may receive this message, of course!

[He stands as rigid and formally as ever atop the tree branch as he shouts into the device.]

Please bear with me, as there are a few things that I wish to ask about! First of all, can anyone tell me where I am right now? I do not recognize this area at all! Secondly, if any of my classmates can hear me, I would like you to speak up now! We must have accomplished something incredible... or even if anyone knows where I can find my classmates, I would greatly appreciate it!

...I believe that is all that is on my mind currently! Thank you for your time. I intend to do my best to figure out this situation!

[Action-wise, you can come across him in the tree or just find him later when he's exploring the mansion!]
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[Chara... thought for a long time before settling on this costume. They'd wondered if it would be in bad taste. How dare they pretend to be a boss monster after what they did, after all. What gives them the right to wear the Delta Rune when they were never the angel in that prophecy at all? Maybe this will just make Toriel and Asgore angry. ...It doesn't feel right at all to go as only one half of a matching set. It doesn't feel right at all to be their childish make-believe character without the Absolute God of Hyperdeath.

But... they want to remember him, at least a little. They're not replacing him with Frisk. They aren't. They can't. And isn't Halloween all about being something that you cannot possibly be in real life? So... it's a fitting statement, maybe, if they pretend to be a monster. Pretend to be a defender. Pretend to be something that belongs with Asriel. So this year... they're the character that they pretended to be when they played with Asriel. During the times where it wasn't Monsters and Humans, because they'd have to be the human. During the times where they weren't playing the bad guy so he could win, making up some absurdly sinister demon for him to stop. When they weren't filling those roles... they were the Guardian of Hyperdeath, faithful sidekick and loyal knight.

And it would have just been a closet cosplay of a childish self-insert, for the most part, but Chara's happened to get unlucky (or lucky) with the candy around the mansion. So when the video feed clicks on, there's. Uh.

It sort of looks like Asriel's Extremely Anime Sibling. An Asriel recolor. Shadowsriel the Hedgehog. Original the Character, Donut Steel.]

Greetings, pitiful mortals!

I see that there are plenty of SOULs about, just waiting to be presented to my beloved God. Never fear, monsterkind, for the Absolute God of Hyperdeath is a benevolent ruler. Your lives will be spared, so that you may live in freedom and prosperity. But let it be known that the humans among you are in mortal peril, for the Guardian of Hyperdeath NEVER lets their lord's enemies walk away in one piece!

Surrender now, and I may make your demises swift and painless. Dare to resist, and my Halberd of Absolution will rip asunder every last one of your hopes and dreams! Hee hee hee!!

audio; 001

Oct. 9th, 2016 07:12 pm
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[ There is a monumental amount of fumbling going on on the other side of the device, even when it's been set up and appropriately turned on to record. It takes Bob a second to figure out exactly what he's doing, but he picks up on it sooner or later. Technologically adept, here he comes. ]

Oh god, it's on. Wait. [ Probably not a great first impression choice. ] Hi. I guess I'm looking for whoever owns this phone. I wasn't... stealing it. I mean, this might look pretty bad since I have it. Buuut it's really nice, so there's no way I could get a plan for it. And I couldn't afford to replace it if my kids tried to put it in the deep fryer, so. It's better if I just give it back before they ever know I had it.

[ None of those things are jokes. They're very matter-of-factly put. As far as he figures today, he probably came out of a weird side of Mr. Fischoeder's hedge maze and someone will try to tell him he owes a life debt for scratching their favorite phone.

Bob sounds Tired. ]

God, am I just making a memo? This idea was bad. It's not good. No one would even be able to hear this if they lost it. I'm just gonna leave it here by these nice... topiaries, and pretend this isn't happening, because I've lost my mind.

[ For a long moment it seems like Bob's going to leave it at that. Naturally, he pops back on, already sounding like he's losing the lid on the cool he was pretending to have. ]

And I just wanna remind everyone that kidnapping is illegal! It doesn't matter how rich you are or how-- how "cool" you think your Alice in Wonderland theme park is gonna be, which it's not!

[ Of course, actioning in at the gardens is also a viable option. ]
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Hi, guys!

[Steven offers a grin. He's walking through the halls of the mansion, his smartphone held out before him. Every so often he stops and glances around him, but unless someone physically appears, the people on the network are much more interesting.]

I'm Steven Universe! I'm pretty new here. I mean, I'm really new; I just found this in my pocket, but I think I woke up about ten minutes ago? Uh-- I think I'm near the kitchen. I woke up there, anyway, and now I'm in a hallway! Who are you all? Where are you from? I saw a couple people are new here too, so we've already got some stuff in common! But you should tell me about yourself even if you're not new; I want to hear about all the different places people come from!

And-- there's a couple people I was wondering if you'd heard of. They're magical gems-- Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst? They're aliens. Oh, but-- they're really great, though! Super friendly aliens, not like movies make aliens usually sound.

[OOC note: Feel free to run into Steven in the halls if you'd like!]
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The screen turns on. In it appears one (1) Asgore Dreemurr. And he looks more-than-slightly concerned. He pans the camera aside, sweeping across his room, to show that there are actually two (2) Asgore Dreemurrs in the room. However, the other one of them is... well let's just say that the Asgore you've come to know and love is built like a modestly-squishy wall. The other Asgore is R i p p e d. And wearing a purposefully-tight-enough-that-you-can-see-his-abs-through-the-fabric tank top that reads "Eye of the Tiger Bitches." His beard has been meticulously trimmed into a pencil-thin strip around his face; his hair is in a ponytail.

"A second me appeared in my room a short time ago and... I do not know really... what I should be thinking about this but he says that..." began Asgore 1.

"Bro, I'm here to get you shredded," said Asgore 2.

"He keeps saying things like that."

"The power of your MIND moves your BODY and when your MIND and your BODY are in SYNC you, bro, you can DO ANYTHING. And me looking at me not being the best me I could be, bro, it hurts me in my MIND and BODY, bro."

"Someone, please, he's talking about something called 'burpees,' and he threw away my pie..."

"It's not clean. It's full of toxins. We're putting you on an all-natural, organic, protein-rich vegan meal beverage 5 day cleanse that'll flush your system and'll get you AWAKE to LIFE, bro." The ripped-version Asgore took the time to poke burly-version Asgore in the gut with his finger. "AWAKE to LIFE."

Original-flavor Asgore looks into the camera, mouth agape, and stutters something incoherent, before switching the video feed off.

Video #5

Sep. 6th, 2016 02:14 pm
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[It's about an hour after a certain run-in with a child that Toriel decides to leave a message on the network. Something they said is still bothering her. Well, many things they said are bothering her, actually- a fact that is obvious by her expression and tone- but there's one thing that she can ask others about, at least.]

Greetings. This is Toriel.

I was just wondering. Would anyone happen to have seen a young boy, that looks kind of like me? He is probably wearing a striped shirt, and answers to the name of Asriel.

...Additionally, I would like to apologize for the damage to the dormitory hallway on the first floor. There was an incident. I would prefer not to discuss it.

Thank you for your time.
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[John decided he's just stay away from the network for a while after getting shouted down for arming children. In retrospect, he should've done a little more intensive background on the kids here, but that would've been bordering on creepy. And there's nothing wrong with guns anyway, you're all terrible.

But regardless of guns and kids, he's back today. Not with lessons, but questions, snooping like the other old farts around here love to do.]

what's magic like where you're from? does it exist? is it more fucking witches making people's teeth fall out or goddamn fairy dust and unicorns? does anyone come from a place with magic like Wonderland?

most importantly: does the magic from your world work here?
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(The journal begins to record, obviously without its new owner's intention.

A Geth in a garden is probably a disconcerting sight. It's disconcerting for them too, albeit for an entirely different reason. They had not expected to encounter a garden, or anything else, ever again.

Legion begins to look around. It doesn't take them long to find the journal, and the residents of the mansion will get a good look at their flashlight face when they pick it up and stare quizzically at it for several moments. Upon realizing that it is recording, the flaps of plastic wrapped around their head flare out in an expression of surprise, and they click off the feed.

A moment later, they send a text.)

My reactivation is unexpected. Personality dissemination was irreversible.

Local flora matches that of the Human planet Earth.

(How is this possible?)
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[Chara's outside. They have their device on the ground, propped up against a rock, so their hands are free. They're crouched down in the mud, on the shore of a pond somewhere - there's a bush of purple flowers in the background, mostly obscuring the maze of massive tree-trunks. They're out having some kind of childish adventure, presumably. Two things sit by their feet: a thermos of something-or-other and a freshly-gathered bouquet of white flowers.

They're washing that favourite old switchblade off in the water. Must have cut the flowers, not picked them. They flick it dry, click the blade shut, and pocket it. Pick up the bouquet, hold it up so their face is all but hidden by the lovely white blooms.]

Pretty, are they not? Narcissus. A member of the daffodil family. They get their name because... well, I'm not entirely familiar with the myth, actually. I know Narcissus was some guy who loved himself. He loved himself so much, he died.

[A very abridged version, and they might be wrong, but they think they've got the base details down. They shrug, smile, start to neatly divide their bouquet: a pile of flowers on this side, and they pluck all the leaves off and set them down on the other side.]

It is a tangent, Wonderland, but I wonder. Could you get me up to speed on what we know about the mirror side? Can we cross to that side if we want to? Can the mirror folk cross the barrier as they please? If not, is there someone or something in charge of the decision? I'm curious.

[Their flowers sufficiently... de-leafed... they pick up the thermos. Ginger tea, sweetened with honey. Good for queasiness. Honey makes it taste better, soothes a sore throat. They think, fleetingly, of Asgore. Because they think of Asgore, they think of Toriel. Don't... quite know how to approach the topic of Asriel. Don't want to talk about it. Don't want to think about it. Don't want to bear acknowledging they live in a world without him again. But is anyone else... checking on them?

...Couldn't hurt. Maybe. To just... maybe not about him, can't utter his name. To just... say hi.

They cut the video feed. Reach for their phone, type some texts out.]

[Private text to Asgore]

I was going to attach a picture. I've started work on a sweater - pink again, if that is okay. It's back in our room, though, and I don't think I'll be back there for a couple days.

I suppose I just wanted to let you know you'll have something to look forward to. =)

[Private text to Toriel]

I know it is unkind to gossip, but perhaps you ought to know that Sans took poorly at the end of this last event. I am aware he is a friend of yours, so I feel you should be aware. Perhaps he would feel better if someone came to check on him? Company always makes a hard time easier.

Here is a joke that the both of you might like:
Why did the pie go to the dentist? Because it needed a filling.
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[They went to check on Asriel, like they usually do - every since his little "accident," they've been sure not to leave him alone for too long. Only once they showed up, they found his room empty. Not a thread out of place.

For a long time, maybe an hour, maybe two, they simply sat there and hoped vaguely that he might return. But Room 23 is silent, and everything is empty. Just like before. Only this time, there was no warning at all, no gifts left under pillows. Maybe this time he didn't know it was going to happen.

Distantly, Frisk recognizes that they'll have to bring this up to everyone. Somehow. There are some people have to know. With trembling fingers, they withdraw their phone from their pocket and switch it on to video. About two minutes pass by of silence as the video pans about the empty room, until finally it focuses partially on Frisk. They aren't looking into the lens. They simply stare ahead, a faint frown knitting over their features as they talk.]

You're such a good person, Frisk. You're the friend I always wished I had.

But he didn't know me. He knew me for ten minutes. And then he shows up here, and thinks I'm good, good, good...

He said we were alike. He said I reminded him of them, but how's he say that and then turn around and say they're not good enough? He must've remembered everything I've done. He knew what I'd done. I did everything he did. I burned every book. I hurt everyone. I killed - everyone. Everyone I loved! How's that make me good? How's that -

[They keep talking, apparently frustrated, but it isn't long before the feed shuts itself off.]

private text to Asgore & Toriel:

Asriel has gone home. I'm sorry you have to learn like this.
- Frisk

private text to Chara:

He's gone. I'm sorry. I just checked his room and

Please don't do anything rash

4th video

Jul. 20th, 2016 07:45 pm
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[The video turns on to show a large goat woman- the background seems to be recognizable as the kitchen.]

Greetings! This is Toriel.

Perhaps this is a strange question to ask, but... would anyone care to discuss what your favorite food is? I am curious!

You see, I enjoy cooking, and it has been a very long time since I have been able to work with ingredients that are not found in the Underground. As such, I am not entirely sure what kind of foods I can prepare with all these options!

I have found a few cookbooks in the library, and there are so many different selections, I am not quite sure where to start. So I was hoping that someone might provide some suggestions for me! Additionally, I am sure I would be happy to share anything I make with you.

Personally, I have always been fond of pies. There are several flavors I like, but today I decided to try making a snail pie. Though, that might not be enjoyable for humans, in my experience. Or... monsters other than boss monsters, come to think of it.

Still! It is here in the kitchen, if anyone would like to come try a slice. I would be happy to share the kind of food I like, while you share what you like in turn.

That is all! Goodbye.
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[Whoever's transmitting this feed is doing a great job of managing to conceal their identity. Or maybe, not-so-great.

A glance at their name only shows the user as THE ABSOLUTE GOD OF H, and an icon of a poorly-drawn dragon... goat. thing. Their voice is distorted, almost as if they're talking through one of those cheap voice-changer things you find at a flea market.]


[An image appears on everyone's devices for a few moments:]

I AM HYPERDEATH. THE ABSOLUTE GOD OF HYPERDEATH. And you're all probably wondering - 'How did someone so powerful get into Wonderland?? What'll we do??' Fear not, as I do not mean any harm.



Or, uh, you can just slip some into room 023, second floor. That'd be neat, too.


[The audio ends with two pots banging together. Dramatic thunder!!!]
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[When the video clicks on, Alphys looks positively enthusiastic, and her room is a mess- but not in the usual way. Typically, her room is strewn with robot parts, scrap metal, or tons of anime. Today, the anime is still there- but she's also got a pair of cat ears on a headband and seems to be wearing a bright pink dress to match.]

So, uhm, since w-we need to dress up for, uh, t-this event, I figure people might not have costume ideas? Or, uh, might not want to go out alone. So, uhm, d-does anyone want to, maybe, cosplay with me? There's this show, uhm, I really like, called Mew Mew Kissy Cutie, and uh, the show is about a g-girl with cat ears named Mew Mew and she controls p-people's minds with her kisses! But she has a w-whole team of magical girls, and there's a l-lot of supporting characters, so, uhm, there's space for a lot of people! I was gonna b-be Mew Mew herself, but uhm-- there's a lot of other characters! And I'd be, uhm, h-happy to give suggestions on characters, or help with getting the outfits f-from the closets, and we could e-even take pictures, afterwards, and...

[She looks a little embarrassed, but she's still smiling. She really, really wants to do this.]

So, uhm, d-does anyone want to go with me?

[ooc: mew mew kissy cutie is, if you haven't guessed, a ripoff of Tokyo Mew Mew so most of my references will be coming from there, but think your generic magical girl show- the plot is pretty different but this is where I'll be grabbing outfit designs from.]

3: Video

Jun. 20th, 2016 04:10 pm
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[Not long after the last video on the network, another one shows up. Toriel is on the screen, with a very serious expression on her face. She looks... upset. Like she's fuming just beneath the surface.]

Hello. This is Toriel.

I just feel I should let everyone know about the monster that just arrived here. Asgore.

He is not as 'nice' as he seems. He is a cruel, cowardly man, who has killed innocent children to further his own ends.

You would all be better off avoiding him. He is a boss monster, like myself, so you will know what to watch out for.

That is all. Goodbye.

An Video

Jun. 20th, 2016 12:36 pm
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::A video appears on the network, but there's no actual video, just audio, although if you pay close attention little glints of smudged light appear near the edges of the feed -- does someone have a finger on top of the actual camera lens? Yes. Yes, someone has his overly-large finger covering up the lens.::

Hello, uh, my name is Asgore Dreemurr, and I believe that I have died. I have awoken in a... um... well like it is a very dry Waterfall... it's full of old junk. There is a lot of old junk here. Broken chairs and tables and... what is a bowling champion? Someone was very good at 'bowling' and there are several trophies for 'bowling.'

I was unaware that this is what happened when a monster dies. I had thought that our souls dissolved into dust as well...

There was a small... Personal Computer next to me... and a little flashing note about saying hello. It is a very small Personal Computer and there is no keyboard, it is just a small screen. I am not very good with technology. That's why I hired a royal scientist, ho, ho, ho.

I am the King... or I was the King of the Underground, until, well. If some other dead monster could please let me know where I am, I would appreciate it very much. I...

::there is a sudden, long pause, then a softly mumbled::

Other dead monsters...

Please forgive me, I must... if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate your efforts.


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