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Sup, fellow captives? Name's Claudia.

[ two purple-gloved hands throw up finger guns in front of the camera. claudia's curled red hair is interrupted only by a single strand of white, and her ratty denim vest is covered in an obnoxious amount of flair. anyone versed in teen can probably tell this cool front is pretty forced. ]

So! I did the reading, aced the pop quiz, made frenemies with the magical internet, et cetera et cetera... [ shrug! if she pretends it's no big deal it won't be, right? this is fine everything's fine. ] Who do I talk to about that member's club jacket fitting? Or like, should I expect a card or a button or something? Maybe a secret handshake? Oh, right one other thing-- anyone got a twenty on Alice? Figure it's only polite to introduce myself to the lady of the house, you know?

[ and until then, she'll keep checking mirrors in hopes that this is some weird artifact thing on steroids. as the day wears on, claudia only gets crankier-- she's starting to feel helpless and alone. she can do alone, she just-- well she thought she didn't have to anymore. ]
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[if wynonna had any close friends here yet she might ask them but she doesn't so she's going to try that anon thing she's seen other people do and try to play it cool.

she'll probably fail and it'd be pretty easy to figure her out if you've talked to her and/or her boyfriend who is actually doc holliday enough

so. say you're dating someone who is kinda famous. like there's books written about them. and say you know something like their birthday from those books and not them. do you do something?

and if you do like what's the appropriate gesture here? cause i'm kinda at a loss.

[has she ever celebrated the birthday of someone she's "dated" before? her own birthday last year was....pretty bad between curtis dying and the curse triggering and waverly shooting at her so it's not even like she has a frame of reference to work on]

i mean maybe they never told me because they don't want to celebrate. but what if they're hurt they figured out i knew and didn't say anything?

i'm really shitty at this.

[being anonymous? being a girlfriend? not being obvious? a little of all three?

it's anyone's guess, but that's it, that's the post.

ooc: if you think your character could figure out who wrote this and/or who this is about and would call them on it, feel free to do so.

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Jul. 17th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Just why is zombie literature so abundant? I've never found the appeal of it, and yet apparently it's one of the more popular choices here.

( Not that literature really indicates what events they're getting but the literature surely has to be in that many worlds if the actual thing happens too, and there's been a few zombie type events -- both ones she's seen and missed )

Though it gives me that idea that perhaps now might be a good time to test some defences. I just need a volunteer. Not sure I can guarantee your safety though.

( You won't die! She hopes. Could be close )

( PRIVATE | Leonard Snart )
    You were looking for a more interesting conversation before? I might have something.

i » voice.

Jul. 4th, 2017 11:46 am
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I do hate to interrupt, [ comes the voice behind the network's latest entry. his voice is weighted down heavily by a distinct brand of southern drawl — georgia flavor, to those able to recognize it ] but seein' as I won't be goin' anywhere any time soon, I do believe proper introductions are in order. The name's Henry, and I hail from a small town in Colorado known as Purgatory. It was 2017, last I checked, but I don't suppose dates mean much in a "wondrous" place such as this.

[ yeah, the alice in wonderland references are completely lost on a man who missed out on not only the book's publishing, but all the disney adaptations that followed it. ]

You wouldn't happen to know if things you were... say, tethered to in your previous, less than wonderful life are still that way in this one, would you? I'm also interested in hearing what one does in Wonderland, other than wait for one of these so-called "events" to crop up, of course. A man of my specific skillset could get awful bored mighty fast without something worthwhile to entertain him.

( voice )

Jul. 2nd, 2017 09:15 pm
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How often should I expect to not be myself?

( Yes, hello. Helena's hoping that she's doing this right -- it's the first time that she's sent a message to the network at large )

I know that we frequently expect events, but not every one would turn me into a creature or... something else.

( She also doesn't know what most of those things from the last event were. Where's Pete or Claudia when you need them? They'd have had some ideas, she expects )

For as unpredictable as all of this is surely there's a proportion, or some pattern -- how frequently you've become something else compared to how often you've remained yourself. I don't believe in that many coincidences.


Jun. 30th, 2017 05:53 pm
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[Whelp, the last event has left Wheatley feeling like he's been missing out on something. Oh, well. It's not like he can do anything about it...]

[But he can go onto the network and ask someone to do something about it.]

'Ello, Wonderland. Good Ol' Wheatley here with a bit of an... Erm, well, it's more like a request, really.

You see, as a Personality Core, I don't usually get to have arms or legs to mess around with. I was fine with it until that event rolled along and turned me into something with arms and legs for almost a week. You have no idea how weird it is to get used to that, like I suddenly had these new appendages on me that I had to learn how to actually use in a short amount of time! Then, once I get used to them, everything just goes back to normal! Just like that.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at here is... Um. Does Wonderland have any robot makers living here? I mean, anyone who can build and/or program a machine?

I was wondering if I could ask someone to make me some kind of body with arms and legs so I could, y'know, walk around? Grab stuff? It doesn't even have to be permanent, really, I'd prefer something I could just... Plug into if I needed arms and legs. Yeah...

Could someone help me out? Please?


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:39 am
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[ When Sarah comes into view, she's sitting with her elbows on a table, fingers steepled, and she actually looks Very Serious™ while contemplating how best to phrase her question. The conversation has come up privately, and she needs to have a full understanding of one of the parts of Wonderland she's never bothered with - the Vendors. ]

Hey. I know everyone's kind of consumed with what the dormouse had to say or...didn't say. But I really want to see where everyone falls regarding opinions on the Vendors.

Since we can't pick the memory they want, that means somehow they can rifle through our minds to pick the thing they want to take. And it'd probably have to be something meaningful or impactful. If I ever, for whatever reason, had no option but to use the Vendors, I could lose something like the birth of my son. I'd have no choice or say in the matter.

[ Her reason for using the Vendors would have to be extraordinary. Something involving Kurt or Ray and dire circumstances. ]

Anyway, my actual question do we know, if the Vendors can access our minds and memories, that they or someone or something else doesn't do that all the time, on a constant basis? If Wonderland does actually use our memories to fuel the things that happen here, does that mean our brains are constantly being...I don't know. Monitored???

I'd really like some opinions on this.

[ Sarah isn't paranoid at all usually, and she'd say this is more concerned than paranoid, but it feels like such a violation of privacy that she can't help asking the community at large. ]
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[ The device is easy enough to figure out, and in fact, she's grateful for some piece of tech that's familiar to her. Trapped in some strange portal dimension, she could have been stuck with only an antiquated rotary phone to communicate, or...telegrams. Though, being transported back in time might have at least been somewhat interesting. Being here in actual Wonderland is just insane. ]

I've gathered that there a lot of other people trapped here, too, so I'm totally including you in all of this when I say - if we had to get stuck somewhere, did it really have to be Wonderland? Couldn't whatever grabbed us from home have dumped us - I don't know - on a beach somewhere?

Is that too much to ask?

[ Overall, she's adjusting to this fairly well for right now. Because of course, of course this is her life now. Finally take down Sandstorm, feeling like she can catch her breath at last, and before she can fully lift her head above water and enjoy life again, she's dumped here. ]

Is everyone...okay? Anyone out there hearing this - did you just get here, too, or have you been here a while?

And I'm really - really hoping some of my team is here. Anyone. Please? I'll here in the lobby. Not moving. Hoping this is some really, really terrible dream. No more combining tequila and Doritos for me, seriously.
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How's everyone enjoying another day of this fine incursion?

[Sarcasm: learn it, live it, love it.]

I'm writing in regards to the Mirrors as if they're not already the hot topic issue around here, but don't worry, it's not another warning about a murder-happy lunatic on the loose. I'd like to ask for a favor. Or maybe more like a citizen's arrest? If you happen to see a blond man with a dead look in his eyes and a sun symbol stamped on his forehead, that would be mine. I've attached a handy picture for your reference.

Be a dear and kick him back to his side should you see him, all right? He probably won't run or do more than bore you to death, but if he's here that means I'm there, and my skills aren't much good on the other side of the glass.

Pretty please and thank you! :)

- Anders


May. 9th, 2017 11:48 am
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[ It's been a while since Sharon made any sort of announcement over the network, and for the most part, she likes it that way. All too often, the network seems to carry horrible news - this person is missing, that person hasn't been seen in so long, that person is still here, things like that.

But for this, she'll make an exception. Even if it isn't what she would consider work-related.

Yeah. She has personal curiosity. What're you gonna do, punk? ]

Apparently, there are some worlds out there with time travel. And reincarnations where people spout wings and bond together with fusion. Zombies, obviously. Invisible zombies, less obviously. And there's probably more weird stuff than that.

So, I'm curious. Anyone out there willing to give me a science lesson about how the hell things work back home? I'm not an expert, but I like to think I'm no slouch, either. I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around some things and want to have a better understanding.
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We're already in some magical land that makes our dreams come true - mostly the bad ones - so let's think about the impossible some more.

[Leonard may be calling it "impossible" mostly to heckle one specific Brit, given he's travelled through time himself, but maybe it will also flush out other time travellers. May be interesting.]

If you could travel to any point in history, where and when would you go, and why?

Also, if you could travel to any point in your own personal history, your lifetime... Same questions.

Would you try to change anything?

[He has experience with trying and the resulting failure too.]

02 | video

Jan. 21st, 2014 01:38 am
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With all that I have heard regarding this last event, that others have known such occurrences previously from their home, it makes me wonder on what the previous occurrences may have been. I have not seen much here, the first oddity of this kind that I experience was that with the roots.

[ The switching mirrors, and the confusion. She'll remember it very well ]

I don't ask for a list of all that has occurred, or if there has been anything similar to your own memories. [ Not unless that is something that you wish to share yourself, anyway ] But for a memory of here. An experience - or similar oddity. There's already the looming threat of more to come, and the Jabberwocky. I'd like to know how far those threats could stretch.

[ How terrifying it could become. How prepared they all need to be ]
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[ allison can't be the only one who is thankful to have her own body back. she can't. which is probably the reason she looks both relieved and absolutely exhausted- those tv shows? not funny. not funny at all. thankfully she had lydia here to keep her from losing her mind. ]

Hey. [ is she ever going to get used to talking to the network at large? probably not. but each time she feels a little less awkward so maybe it's working.] I was talking to some of my friends about this, and figured I'd mention it to everyone else. Just in case anyone's interested.

I'm not a pro or anything, but I know the basics of self-defense. Not all of us have powers here, or anything to help when the events get more...dangerous, and I figured it might help some other people who don't know as much?

[ a smile, a little sheepish. this kind of sounds like she's bragging which she's not, allison just wants to be helpful. especially with if, what they learned during that future event, is true. everyone's going to need to know how to protect themselves, and she's got a lot of free time. ]

I would be cool with giving lessons, private or in groups or whatever. I haven't done anything like this before, but it couldn't hurt, right? Oh, and I'm Allison. [ have a little wave. ] Let me know.
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[ when the video comes up, it'll probably be a little too close to mary margaret's face. her eyes are currently looking just about everywhere except for the camera. she's obviously panicked, obviously very panicked. but she's trying to keep it together- meaning that she's breathing a little heavy and biting at her lower lip.

there are tear stains on her face, but they look a little dried. like she'd been crying, but for another reason entirely.

when she sees something on the journal, maybe a light or maybe a sign or something, but she noticed the camera is on and going and she jumps a little, like she hadn't expected that to work. ]

I'm not...sure where I am. But I need to go. Someone- someone very special is in danger back home and if I don't get back... [ she bites her lower lip with a little more intent, this time. like she is holding back on saying what will actually happen. after a moment she takes a breath, calms down just enough to keep talking. ] If anyone here knows Emma, Emma Swan. I need to find her.

[ henry, he's dying. emma we have to get back those are the things she wants to say, right after, right out on wherever this message is going to whoever it's going to, but she can't. emma wouldn't appreciate it and she doesn't think she could bring herself to say it aloud.

so instead she wipes her face, another pull yourself together sort of movements. emma would tell her to stay calm in this situation, emma would tell her not to panic. ]

Tell her Mary Margaret is looking for her.

[ and then it cuts. ]
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[ When the video turns on to face only a ceiling, jarring slightly as though it's being pushed around on the floor, you may be thinking "oh it's just another technologically incompetent broadcast." True. But the main reason is that it's really hard to operate a touch-screen tablet with no body, no opposable thumbs, and one inch legs. ]

This on?

[ Even with the echoing of hollow armor it is no guess who this obnoxious voice belongs to. Except it's not a grinning blond idiot that peers down. It's a fucking metal terrier. Who makes full-body armor for Scottie dogs? Who painstakingly crafts their cute little whiskers out of metal? Why is it steampunk? So many questions but the most important one no one should be asking is "why America." We all know why. His life is an absurdist reality and now he's a metal suit of dog armor. ]

For the record, I ain't actually a dog under all this. What a jip! I don't get a super sniffer or acute hearing and this thing's mouth don't even open so I can't even herd things! Well, at least I can still see colors.

[ He noses the tablet a few times, trying to get it into position and failing. ]

Can someone come open my door? I don't got no thumbs and my legs are so short. I can't even jump on the bed. Oh, but I can wag my tail! Can't show ya though 'cause I'm havin' trouble propping up my devices.

[ Since he can't turn off the video, he just leaves it recording. Metal clangs while he trots around testing out the legs.

And then he starts experimenting with barking. It's really embarrassing actually. Well, for you, not for him, America actually doesn't think this is strange at all. Worst of all you don't even have to imagine it because he actually does this anyway and he's not even ashamed.
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[Cecil doesn't sound quite as composed today. His voice is shaking a bit, in fact.]

Hello, listeners. This isn't part of the show, no--I just thought I should share some very...unfortunate news. Carlos the scientist has returned home, it seems. At least, his room has reverted to its default and all of his strange, scientific equipment has vanished. There's only one thing to conclude from that, isn't there?

Well, I only hope that he is safe, back in Night Vale. If indeed that is where he has gone.

[There's an audible pause.] Sorry for the interruption, listeners. We'll return to our regular broadcasting after this.
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I'd say I'm tired of Wonderland's revolving door act, but complaining about it isn't going to do much good.

[Besides, with the way things were looking back home, she might actually prefer to be here, if only to give her more time to try and find a better solution. It was just like she'd been telling David and Mary Margaret -- there isn't always a happy ending. It wasn't easy to swallow, no matter how used to things taking a bad turn she was.]

Does anyone know how long I was gone? [Last time it was well over two weeks, unusual for someone who was just taking an unexpected trip home, but she'd come back with all of her memories intact. That had been lucky.] Please tell me I didn't miss anything this time around.

[Which more or less translates to 'please tell me Henry didn't get caught up in an event while I was gone.']

Private to Henry Mills )

Private to Regina Mills )

[Not long after her return and touching base with Henry, Emma takes a few minutes to herself to go and visit Graham's old room. She hasn't had much time to process his leaving or ensure the permanence of it, thanks to her being among those who got swapped during Christmas -- but now? Now it's been long enough.

He's gone. And he's not coming back.

She leans against the frame of his doorway, idly fidgeting with the bootlace she wears wrapped around her left wrist. It's been there a long time, since the first time they lost Graham. Back in Storybrooke, before she believed in magic or curses or fairytales or anything. When he was just the sheriff, not the Huntsman. For him to leave now when she knows exactly what he's going back to?

It feels like a personal failure. Like she could have done something to stop this, like the first time around had been her fault to begin with because she hadn't believed and now he was just going back to suffer through it again.

She grimaces, rubbing the beginnings of tears away from one eye with the heel of her hand. For anyone who happens to walk by, she'll be there awhile, either standing in the doorway or eventually migrating to sit on the edge of the bed with the door wide open.]
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Uh, so, hey. Howdy. [Beiste gives a little wave, clears her throat.] I know we've been getting lots of new folks and it's been a while since I talked about this all public-like, so. I teach self-defense on Wednesdays. Mostly what they'd teach you in one of the ones for ladies, along with judo throws and just basic workout stuff. Some events separate us, so each of us learning how to defend ourselves somehow is better than leavin' it up to only some of us, I figure.

Basically, I'm putting this up here to recruit other teachers for things, if any of you know anything about defense. I'd prefer stuff that ain't lethal, since there's always the chance that we'll be fighting one another. Just something that knocks them down or out and lets you run away.

And as far as people taking lessons or just coming to train, y'all are welcome. Anybody, any skill level. Me and any other teachers that volunteer will figure out something you can do to keep yourself and others safe.

Just lemme know if any of you are interested, 'kay?
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[Henry avoided saying anything at first. Hopeful she'd just show back up. But it's been days now, and there's a horrible, painful little thread of doubt twisting and winding into the boy's mind and making his chest hurt and his eyes just a little too shiny with wet tears that haven't started to come yet.

She'll be back. She wouldn't leave him here, so she HAS to come back, and he's certain... so certain that she will.]

Emma is missing... If... If anyone knows where she is or sees her or... hears from her.

Could you please let me know.
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Goodness! I've never seen something so curious in all my life!

[And on the camera is Alice, adorably bundled up in the snow and reaching out to touch one of the breaks in the air. It sparks right in front of her...well, where her eyes should be, and she giggles. It didn't hurt and it was such a strange and odd little thing. But then, she looks a bit thoughtful.]

Hm, well. Actually, I have seen something like it once before. I was a different person then though, much different. I think I was about three and a half inches taller, and I was much more royal back then.

[It's true – it was even at Christmas time too! These little rifts in the air are very, very familiar. She reaches out and touches one again and it sparks.]

It's very curious anyhow though. I wonder why they don't go anywhere? A hole ought to go somewhere if it's going to be floating about that way. But, hm. Perhaps it just hasn't cracked quite enough...that's for the best though. What a mess that was...

[It'd been so hard to clean up. She doesn't envy the current Queens one bit.]

Everything is strange lately! Some of you very much aren't yourselves. Or, maybe it's more accurate to say you're too much yourselves. Far too much! Far too much and too far away...whatever are you doing here?

Well, in any case, you've made it just in time for the holidays! You've timed it all impressively well, and all of you ought to be applauded for it.

[And she smiles, and claps her gloved hands. Good job! Congratulations!

The post suddenly ends there though, and if one recognizes where she was on the grounds, they will not find her there anymore. However, she will answer all replies to her message. ♥
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( This takes place on the second day, during the early Morning. December the 16th. It's being posted now since some of us live in bizarro future timezones (lookin' at Andi). Depending on mun availability and what's in character or not, you'll get tags from either me or Andi (Tom). If you have a preference make it known in the tag somehow, being by addressing or tagging it in the subject lines. )

[ The video feed flicks on to show two familiar but also unfamiliar residents of Wonderland. They're dressed like they've just been plucked from a war (and they have.), both donning a number of visible and not so visible weapons - worn over heavy tactical gear. Angels, or indeed anyone with great perception, might be able to tell that they're not exactly in the right time, but there's more important business to get to.

Isaac doesn't speak, he lets Tom do that, because that's what he's better at, being the social one. That's a bit odd, isn't it? When did they become close enough to simply exchange looks and seem to know what the other is thinking? Also when did Isaac's hair get so dang long and curly? It's not the same doe eyed boy who had been asking about angels and demons. When was Tom so sure of himself? When did he adopt the stance of a warrior? If he was already too easily confused with present Dean than this Tom is even more similar. Something about the shadow resting just behind his eyes and the tight clench of his jaw. Still, a familiar but weathered green hoodie is poking up form under his chest piece.

Tom addresses the network with an easy confidence he is most certainly not currently known for, shifting his weight slightly and crossing one leg over the other so that one armored foot rests on the opposite armored knee. He looks hard, tired but sharp. ]

Alright, first thing's first I need to know who else is on this mission. Sound off if you know what's up.

Secondly, I think we've all figured out by now that something weird has happened. Not that it's anything new, but from what we've gathered, Wonderland doesn't usually fuck with it's own timeline.

[He takes a small, pregnant pause and glances at Isaac. Where do you even begin? But he does, and when he speaks it is with authority and a deadly seriousness.]

We think we're here as a warning so I need everyone to listen up and listen up good. In two years time, the Jabberwocky will return to Wonderland. It will destroy everything and you will not be able to defeat it.

The closets will run dry and the mirrors will break. By year five of the war the magic will stop. People will die and they won't come back.

[Go on, take a moment to process that. The gravity of his message. Everyone is going to die.]

Our only hope of fighting the Jabberwocky disappeared with The Duchess and the Vorpal sword.

We think we were sent here with what is left of Wonderland's power. To keep this from happening, or to prepare you in case it does.

I need any and all information pertaining to either the Duchess or the Vorpal sword. I need you all to stay calm but get ready.

[He takes a breath, tongue poked up to rest behind his front teeth.]

War is coming.

[When Tom stops talking is when Isaac chimes in, naturally. It's clear that they've worked alongside each other before and from the ease of it, it seems like they might even be used to it. ]

If there are any original residents of Wonderland around, contact us, immediately. [ There's an odd forcefulness to his voice, but this is a matter of life and death, and he's to the point he'll kill countless people to keep the future from happening - kindness is overrated at the moment.

This has to be some form of last ditch effort by Wonderland to save itself. Why it had chosen them? He's not sure, but he's not going to let it be in vain. ]
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[It certainly isn't as though Evelyn is ignoring the fact that several Wonderland residents have disappeared all of the sudden. In fact, it's particularly odd that a slew of them have all gone at once, could say she's a little jaded.

After all, she's seen people come and go for years - the fact that it's Christmastime only makes the Mansion look more cruel than it already is. They'll come back eventually. If they don't, well...

...then they don't.

That's all.

Having chosen to spend her time doing activities of a more festive nature (since they're bound to get something awful in the next week or two), Evelyn has set up a slew of supplies in one of the bedecked parlours, holiday music unfamiliar to her ears playing on the gramophone.

And what, pray tell, are these supposed supplies? Massive sheets of gingerbread, jars of nonpareils and cinnamon dots, icing tubes stuffed with crisp, white frosting. Evelyn is making a small-scale version of the temple of Philae, bless her, tiny hieroglyphs and all.

A little company wouldn't go amiss, though, hence her network-wide message:

Holidays can be difficult for people feeling homesick.

I've got a great deal of baked goods and music by some fellow named Bing Crosby, if anyone wishes to join me!

Second floor parlour.


NOTE -- Any mistletoe shenanigans that I planned with people might as well go in here, if people are amenable to that idea! :)
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[ Like all of the other residents of Wonderland, Sam has noticed the Christmas decorations that have sprung up over the past few days. He's looked around at the garlands, the tree in the hall, the cracks all around with the writhing vines underneath. The latter, he especially made a point of investigating, squinting very intently at the grey, and then at the slits in the air. It's all very concerning to someone who not only specializes in the weird and typically dangerous, but also to someone whose brother has gone missing. So, here he is, on the network, with a calm, but wary expression. ]

... As much as I want to wish everyone happy holidays, I don't think we can sit back and relax on this one. People're missing, and I have a few names, but if you're missing someone, ring in here and let me know so we can get a complete list. And... be careful what you touch around here. Going on experience, I'd say that whatever the mansion is doing is only going to get bigger. And probably more dangerous.

[ There's a pause. ]

I think they'll be back. Their stuff's still here... It's only a matter of time before--

[ And he stops short, shifting to genuine confusion. Surprise. And then: ]

And... watch out for the, uh. Mistletoe.
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[Amy realizes the device is a phone-type thing. But, being unable to reach the Doctor, she begins to use it like a walkie-talkie. She figures there's a chance that he'll catch the broadcast if she talks long enough. He's bound to be looking for her, right?]

Haha, Doctor, very funny. Next time you decide to push me out of the TARDIS or mess with the teleport system or whatever, a little warning would be nice.

[She pauses and her slightly cross, somewhat teasing tone brightens.]

But am I really in Wonderland? I mean, it looks right but is it really, truly a place? [She stops for a moment and the rustling of paper can be heard as she shoves a brochure into her pocket.] Are you even listening to this or am I rambling to myself again?

[Another pause.]

Rory, if you're still with him, you better be coming back right this instant to come get me. I'll be waiting in the gardens for you both. Just...don't take as long as last time, okay? I'm not sure how much more of time and space I can rip apart and put back together, okay?

[The audio cuts out and she heads over to the gardens. She marvels at the beauty of it all. Those curious enough to hunt her down will find her wandering around with a giant taser gun. She has enough trust in the Doctor that he'll find his way to her but she isn't sure what'll find her first.]
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[ Hi, hello, hey there Wonderhomies, what's up? Just your friendly resident secret werewolf brotatochip Isaac here. Despite the lack of an event, he looks pretty bad and if it weren't for the fact that he's a werewolf the bags under his eyes would probably look worse. Someone hasn't been getting enough sleep. But enough of that drab talk -- let's get to the good stuff! Arched eyebrows are knitted together as if he's thinking or confused. ]

So - uh - ... Angels and demons? [ That sure sounds like a question. But he's well aware they're a thing, and he's actually kinda fond of one of the winged dicks residents. Because apparently the werewolf is having trouble with the fact that there are other supernatural creatures in existence. After Jackson he should really expect anything though.

He wouldn't mention the fact if he didn't know that more than one resident seemed to know what Castiel was. Still, it's so bizarre to him, and when he first mentioned it to Derek he seemed a bit weirded out too.

That's it, that's the network post: hello this is wolf, how about them angels and demons? ]


Dec. 6th, 2013 01:27 pm
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[Hi Wonderland, him again. Tom is sitting back a few feet leaning into the camera. It's a tight frame but you can see the strap of his sling still present over his left shoulder, right arm securely nestled in it's little hammock. Contrary to the oddly cheery, community building posts he seems to be known for, this is about information. Someone just got a little clued in and he wants to know more. And since everyone talks over these god damn things it's the best place to start. No beating around the bush.]

Who has been in Wonderland the longest? I mean, who knows the most about it, who are the experts?

I'd like to ask you a few things.

[He hesitates for a moment, clenching his jaw and looks as though he's about to speak again but decides to leave it save for a short nod and a-]

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˙puɐlɹǝpuoM oʇ˙˙˙ǝɯoɔlǝM ˙ʍouʞ noʎ ʍou 'llǝM ¿uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn ǝʞods noʎ ɟᴉ uǝddɐɥ plnoʍ ʇɐɥʍ pǝɹǝpuoʍ ɹǝʌǝ noʎ ǝʌɐH

I'm sorry about your eyes )
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[He debates how to send the message for a few hours, and then whether he wants to at all. Tough call. Stay quiet and let the people who know you in Wonderland wonder if you've lost your mind, or put yourself out there and make them seriously question it?

In the end, Adam figures there's got to be weirder stuff out there than just what he's seen and experienced. At least in this place.]

Anyone else seen a dragon around? Big black thing with wings that can understand what you're saying?

Where does it live around here?

[Color him curious.]


Nov. 24th, 2013 09:48 pm
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[Prim looks pretty frightful right now, her braided pigtails coming undone and her face smudged with blood and dirt. It's very obvious that she's spent a long while crying, her eyes are red and swollen. She's not crying right now, however, she's waited for a moment until she feels like she doesn't have any more tears left to give to make this public inquiry.

Her mouth is carrying a serious looking frown, but the desperation she feels is quite obvious in the look in her eyes as well as her tone of voice.

I'm looking for my sister. K- [She starts to say her name, but her lip forms a tight line as her voice trembles. She continues through it.]

Her name is Katniss Everdeen. She doesn't like talking to strangers, not unless she has to, so you might not know her name if she's here. She has dark hair that's braided, and she usually looks like this.

[And now Prim tries to imitate her sister's best lineface. Which is hard to do, but she manages. It's cut short, however, by Prim glancing behind her in a hurry as she hears things approaching. As she realizes that these things definitely aren't her friends, there's a gasp as she takes off running and cuts the feed.]


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