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first dispatch ♘ [video]

[Several people have been kind enough to help teach Ben how to use these devices. He still finds the general experience of it to be unnerving, trifling though it feels as he turns it over in his hands. Instantaneous, mass communication by way of a small box was a concept that was originally met with much incredulity. And yet, after having spent some time in this fantastical place, he could no longer deny what his own senses were telling him. Usage of this device was not only possible but frequently done and considered a staple of survival here.

Ben glances at his surroundings--a room he'd chosen for himself, simple enough in its furnishings--and then back at the small box in his hands. He's already tested its functions and had a look at the messages on it, partly out of pure fascination but also to learn the social expectations required during its usage.

He breathes, and feels he may as well make the proverbial plunge, and notes how ridiculous it is to feel nervous over something so trivial after he's done things like taken lives and marched across battlefields.

Ben presses a few buttons and the video broadcast begins. He tries to hold the thing steady, unnerved at the thought of some "unseen" force simultaneously recording both his voice and his image.]

Hello, I am ... Benjamin Tallmadge. [He realizes belatedly that he isn't wearing a jacket, and perhaps he should have introduced himself with his rank. Oh no...]

I arrived in June and would like to thank those who offered me their assistance.

Additionally, I would like to inquire further into the resources we have here; specifically firearms from the 20th century on Earth. For clarity's sake, I've come from the year 1777 and I am a Major in the Continental Army of the United States of America. In the interest of self-defense and the defense of others, I would like to learn how to use those superior munitions properly.

One may contact me by way of these devices or in person at the library.

Good day to you.

[He ends the broadcast and breathes a sigh of relief. Perhaps he'll suffer through text next time instead.]
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[Dorian had decided to come here after that... Talk with the Duchess. Mostly to clear his mind, of course, in preparation for whatever horrid event is just around the corner.]

[He does hear someone speak, though. Someone who claimed to be from 1777. An American. As a Briton hailing from over a century later, he could honestly care less about what the former colonies were up to in other parts of the multiverse. He did feel a bit lonely, though, and he thought he could break the news to this soldier and amuse himself in the process.]

[After the other man finishes broadcasting, Dorian straightens his lapels and comes forward to address him in an obviously upper class accent.]

Congratulations on winning your independence, my friend. Tell me, how was your new country faring before you found yourself here?
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Ah, so you've been informed.

[Dorian Coyly smiles.]

Forgive me, I didn't realize you have been here for a while. I hope you've been settling in well?

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[ Nora's pleased to find something she can actually help with. ]

If you want to learn about firearms, I'm your gal. Anything in particular you're looking to practise with?
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[ Her mouth cocks up in a small smile. ]

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the weapons in my world. But okay, we'll start small.


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[ and here he thought he was old with having been born before a good portion of the western territories gained statehood. this guy predates the whole damn country. ]
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So I've heard. And read. No shame in admittin' to that.

[ that does kind of make him the pot calling the kettle black, tho. doc never claimed to be fair. ]

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[Kon shrugs.] I've never bothered with guns. I might not be faster than a speeding bullet, but I'm pretty close, and I definitely hit harder than one. Plus, when they bounce off you? Kinda hard to take bullets seriously as a threat no matter what year they're from.

[He's helpful.]

1777, though... Man, do you even have guns or are they just, like, bows and arrows?

[It's possible Kon has not paid much attention in history class. Then again, he's only been in school for like a month and skipped about half the time so.... it's also possible he just hasn't been to history class.]


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Wow, hey, do you know George Washington?

[ Grins a infectiously curious half-pint of a thing, bright blue hair, cut unseemly short for a girl's. ]

Were his teeth really made of wood?

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[Oh fantastic. Now Wonderland has pulled an actual historical figure from some universe.

Granted, by rights it's been doing as much all along, but—this is the first name Rip could recall reading about in a history book. And now, said historical figure is asking how to use future technology. There is almost nothing about this that doesn't irritate him as a matter of profession—though Rip supposes that's a good sign in the end.

Not all that long ago, he wouldn't have cared.

Not all that long ago, he'd shot the George Washington of his universe in the face.]

On the whole, you'll find they're a bit easier to operate than the firearms you're used to. [Probably best to leave out the part where he'd posed as a captain of the British army and infiltrated Washington's camp, he thinks.] Though their care is a bit more complicated in turn.

I'd advise you not to abandon your old weaponry completely, however. Not all events afford us the benefit of more advanced technology.

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[ Have a heavily tattooed woman, Benjamin. Jane is a trained Navy Seal, she's confident in what she's about to offer and smiles in her video feed. ]

Hi, Benjamin. My name is Jane. I can train you in any sort of weapon you want, firearms included.

[ The year he's from doesn't even strike a chord other than 'Oh wow' because truly, it's been over a year in Wonderland and she feels like she's used to people showing up from anywhere and any time. ]

But I don't think it's going out on a limb to say with Wonderland, you never know what it will give you and what it will take away. I don't know how much hand to hand combat you know, or what training you have in other weapons, but it might help to expand beyond guns.


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[ Even in Wonderland, it's not every day that someone shows up who's from the 1700s. Any time it happens, though, Steve feels for them. Like himself, like Peggy, like Evelyn, they've got a lot of catching up to do. Actually, a whole lot more than them. At least they were all from the 20th century. For someone like Mr. Tallmadge here, it was likely that most of the things he saw in Wonderland were foreign to him.

That's not the only thing that catches Steve's attention, though. The man mentions that he's in the army, and given that year? There's no real secret as far as what war he's fighting.

(A World War II soldier and a Revolutionary War soldier, huh? If they could get a Civil War and World War I soldier, they could be the subject of some ridiculous joke.) ]

So, you're in the middle of a war. Must have been a pretty rough transition. [ Steve's brow knits as he speaks. He isn't trying to be funny. Getting jerked from a war into this place? Not fun. ] There are probably other people who can help you learn modern firearms better than I could, but... have you found the guide circling around here? That's for people who are from other time periods?

[ Evelyn would want him to have it. ]


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There's a 3 foot talking racoon around here that likes to fiddle with guns and things like that. His name's Rocket. Bring whatever you're used to working with and go to him-- he'll fix something up for you that feels familiar but packs a better punch.

Just know that he'll probably make fun of whatever you're using now. Don't be offended. He knows what he's doing. And don't bring too much attention to the fact that he's a raccoon either. Touchy subject.

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[Evelyn contacts Ben much later in the day via video recorder, as he seems to have become accustomed to his communicator and presumably has been fielding the myriad Wonderlandians willing to offer their services for nominal fees.]

I hope you've gotten some responses to your query.

[The smile on her face suggests that she knows how many people would volunteer to assist him.]

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Eh, twentieth century, I can't help y' with.

[But he isn't responding just to say that he can't help he makes a small 'one moment' gesture, reaching off to the side. What he pulls into view is a large calibre revolver, and he shows it for a moment.]

But the weaponry 'm used too ain't too different. I got this, an' a few other things... [A pause, as he looks over his shoulder. Maybe keep the gauss rifle back for another time.] ... that I can introduce y' to.


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