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+ Heavy is the head that knows the truth +

You heard it from your favourite head first, a new event is coming up! The bulletin board has the setting for you, and I have some more information that should help put it in perspective:

This AU event is based on the Newsflesh series and its world, and I've copied a neat Wikipedia blurb about it for you here:

Feed is set several decades after the zombie apocalypse, referred to as the Rising. Two man-made viruses (a cure for cancer and a cure for the common cold) combined to form Kellis-Amberlee, a virus that quickly infects all mammalian life. Kellis-Amberlee is normally beneficial, but the virus can "go live" or "amplify", converting any host mammal over 40 pounds (18 kg) into a zombie. There are three mentioned ways amplification takes place: the death of the host, contact with a live specimen (being bitten by a zombie) and spontaneous conversion. Those infected that have not undergone amplification remain lucid until the virus has time to spread through the body. Lucidity is followed by lack of sensitivity to pain, memory loss and finally conversion.

Most humans reside in tightly controlled safe zones, with rigorous blood testing and decontamination protocols used to prevent the spread of the live K-A virus. After the inaction of traditional media during the Rising, blogs and other new media have taken over as the primary source of information and entertainment; bloggers are recognised as professional journalists, with individuals specialising and identifying as "Newsies" (objective, fact-based reporters), "Stewarts" ("who report opinion informed by fact"), "Irwins" (named after Steve Irwin, who seek to educate and entertain by going out and "poking things with sticks"), "Aunties" (who share personal stories, recipes, and other content "to keep people happy and relaxed"), or "Fictionals" (fictional content and poetry creators).

Our event will cover a political convention set in this universe, and for that purpose the mansion will be transformed into a convention center. A hotel is conveniently located just next door, but its rooms are finite, and its closets only give out what people have previously put in them. In the spirit of this AU all characters will be human and any non-human powers will be switched off or capped to feasibly human levels.

Any death counts as real mansion death.

And yes, while zombies are an ever-present threat in this universe, it is generally a more livable setting than many other zombie apocalypses, and the focus of the event will be on your character's role in this world, on the constant tension inherent to the setting, and on the political conspiracy and intrigue brought on by the threats occurring during the later days of the event. And, of course, on writing kickass blog articles. If you're into that sort of thing.

So! Your place for questions and answers is below, hit it up as needed, leave your plots and ideas in the comments, and have fun at the convention!

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here i am again with a question I have like every time we have an event like this, forced humanization y/n/how normal is it for there just to be a lizard here

edit: im an idiot who can't read thanks mods
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Georgia Mason | Images May Disturb You

[personal profile] choosetruth 2017-08-02 05:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Head of After the End Times. This is a NEWS blog. It will contain facts. Occasionally, there will be an op-ed or two, but for the most part you come here for the truth, and that's what you're getting, no matter how terrible.

Conner Kent | The Metropolis Kid

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Frisk | S.A.V.E. the World

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Elizabeth | The Tower

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MJ Watson | The Front Line

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Mettaton | Death By Glamour

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Stanley Pines | STANFEED

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CULLEN will be a high level security guard. He will provide escort and security for VIPs, do crowd control, investigate the later days disturbances, boss around lower level guards, and man the occasional checkpoint. Of course he will also deal with any unfortunate instances of amplification and eliminate the threat accordingly.

• I may make an open post to encounter him during some of his duties, but I'm not 100% on that yet.

• So I'm available to anyone who needs a security guard for the above-mentioned duties; routine, grim, or otherwise.

• I'd especially enjoy getting to thread some bodyguard/escort type situations with some politician, VIP, or other.

HIT ME UP if you want a closed log, or have Cullen comment on your post. Plotting preferably right here in this comment, but am also available through these channels.
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OH MY GOD I'M SORRY MY INTERNET IS FLIPPING OUT AND BREAKING STUFF but uh how about bloggers with a knack for getting into trouble who probably don't want a security detail but might need one anyway
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Nora, Elizabeth, Makoto

[personal profile] uncaging 2017-08-02 06:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Nora will be running for President! In canon she's the General of the Minutemen, and she'll use that same imagery here, something about being on the frontlines of fighting for America's freedom and stuff.

Makoto will be a political intern (for a candidate who's not Nora) and will be running around fetching people coffee and sending messages.

Elizabeth is going to be a blogger, a Fictional who writes poetry and the kind of really awful purple prose found in sensation novels of her era.
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[personal profile] wildwest 2017-08-02 06:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Doc Holliday will be hanging out in the background of this event! Because I go back to work on the 9th, and I really need to spend the event window doing prep work for the presentations I'm scheduled to give. That said, I am more than happy to talk handwaving if anyone needs specific background hanging details, or would like to say they engaged in some gunslinger dentist shenanigans during that time.
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[personal profile] determinedest 2017-08-02 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
FRISK is an amateur blogger who runs a website known as S.A.V.E. the World. They focus on putting positive spins on things and keeping people's spirits lifted in these trying times. They don't blind themself to the truth or any of the horrifying goings-on; they just like to try and look at them optimistically, and keep people bolstered and hopeful that humanity will continue to endure.

TIM WRIGHT is a security guard with reluctant (sigh) ties to a certain Jay Merrick, who likes to use him as a man on the inside, much to Tim's frustration. He's trying to be a neutral party here and failing miserably. He's good at keeping his ties to Jay under wraps, but it's really only a matter of time before that miniature scandal comes to light, and people figure out that he's leaking potentially confidential information. He also smokes. A lot.
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[personal profile] choosetruth 2017-08-02 06:23 pm (UTC)(link)
oh my god y'all I'm so pumped

Georgia is getting the most attention this event, of course. After all, her personal team, After the End Times, has been selected by Nora's campaign to follow Nora around so while Nora's her focus... she's also interested in talking to other candidates since she hasn't had as much opportunity to do that. When the needles start being found, she's going to be pretty damn on top of that since... lmao that's serious terrorism.

Dipper is an intern at his uncle's site Stanfeed but he has his own blog that is definitely a SERIOUS NEWS BLOG except between it being on Stanfeed and being about cryptids and stuff no one really takes it seriously. He's here representing Stanfeed since lbr it'll take more than a zombie apocalypse for Stan to care about child labor laws. That being said once there are needles around he'll probably have to stay in the room he is big enough to amplify and he's a kid. STAY SAFE DIP.

Kon is an Irwin who writes under the name The Metropolis Kid, doesn't wear enough armor, and boasts about being bulletproof. He'll be doing dumb stunts for the amusement of the masses. Needles don't scare him.

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[personal profile] postictal 2017-08-02 07:27 pm (UTC)(link)
dipper be like

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tobelieve: (VI)

[personal profile] tobelieve 2017-08-02 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Helena is going to be a blogger in this!! Her blog is called "Tales from the Warehouse" and contains stories, fiction, etc etc. They won't be fantastically written (she doesn't get to be an amazing author in this AU) but she tries!! HOPE and positivity make up for that, right?

Gideon is human!! and will be hanging around the convention listening to various talks/things. She's supposed to be working but a girl has dreams!!
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[personal profile] jurisdick 2017-08-02 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Dear anyone running for office, please take Akechi as your polite coffee-fetching intern equipped with a pony-tail and high charm.
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Dorian, Wheatley, and Zack

[personal profile] theothermrgray 2017-08-02 07:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Dorian's running a Fictional/Stewart blog and pretty much came here for the gossip, wine, and potential one night stands. It seems this playboy thinks he was born in the wrong era, with most of his stories being set in the 1800's, but in person he's much more modern and just as sophisticated.

Zack is a hitman. You know, someone hired to assasinate people? Rumor has it he used to be a serial killer at one point, and the fact that he has to wear a bandages because half his body is covered in burn scars doesn't help matters. Still, he seems to be working with security... But who actually hired him to be here?

Wheatley is just an intern somewhere, trying to live his life. He may not be the brightest intern but he does his best. He's also thinking of starting his own blog, but he's not sure what kinda blogger he should be.
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shrinkage: 035 now everybody let me hear you say ray ray ray (excite;narcissist;proud)

ray palmer (handwavish bc of hiatus!)

[personal profile] shrinkage 2017-08-02 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
i'm on hiatus so this is really just for background flavor/post-event reactions, but ray's going to be a rich privileged CEO of probably some conglomerate of businesses looking to make sure whatever campaign he donates to is spending his money the way he likes!

so p much regular palmer with lots more entitlement and tweeting things someone should have stopped him from tweeting that he doesn't always finish

but hey at least he's not a candidate, right?
eta -- pls be kind to his poor belabored assistant. her name is peggy carter and she puts up with A Lot from this weirdo...
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[personal profile] thevulnerability 2017-08-02 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Chloe will be working general security, largely concentrating on the required blood tests and enforcing decontamination when needed. She'll probably find herself mostly assigned to the general gathering areas, though she can definitely be conveniently outside of your character's room if your character needs to be harassed for a blood test. ;) She also won't hesitate to take care of anyone who becomes a danger to the general public if you know what I mean.

She has an open post up at the moment, and I am happy to write any starters. Otherwise, I can tag out elsewhere. Just let me know!
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[personal profile] naughty_nurse 2017-08-02 07:42 pm (UTC)(link)

that said

Mikan Tsumiki will be part of security, in that she's the one constantly performing blood tests on everyone! In fact, she'll always be carrying around needles and such just in case. She has no political agenda, she just wants everyone to live and be safe and happy.

... And some dark-minded individuals could very easily trick her into infecting people via swapping needles. And some darker-minded individuals could frame her for attempted political assassination.
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[personal profile] thisismadfreaky 2017-08-02 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Soooo Cisco's a conspiracy blogger. He's here because what better place to uncover some serious conspiracies than in the middle of a political convention?! He rants a lot about reservoir conditions because he thinks it's something that needs to be researched way more than is being done (is it even being done at all? he's pretty sure it's not, and it's probably because the CDC doesn't actually want to find a cure!). There has to be a reason some people have a self-contained piece of this virus going live in one section of their bodies and not making them fully amplify, folks, look around. We're being massively lied to and just letting ourselves buy it. Well, he's NOT.

SO IDK. Come talk to him while he rants about things or let him try to convert you to his side of these (mostly believed to be) crackpot theories or something.
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[personal profile] kid_flash_found 2017-08-02 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Bart totally is on this bandwagon. Especially considering all the patterns people don't want to talk about.

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[personal profile] accelerate 2017-08-02 09:25 pm (UTC)(link)
i'm off of hiatus so let's do this!

as he can't be a hero, let him be a security guard. he's got quick reflexes, always disappears to reappear, and looks really great in a suit. he's also a science nerd. i figure this barry can not be a csi and instead be a different sort of protector. at least he won't be wearing a silly suit.

totally running for president bc lbr she's charismatic, a great manipulator, and has fantastic hair. her political campaign would be all about freedom, equality for all women, and less discrimination. her campaign should be highly fashionable with great heels. it'll be really cool to have her as a human who can defend herself, but obviously has security on her arm to watch her back anyway.
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[personal profile] kid_flash_found 2017-08-02 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
I figure we can handwave Barry and Bart as a strange coincidence in this world since there is no time travel.

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[personal profile] screwedontight 2017-08-02 09:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Wendy: Works for Stanfeed, and kind of makes her living selling him pics of "zombies". So if you're sneezing, making faces at your kids, tripping... Your picture might be sold as a zombie to Mr Pines.

Seth: Security. Armed, dangerous, and highly paranoid. Start acting suspicious, and he's on you. Somehow try and bypass blood tests? Nope. Need someone to protect your politician? Sure, he's on it. Bring it on.

Newt: Newt is, well Newt. He's campaigning to try and get more politicians to protect animals from destruction simply because they may be infected and dangerous. So nothing new here, but he'll be dressed more modern so I get to toy with that.
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Sans, Mae and Rick

[personal profile] deadshapes 2017-08-02 09:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Sans is Sans T. Bones, one of the last surviving street food salesmen. He runs an extremely clean and safe vegetarian hotdog stand, that abides by all the current safety laws. The hotdogs are even really tasty! He's worked really hard to get his stand up and running and to keep it that way, despite a small customer base, and he's pretty dang proud of it. He himself is in poor health however, due to having a reservoir condition in his bronchial tubes, which leaves him with near-constant bronchitis and breathing problems. He's not contagious, but he's sort of become the poster-child for how dangerous street food is. He's been invited to the convention to sell hotdogs, and he's under the impression that he's there to promote the idea of street food being a perfectly safe alternative to eating garbage in your own home. However, the politician who invited him is actually trying to outlaw street food entirely and is using Sans as a sort of example. Once the paranoia kicks in, Sans is going to be quarantined and his hotdog stand will be taken apart and destroyed.

Sans also occasionally runs a semi-popular internet series where he streams video games and makes fun of them, a la Cr1tikal.

Mae is a human with blue hair who runs a Fictional blog. She's keeping the tradition of creepypasta alive by writing surreal short stories and cosmic horror, and sharing (or starting) urban legends. One of her trademarks is an ongoing series about cryptids. She's of the opinion that the horror genre isn't dead, and that people being safely afraid of the mysterious and unknown is a lot better than being afraid of zombies or going outside. She misses the days when people would explore the woods, but she's too young to remember when that sort of thing was safe. She has somehow been invited to the convention, though she has no idea why and assumes it must be a mistake, but hey, she's happy to be here. She's planning on writing a nice conspiracy theory story based on the convention, and her interest is only going to increase when people start getting paranoid.

Rick is a scientist who ostensibly studies virology in the hopes of finding some kind of cure, though he's unaffiliated with the CDC. He's somewhat well known in the science world and has a whole lab and plenty of research to back himself up. However, this is all a front. He's actually a sort of rogue scientist who operates a small lab in one of the no-go zones. He's familiar with Dr. Abbey, but frankly he has no interest in virology whatsoever. He's a quantum physicist and he's literally trying to build a portal into another universe so that he can escape all this zombie bullshit and go live on a beach somewhere without worrying about zombie dolphins. He's actually almost got the formula complete. Once things start going south at the convention he's going to make himself scarce, but in the meantime he'll be in "I'm a respectable scientist" mode.
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Re: Sans, Mae and Rick

[personal profile] zackthekiller 2017-08-02 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Finally, a scenario where Rick and Dorian might get along.

Re: Sans, Mae and Rick

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peter parker, clementine, damon salvatore

[personal profile] saved 2017-08-02 09:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter Parker: his backstory is his parents were top scientists in the government. They tried to run away probably to get the truth out when they were killed in an "accident". When Peter was 16, he tried to figure out the truth about the "accident" but then oops, it got his Uncle Ben killed. SO NOW he's like ohgod the truth is gonna kill us all!! And essentially, he's paranoid all the time.

but he's also childhood best friends with Mary Jane Watson who is a blogger all about the truth. He spends most of his days in a perpetual state of OHGOD and chasing after Mary Jane and doing the right thing primarily because she is and he wants to help her. Peter's a go-to tech guy. He'll probably be selling like super genius tech-stuff for bloggers at the convention cause he's super smart and inventive that way but probably on the d/l cause he's too young to be an official vendor. He gives his best stuff to MJ. He's still a high schooler like eighteen, and getting into adventures with MJ.

Clementine: She's going to get to be a lighthearted kid. Her parents are still alive so she'll actually get to see them again. They're good people who probably worry about her interning, but at least she's not intern-ing as an Irwin, ahem. I'm also thinking of letting her see Lee again too and having a close relationship with a version of him in this AU. It'll definitely be hard/painful coming back from this Event, realizing how much she missed them and how different she'd be if she lived a different life, but during, she'll be a happy, warm, sociable girl. She'll be all about adventure and likely get into trouble cause of it.

Damon Salvatore: is gonna be the most hilarious auntie of your life. His blog will contain the best ways to clean and then fix your leather jacket after getting zombie blood on it (bleach is terrible for leather! but you can repair), drink recipes for drowning in after political speeches make your brain melt, and flirting tips since this is one of those rare gatherings of people. Surely, everyone will need tips on this.

Also, he's in love with Elena Gilbert, political intern who is probably less cynical and definitely more serious than he is.
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[personal profile] choosetruth 2017-08-02 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)

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Intern party?

[personal profile] mrsarcastic003 - 2017-08-04 04:09 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Intern party?

[personal profile] notarrowette - 2017-08-04 10:49 (UTC) - Expand

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mettatonvevo: (Reporting!)


[personal profile] mettatonvevo 2017-08-02 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)

Oh? This is a plotting comment and not a blog post? Whoops! Sorry then!

Mettaton will be a blogger in this event, a mixture of an Irwin and Fictional, with his blog appropriately titled Death By Glamour, which has amassed quite a huge following among his respectful blogging crowds. He's been invited to this convention because his endorsement holds a lot of clout and could easily boost a failing candidate's campaign, or shoot a successful one over that last edge they need. Alternatively, his derision could easily send a campaign spiraling downwards, so politicians, be wary. Mettaton is his stage name, with MTT being a quick way to refer to his holdings, and any satellite blogs connected to him are a part of his "MTT Brand". His real name, which is not talked about much at all, is Mercellus Tadeo Tonks- you can see why he changed it up.

His blog consists of him taking risks that many people are afraid to; mainly, seeing people in public, exploring the outdoors, playing with big pets, things like that. His entire theme is that, despite the virus inside us all, we're still human and cannot lose our humanity to fear. To connect is to be human, in all the ways it means to connect. This attitude has gained him a lot of fans who desperately cling onto this hope of a society that, while not ignoring the risks necessarily, doesn't have to be as stringent. It's also earned him a fair bit of flak for being so goddamn reckless, so feel free to have your character have a preconceived notion of him!

A lot of this notion in him sprung up thanks to an incident in his youth where his dear cousin was murdered by fearful people who thought they were going to turn at any moment when really they were just sickly (more than likely they had a reservoir condition). This incident wasn't terribly publicized but anyone who knows his real name could go digging and probably find this information out. He himself is pretty quiet on that particular matter.

All in all, he will absolutely be liveblogging his stay in the hotel and his time at the convention center, but he will be shrewdly sizing up the candidates to see who he personally wants to support in these tumultuous times.
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Re: Mettaton

[personal profile] theothermrgray 2017-08-02 10:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Wanna hang out with a fellow blogger? He likes how you think

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[personal profile] beatupgrass 2017-08-02 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)
ROCKET is an Irwin who primarily runs his own blog solo out of like... His garage or something. He has an obscene amount of followers on sheer force of will and the fact that he redefines stupid. Famous for picking fights and being an asshole for the sheer fun of it. He's probably got some baggage, but his blog never mentions anything personal. It's just livestreams of zombie fights and how-to guides on making weapons. He's a great person.

PERIDOT is a senior in high school attending the convention as part of a school thing and also because her mother is a Newsie fascist hardball who wants her daughter to be as intense a Newsie as she is, but she's way way too opinionated. Her ideal is to become a Stewart, but until then, she runs a fannish blog called Adamantine Heart under the username "Peridot," which, while unlicensed is pretty popular because she writes blogger RPF. Her other, less impressive blog is called Asterism Star Chatoyancy, but you probably won't know that.

Because (A. It's a really low-key crap high schooler's attempt to be a Newsie blog.

and (B. She's here to promote her other blog as an act of teen rebellion against her mother OH GOD SHE BETTER NOT FIND OUT ABOUT THIS.

MABEL is a future Irwin, but for now, she mostly supports her brother's baby blog and her Grunkle Stan's ridiculous clickbait blog that she writes ridiculous gossip stuff for all the time. But honestly she really wants to fight zombies and make friends online.

And maybe become President someday. WATCH OUT POLITICIANS. MABEL IS GONNA TAKE NOTES.
thisismadfreaky: (Make a point but don't laugh)

[personal profile] thisismadfreaky 2017-08-05 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
*/slides in here*

So the mention of the CDC conspiracy theorist bit in your log post makes me feel like Rocket and Cisco might have crossed paths. Since that's like a good percentage of what Cisco's blog is. All the conspiracies, basically. XD

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[personal profile] ssmisery 2017-08-02 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Lapis was a newsie (due to a combination of familial pressure/grooming and a legitimate talent for relaying things she has witnessed) but during the last year there was some drama... politics, manipulation, and all that, which a) left her incredibly jaded about the whole news scene and b) made her realize that she didn't even really like the job in the first place. Her blog is shuttered, and this is her first event as a plain ol' civilian in years. She's mostly here to be passive-aggressively bitter at everyone while trying to pretend she's having a good time.

That said, reporter instincts die hard, especially when bolstered by paranoia about getting used again. Plenty of people at an event like this would love to cozy up to a disaffected journalist, right? I don't have any major plans, though, I'm mostly here to play around with my human PB.
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this is my comment for hammering out additional fiddly AU details, do not reply

[personal profile] ssmisery 2017-08-03 12:55 am (UTC)(link)
Human journal is [personal profile] terranform
  • AUing Lapis always comes with the dilemma of "how awful do I make her background," because it's really hard to map her shit over to a human's life without getting way too maudlin or edgy. Today's flavor is Not Very Awful, as I feel it would distract from the journalism/politics hijinks.
  • Raised mainly by her mother with some assistance from a fairly uninterested stepfather. Mom had become a bit emotionally unbalanced after the zombie apocalypse. Stepdad is a shady businessman. They did much to foster young Lapis's journalistic talents, to the extent of pressuring her into the field -- mom out of clingy vicarious living, stepdad for the idea of having a newsie in his pocket. But hey, gotta do something, might as well please her mom in the process. Eventually the parents managed to produce a much younger half-sister, which diverted a lot of attention, and Lapis became more independent. Do people still move out on their own in this world?
  • Still, while she has the skills for dry news reporting (her memory and eye for detail are fantastic!) her personality isn't a good fit for it, so there's been latent frustration there for a long time. She keeps her work life very separate from her personal life and is notoriously hard to get in contact with.
  • I still don't really know what to call her closed newsblog, maybe it'll just be Clear Reflection.
  • and details about The Drama. Something along the lines of: her parents maneuvered her to report what should be objective facts in a way that serves stepdad's purposes, she didn't have the whole story and ended up in way over her head, came very close to getting bitten and then very close to getting shot by the CDC. Maybe someone she knew died! idk still. Lapis probably sorta vanished off the face of the internet a bit, but since she was elusive in the first place it's hard to actually tell.
  • I think she'll return to blogging in a completely different direction, ditching news. She doesn't know that yet, though. She's thought about it a little.
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[personal profile] angewiesen 2017-08-02 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Jean is going to be a low-level security guard, the kind that actually deals with zombies and those that have amplified in the flesh. His skin is scarred and tough from constant decontamination, and his hair has gone completely white due to all the bleach. Still, he has little fear of infection, because he's lasted this long, right? But he has even less patience for possible carriers. Shoot first, ask questions later. Better to make a mistake and kill someone who isn't carrying than to let let someone slip by and amplify in a populated area.

He thinks all this blogging stuff is kinda dumb, and politics even dumber, but he goes where the job takes him. Once good thing about his line of work is that the demand is constant. One day, he'll be able to retire and live the good life all those Fictionals like to go on about. One day..
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sciencelizard: (« [Excited] cheering u on!!!!)

Alphys and Shepard

[personal profile] sciencelizard 2017-08-03 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
aaaaaw yeeeee. both my girls are gonna be bloggers, but of pretty different varieties--

Alphys is absolutely a Fictional, the proud runner of the The Gaijin Guide (usually spelled with it's kana, ガイジン, the Japanese word for 'foreigner') who reports on anime and just writes a ton of fanfiction. If you've ever said something back about her opinions she's had a new post about it by noon the next day. A lot of people are convinced she never sleeps. I don't even really have a decent reason for her to be here and I still cannot think of one lmao but HERE SHE IS, THE BIGGEST NERD THIS SIDE OF THE COUNTRY, FIGHT HER ABOUT HER SHIPS IRL

Shepard on the other hand runs an Irwin blog by the name of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (from the NATO phonetic alphabet and for it's initials) for laughs but also for inspiration. She grew up in a small midwestern town that, in a very public incident about 15ish years ago, was absolutely overrun by a zombie hoard that claimed the lives of most of her friends and family. She was relocated to NYC and did a stint in the military, but after a rather harrowing scrape with death she retired and now aims not necessarily to undermine zombies, but to work through a lot of her own issues by finding creative ways to murder them and giving strength to others. Remember, kids, you don't need to be 24/7 horrified of these things, watch me bait one off a cliff with a rake. She's still pretty strong with a bunch of stamina but not as crazy as her usual feats, haha. She's likely at the convention trying to figure out who to support for her audience; she's still fairly well known for her childhood escape despite being in her 30's now.

Both of them will likely know other bloggers like all over the place so HIT EM UP YO!!!! I've got a bunch of tags in my inbox so my involvement here will be pretty light but I'm still looking to do a few fun things.
geekorthodox: (☀ 31)


[personal profile] geekorthodox 2017-08-03 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
Despite this being an AU, Patterson is still going to be a generally cheerful position with an irreverent, sunnier perspective than most. But still, given the circumstances of their world, she fully recognizes that things can go to hell in a handbasket quickly. She's got a healthy dose of concern about the world/society, but she's also trying to be chill. She really has stayed out of the political side of things, and she's more just interested in meeting with/speaking with people since it's so rare for everyone to gather in a large group like this.

As such, she'll be setting up a booth selling something quirky/silly, and fun: Survival Kit in a Can. There will be homemade lemonade, too! XD

So really, she's just here for chatting people up/making friends, so feel free to hit her up when I make a post for her. If you want her to have any sort of history with your character, or just want to plan out a possible interaction, let's do it! :D
thisismadfreaky: (Giddy)

[personal profile] thisismadfreaky 2017-08-03 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
Ahaha their AU's are such polar opposites. Weeee should fling them together in this event and then later they can meet up again and go oh haha well that was awk, huh? XD

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pleasereset: dreemurr-reborn on tumblr (Default)

Asriel Dreemurr

[personal profile] pleasereset 2017-08-03 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
Asriel is going to be a Fictional, mainly running a gaming review video blog (which I don't have a name for yet) and doing Let's Plays. He does goofy skits and your typical Youtube Game Review stuff.

He won't be particularly interested in the politics side of things, and more interested in meeting other famous bloggers. He'll probably be filming what's going on at the convention because it'll probably get him more viewers.
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