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Taako Tacco ([personal profile] mydude) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2017-08-06 11:07 am

SOME CHOICE RNC MEMES AND SHITS (from Taako Taalk on the Stanfeed network)

There's nothing more inspiring than a bunch of republicans in one place.

(Lolololol no that's the exact opposite of true).

But I did get some rad ideas from wandering around with these losers for a few days so enjoy! And as always like, share, subscribe, and

First on today's menu is, of course, Ms. "Safe Space" herself:

Turns out all it takes to get that expression out of her is a pitch-perfect whinny.


Real live actual image of Alphys "What If The Senators Did the Fuck" Whateverherlastnameis.


I had the privilege of meeting the spoopiest SJW of all:

Much scare. Very spoop. Wow.


But of course I had to watch like, actual political bullshit too. So there were plenty of PUBLIC NAPS, LOL. Who even knows who these losers are? Nobody.


Well, this one's SORT OF a politician? By proxy? Or by parents. (whatthefuckisaproxy)

get it bc his name is. u get it.


And then there's THIS one:

Who let him bring a frog in here. Unsanitary. And now I wanna cook frogs legs.


Anyone else sick of these politicians using their kids as props for their campaigns? It's as if they don't even care about ethics or an actual message. Why should we vote for people who use children to get our sympathies? What has this world come to that the dead rise and we're worse than before?

((ooc: This is all lies and none of the pictures are real except the burgers Taako definitely just posted pictures of burgers.))

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