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Not Your Auntie's Blog - 3 articles posted during the RNC

(OOC: All these articles come out before the sudden appearance of needles everywhere. )

Bleach stains in your leather? Believe it or not, you didn't completely fuck it up.

A) Don't be a dumbass and get blood on your fancy leather things.

B) If you are a dumbass, bleach out the blood and then fix your damn leather!

Feeling stressed about the Election? Down some of these perfectly crafted jello shots and feel numb about your life.

They're full of jiggly alcohol. What's more to know and love about them?

RNC Drinking Game

Readers, I know how tough this convention can be. It's one of the few times we all get to come together in person. It's also one of those reminders about why we're all better served, remaining behind our screens as far away from each other as possible. I invite you all to carry a flask around with you and play a game with me to make the experience more tolerable for us all. Pour your favorite alcoholic beverage into the tin and play along.

Take a drink any time:

1) You have to take a blood test

2) A candidate says the word "America" or "liberty" or "freedom"

3) Georgia Mason says/writes the word "truth".

4) A Stanfeed article comes out featuring blatant lies as clickbaits.

5) Someone rambles/explains their latest conspiracy theory (take an extra drink if it comes from Cisco)

6) Someone picks a fight (an extra drink if it's Rocket)

7) Someone talks about how "hot" (or "attractive") Lucifer Morningstar is. Bleh.

8) Someone explains how "genuine" (or "wholesome" or "just like us") Nora is.

9) Someone gets quarantined.

10) Shaun Mason or another Irwin does a crazy, reckless stunt for the cameras

11) You see someone else having a drink.

Don't blame me for your alcohol poisoning, folks.

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