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Hello everyone!

This is your nefarious neighbourhood mod with a reminder about PERMISSION POSTS. Our Taken Characters List features the ability to link your permission posts, which are handy for things such as

► listing you and/or your character's comfort zones with things such as violence/death, romantic/sexual themes, or 4th wall knowledge, to name just a few common examples

► explaining a character's special powers and help players hash out how those would (or wouldn't) influence their characters, or provide opt-outs for those powers as necessary

► warn for darker themes likely to be encountered when threading with your character, and offer opt-outs accordingly

We'd like to encourage everyone to take a moment and think about whether you might like or need to add a permission post of your own, or modify your current one if needed. We especially encourage everyone to go over your fellow players' permission posts and submit your personal opt-out comments as needed, or fill in necessary information pertaining to any special powers your characters might encounter.

We also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that [community profile] entranceway is a game for all ages, and that mature themes are not inherent to the setting. As such it is important to label such themes accordingly in both transmissions and logs, so that any player can decide for themselves whether this is content they wish to engage with. If dark or mature themes are inherent to your character, then please provide opt-outs accordingly, so that players have the opportunity to moderate that sort of content for their characters and/or themselves.

AND THAT IS ALL, thank you for reading, have a magnificent evening!

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I have a followup question! It might just be a situation where the answer is either "go to a mod" or "deal with it on your own, infant", but maybe it's not as obvious as I think it is.

[CW: mention of suicide in this paragraph as a practical example of a CW in action]
Sometimes things come up that don't really belong on a general permissions post, or otherwise come up that won't be universal enough to ask EVERYONE not to do them. Like maybe I'm okay with all kinds of gross business in threads, but in the middle of a general "it's so sad my friend went home" post, someone throws in a tag that's like "[CW:suicide] Yeah I mean she's pretty suicidal so she's probably going to go home and kill herself and be dead by tomorrow." There's technically a warning, and I'm technically fine with it, but also I'm left with this feeling of "what are you doing and what made you think this belonged in the thread". In this practical example, taken from something that happened to a friend, the player that received the tag went straight to the person who gave the tag and went some variation of "how did this happen??". The player who gave the tag was flustered and proposed dropping the thread.

My question about the above is: was that the right call? It was a thing that happened, didn't violate any broad prefs, and players attempted communication, but it still ended with someone seeming like they went away from the thread with hurt feelings. I feel like lately I've either been involved in or adjacent to a lot of little moments where communication is attempted and then everyone immediately regrets initiating contact.

I'm really conscious about walking too hard on a bed of eggshells and worry that every little "hey I'm not 100% ok with what you wrote do you mind editing?" might be perceived as an attack on some level. Is there a way to get through without hurting feelings, do you think?

(in this post, I go to mods for things I should probably ask a therapist)