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Hello everyone!

This is your nefarious neighbourhood mod with a reminder about PERMISSION POSTS. Our Taken Characters List features the ability to link your permission posts, which are handy for things such as

► listing you and/or your character's comfort zones with things such as violence/death, romantic/sexual themes, or 4th wall knowledge, to name just a few common examples

► explaining a character's special powers and help players hash out how those would (or wouldn't) influence their characters, or provide opt-outs for those powers as necessary

► warn for darker themes likely to be encountered when threading with your character, and offer opt-outs accordingly

We'd like to encourage everyone to take a moment and think about whether you might like or need to add a permission post of your own, or modify your current one if needed. We especially encourage everyone to go over your fellow players' permission posts and submit your personal opt-out comments as needed, or fill in necessary information pertaining to any special powers your characters might encounter.

We also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that [community profile] entranceway is a game for all ages, and that mature themes are not inherent to the setting. As such it is important to label such themes accordingly in both transmissions and logs, so that any player can decide for themselves whether this is content they wish to engage with. If dark or mature themes are inherent to your character, then please provide opt-outs accordingly, so that players have the opportunity to moderate that sort of content for their characters and/or themselves.

AND THAT IS ALL, thank you for reading, have a magnificent evening!


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