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♚ Third Move (Video)

(He wants to vent; to expound upon his feelings about the sheer madness of Wonderland, but really, everyone is likely sick to death of it. Disorder has that effect on people and so, instead, the little Earl seeks to impose order. Of course the entire enterprise might be ripped to shreds by chaos, but he is hardly the sort to lay down and let the world walk all over him.)

Might I make a suggestion that we stockpile our weapons and keep a running checklist of what we have? An armory would be the best option for such a task, but each resident is entitled to their own tools of defense. Wonderland hardly gives us any warning when it strikes.

(So he must rely on the unreliable.)

Can I trust everyone to be honest about your ammunitions? Your guns, your knives, your swords and so forth? Furthermore, those who possess some skill in defensive arts, can you please speak up?

Privacy is not a luxury we can afford.
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Asking everyone to put all their weapons in one spot might not work.
You'd have to find someone to guard them that everyone trusts.

[Which can't be easy in Wonderland, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.]

Did you need someone to teach you how to protect yourself?
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If you're looking to learn, really commit yourself, I can teach you or I can give you the name of some I know are up to the task.
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It's nothing to be ashamed of. Even the smallest guys can learn.
I can.
Nobody should be stuck without the means to protect themselves.
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Yeah no offence but not going to happen. Keeping shit in one location means getting to it, and rarely do we have time for that.

Not to mention I'm not trusting my weapons and my safety to anyone but me. So yeah, nope. Not giving an inventory, not turning shit over. Not happening.

You want to build an armory that Wonderland will likely cut you off from, go for it but don't expect everyone's just going to pony up their shit.

Privacy isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. We don't know who among us is what or who and what they've done. Not to mention what's kicking around in their memories waiting to be the next event.
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No, we mustn't. Not at all. Bad enough we have to assume Wonderland knows everything we have, but I don't want strangers having a clue what I'm capable of. One, I don't now jackshit who you people are. Two, I don't need you knowing what I have when Wonderland turns you on the others.

No, the more dangerous others are to us if we can't defend ourselves because others know how to fuck us over. You're asking people to trust strangers that are no more trustworthy than whoever is behind this place.
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Would stockpiling really work? I mean, the closets are pretty limitless, so . . . it seems like anyone would be able to get anything out of them, within reason. It's a nice idea, but maybe not too feasible here. Hmm . . .

[ She considers that quietly, tapping at her cheek. ]
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Yeah. And that includes whatever people may or may not have. The closets really throw a wrench in things, huh. But . . . I think your idea about getting the names of people who know self-defense is a good one. 'Cause if nothing else, we can rely on ourselves, right?
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I'll be okay. I've mastered Tekken.
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It's a fighting game series. It's pretty standard, though it's got a complex storyline with the cursed Mishima clan . . .
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[Some five year old is on the network talking about weapons.]

I-I'm three-quarters of the way through installing a missile defense network around Wonderland, b-but there's no fucking point in weapon stockpiles when the landscape changes. Only way to make sure weapons m-make it into all the events is to just, just constantly walk around armed to the teeth.
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[Rick even has weapons on his person when he's bathing, get on his level.]

Uh, i-it's a missile defense network? There's really not that much to it. You just install launch pads a-at key points and then just, fucking stick missiles on them. The end.

The end of any fucking enemies, a-am I right?
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Christ, r-right now they're programmed to pick up and track any large airborne threats, then they send me a confirmation ping once they've determined the n-nature of the threat, and I can either manually launch remotely o-or I can set them to fire after a countdown or what the fuck ever I want.
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Can tell y' right now there ain't gonna be a stockpile - at least not an honest one. Nice idea in theory, but any smart person in a place like this knows t' never show their full hand.

[Coming from someone used to that kind of life, but also someone who is usually honest about everything else.]

I can tell y' most of what I got, even willin' t' teach folk how t' use some a' it. But will I tell y' everythin' I got? Not a chance.
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[He doesn't give a response to the first. It's a pointless argument, in the end.]

Handguns, rifles, energy weapons, explosives. Multiple models of all four.