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tenth ➛ text & action

THE TIME HAS COME! everybody duked it out this weekend but there can only be one champion of THE TURNING!!!!! and that champion is... drrrrrrumroll please.........

HENRY! *applause* henry miller proved that underdogs can still win shit even if they've up against some of the seriously most incredible arcade gamers i've ever seen! (haven't seen many tho to be fair).

so henry! come on down to the kitchen for your reward! and anybody else can come to because maybe he'll want to share. up to him. :P

thanks everybody who played and stay tuned for the next big competition! ELLIE OUT

[ In the kitchen, as promised, are cupcakes that spell out the word "CONGRATS!" All the cupcakes are lit and so it's probably a relative fire hazard. The cupcake decor - as Ellie will explain - is because Henry is obviously a wizard (or some shit).

There is also an additional prize for Henry that is just for him, which she keeps stuffed in her pocket. ]
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[ Henry is like, 99% sure she means him but juuuuuust in case. ]

Do you mean me? Miller's close, buuuut it's Mills. But if it's not me, I didn't wanna just show up, lol.

Also, I'll definitely share. if it is me. Can't make any promises for Henry Miller, though :P
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[ Henry makes his way to the kitchen and when he sees the cupcakes, just grins. ]

You went all out. This is awesome, Ellie.
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[ Henry's never won anything before. Since he was the only kid actually aging in Storybrooke, there were no sports teams, he didn't get to play games with anyone, not really. So he can legitimately say this is the first thing he's ever won, and it feels really, really good. ]

My first trophy ever.

[ He's grinning when he says it, handling it like it's an expensive artifact. ]

You put together an awesome contest that was really fun. Nothing about any of it is crappy, I promise. So, hey, thanks for teaching me to begin with. Couldn't have won without you.
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Must be.

[ He grins and digs into the cupcakes, speaking with his mouth full. ]

These're really good. If no one comes, I'm gonna try and eat 'em all.
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So, I saw "reward" and "share".
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[Voice] -> [Action]

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Guess I should. See ya in a bit.

[It only takes her a few minutes. She's extremely not busy these days. When she does arrive, it's with a smile as she pauses at the doorway, observing the cupcakes from afar.]

Wizard cupcakes? Far out. Did you make those?
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Eh. That totally counts.

[Max would never complain about free cupcakes. Whining over free food has got to be the most pretentious thing...

She picks one of the cupcakes and takes a bite.]

Mmf! [She says, through a full mouth.] Ish goo!
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[Ugh! Max's eyes widen slightly and she quickly brings a hand up to her face, wiping away imagined icing. She finds practically nothing, of course, and it takes her a moment to catch on.

She swallows before speaking this time, forcing the half-chewed food down.]

Mean! [She's smiling, but her cheeks are pink.] When did kids get so snarky?
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[Max waves the cupcake in mock dismissal.] Come on, you're like, half my age. [Because obviously Ellie is nine.] And that's no way to talk to your elders young lady.
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Fourth year. Practically a college student. [She punctuates this with a smug bite from her cupcake. As though age has anything to do with superiority- but Max is gonna milk this for all it's worth, thanks very much. But it's obvious and she's unable to hide her smile.]

And, uh... I'm basically my own adult supervision. [Is that a jab at Joel making threats against anyone hurting Ellie? It sure is!]
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[Losing steam here.] Uh, yeah, but-

[You did not just-! Max's search for a quick retort is cut off by a dollop of icing splatting her face. She can't help her surprised expression.]

...Oh my god, did you really-? [Words aren't necessary here. She takes a chunk of icing off her cupcake and tries very much to smear it in Ellie's hair.] You're totally just proving my point!
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Ha! [Max looks like she wants to hi-five someone, and sort of ends up clapping her hands together in glee. She actually got the icing into Ellie'a hair.] Sweet revenge!

[She looks at Ellie now, her expression shifting into a mix of sly grin and disbelief at her own childishness. She visibly struggles with an inward thought before amused embarrassment replaces her smug smile.]

...Sorry. Holy crap I can't belive I did that. I got carried away.
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[Cue an eyeroll from Max as she flicks what's left of the icing on her fingers in Ellie's direction.]

You're so full of shit, Ellie.

[It's impossible to say that that with a straight face, and the fondness in her tone is obvious. Stuff like this is what makes Wonderland bearable.]