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[A young man sits before the camera, looking, to say the least, in pretty bad shape. Although only appearing to be somewhere in his early twenties, his eyes seem sunken and teeming with an exhaustion beyond his years, and his complexion is pallid.

He’s seated with bent knees, arms crossed atop them. His chin rests in his left hand, on which he's wearing a pair of nondescript black gloves with the fingers sloppily cut off. His right hand is holding the camera at a slightly odd angle, as it's been awhile since he's used a mobile device of any kind.

Making eye contact with the camera, he attempts a smile, which comes off looking unsure and diffident.]

Am I...

[A pause. While he's no stranger to speaking in front of a camera, addressing a group of strangers on a more personal level is a whole different concept entirely, and he's only just now aware that he has absolutely no idea what to say.]

Is this place... In my head? It feels real but I--

[Again he cannot finish the thought, as he's still overwhelmed with guilt due to the way things were left at home before he was brought here.]

...I'm sorry. [He looks down as he mumbles the words, ending the recording immediately afterwards.

When all else fails, apologize, although it's not like this method of communication has done him any favors in the past.]
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[He doesn't do video. Not typically. Text is easier, and he can see why Jay preferred it; throwing up that shield of impassive punctuation speckled with the odd error. Maybe it's something in the way the guy looks up at the camera - less like he's initiating a Skype call the way most people do it, and more like he's recording a video diary.]

[Or maybe it's what he says.]

[The video wicks on, and Tim's eyes are as shadowed and sleepless as the guy he's talking to.]

It's real. I know it doesn't feel that way at first, but - it's real.
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[The answer comes with an immediacy that might be unsettling, or glaring - but it's honest. For fucking once in your life, Timothy Wright, you're going to be honest, because you think maybe you recognize something in the lostness of his look. Because no one deserves to be told that this place isn't just as liable to gut you, physically and psychologically and viscerally, as it is to make things easier.]

It's Wonderland.

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[The recording ending, but Minato decided to send a video message back at him for whenever he was ready to respond to it. There was really no rush on Minato's part, but he did wonder too how this person was, especially since they seemed or were most likely new.]

You don't have to apologize.

[But it was okay if he wanted to. If anything, sometimes it was like Wonderland had to apologize to everyone here instead.]

It's real, but being here is temporary.
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[Minato shook his head. Being here could be a blessing and a curse all at the same time.]

Wonderland will decide when we do. Unfortunately we haven't figured out how to get out for anyone who wants to.

[Still sort of working on that. Hard to do when there were no patterns to who arrived, who departed, when any of that happened, and when there really were no viable exits from what he could tell. So far.]

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It's real. [A pause, for just a half second.] Are you alright? [Is anyone alright when they first wind up here? Well. Debatable. She has to ask, anyway.]
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Alive is a good start. [She nods.] This place can get messy enough.

I'm Wanda Maximoff. [she might as well introduce herself.] You?
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[Jay's not sure what about this post catches his eye, but catch his eye it does. Maybe it's the clumsy camera angle. Maybe it's the unsettling familiarity to the look in his eye. Maybe it's because what he says reminds him of himself Tim on a bad day.]

It's real. I mean, it doesn't make much sense, but it's real.

[His eyes won't meet the camera lens. Too much like eye contact. (Besides, isn't that the rule? Never look at the camera?)]
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[Now that's an interesting response. Could be nothing--seems like most people here would be willing to call their homes pretty weird--but maybe there's something worth investigating here.]

[Or maybe he's just been without a lead for so long that he's starting to poke into other people's mysteries out of boredom. Also an option.]

[Jay cocks his head. If Michael looks closely into the gloom behind him, he might be able to make out the shape of a camcorder propped up on a table, focused on the back of Jay's head. The red 'recording' light is on.]

Are things not making sense...normal for you? Back wherever you came from, I mean.

[Nailed it.]

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[Angus definitely knows that tactic. Apologize, if you can't think of anything else. It works better for him, as a kid, but he's perceptive and precocious enough that he knows when someone else is doing the same thing.

It's weird, though. Adults don't have to do this sort of thing, normally. They can do whatever they want.

Rather than just confirming the same thing so many others have already, Angus tries a different approach.

Hello, sir. I'm Angus McDonald, a very real boy. What's your name?
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[Angus has a few things to owe for seeming so put-together. Whether there's any truth to appearances, though, is to be decided.]

It's nice to meet you too, sir! I've only been here for, um...

[He counts on his fingers.]

Three months, I guess. There are people who have been here much, much longer.

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Hey, yeah. Don't worry, guy, it's real.
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[She sighs a little, trying to be patient since obviously this guy is new and super confused.]

No, I'm not a cat. I just look like one. I'm an anthropomorphic cat person or whatever.
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If it is in your head, then you're asking figments of your imagination whether or not they are real.
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It might or it might not. If this wasn't real, would it change what you do?

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...I'm guessing everyone's told you that it's real. [Max isn't too big right now on meeting new people, but she can hear the tension (desperation?) running underneath the video.] There's food and a good bed and everything. For the time being. Have you gotten a room?