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⚡ Text. SO anonymous. (backdated to before the event)

So. Question. How many people have gone home and come back... different? I don’t mean older or wiser or emotionally, but, like, powers. Has anyone come back to Wonderland with powers you didn’t have before? How’d you handle it?

What were they like, your new powers?

[Asking for a friend. >.>]
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[Georgia has an extremely solid guess of who this is thanks to Shaun. She knows precisely who recently came back with superpowers. It's possible there's more than one person who recently left and returned with superpowers, but she wouldn't bet on it.

She doesn't reply anonymously, but she does make the feed private. For Jesse's sake more than her own.]

I came back a clone. That count?
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One could say so. I don't know that dealing with it here is any different than dealing with it anywhere else. I'd have to adjust and tell people the situation either way. At least here people are a little more used to things being this level of weird.
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I guess. And the timeline makes things strange. It might be months or years back home to a week here.

Though your change was fairly recent, correct?
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text. also anonymous.

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I did. I came back with powers that I swore I would never have.
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Inhibitors. Two friends of mine put their heads together and created them for me.

I've met my doppelganger who had my powers. She
[ ... ] wasn't a good person.
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Can't say much about going home and coming back

But my powers are still pretty new. Only had them a week before I came here.

It's still weird.

But if you need someone to talk to, we can chat about how weird it is.
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what was your first clue something was off?

I woke up hung over and crushed a sink in my bare hands

(Still not sure what I'm gonna tell my dad when I get back)
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text. still anonymous

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That's messed up

Glad you're safe though