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[Audio] 6th Wind

[Aang's voice sounds tired.]

Now that the Event is over, I can finally talk about what happened last time...

Seeing the Jabberwocky kill Zuko was painful. I wish I could have prevented it. I had thought that this place wasn't so bad. The first few weeks here have been wonderful. They really have. But seeing my friend be killed and acting like Ozai has made me realize that Wonderland is just as dangerous and fickle as they say it is.

At the same time, though, I can't believe that this place is all that bad! I've seen such beautiful things here, and have gotten to make so many good friends! This place can be good all the time, I know it can! There's just something a bit off about it, that's all.

[He mumbles incoherently.]

I have to keep telling myself that. If I don't, this place becomes much worse than it already is.

[He clears his throat.]

The other thing that's bothering me is the fact that Sokka's gone home. I wish I could take all of my friends and myself back, but I don't have a clue how I would do that. I think it's for the best, really. I don't think Sokka was all that happy here, and he'll be of more use to our loved ones at home. They need strong warriors like him.

All of this aside, who was that lady that killed the Jabberwocky? I wonder if she'll grant someone an audience if they wanted one.
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Why would you want an audience with her?

[That seems like an incredibly dangerous idea. Never trust a regent before you have figured out if they mean well and how moody they are...]

...do you want some warm soup? [That usually cheers people up.]
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Try to find out at first how much damage she can do to you if you run into a bad mood of hers.

...What is vegetarian?
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Your intent may mean little to a royal one. [Experience. There are good regents, but there are bad ones at well, and what is true for all of them is that they are human and their actions will not be perfect.]

...you don't eat it because you don't want to? [His voice betrays his surprise and confusion at that concept.]
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Well, there are people who are too poor to afford meat, I guess - though, does that also apply to fish?
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[He still doesn't get it. Is he really poor enough to not even be able to afford fish?]
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But God put them under our hands so we would be lord over them - both to guard and to use them.

[Or something like that - the gist of it was that humans were at the top of creation.]
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It is... the spirit now. If your word for god is spirit. He's only one, there are no others beside him. The one who created heaven and earth and gave all being life and everything a form, and who but nature in order. Poland told me about him when we first met, and -well, I had to formally convert to Christianity to marry him, but in the end he convinced me, I guess.

He isn't a spirit of the kind that I used to know, no. Gods are much more powerful.

[He returns the smile in the same manner - an exchange of concepts, not more. He's never been one to convert people (probably because he was one of the very last to be converted himself and could never have gotten a gain out of it, but that's beside the point - he genuinely isn't interested in it, even less than Poland.]

But while he gave everything that lives life, and that life is sacred, he didn't give ever being the same.. quality of living, I assume would be the word. ...But really, Poland could explain that a lot better. [he smiles sheepishly.] He was the one who taught me and has known and believed in those things a lot longer.

I would be interested in leraning about your world as well; would you like to meet over a cup of tea or for dinner, or take a walk to the beach to do that at one point?
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I will have to talk to Poland to know if he has any plans, but that should not take too long. I'll message your back about it.
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[Dave is lying on his bed because he's just picture-perfect professionalism all the time.]

Wonderland's got its ups and downs. I think if it was a perfect paradise, I'd be a helluva lot more suspicious. Sometimes, the events are tame or kinda fun. Some are awkward, and some are really fuckin' horrible. I think that in part we're to blame since these events are based off of people's memories from their home worlds.

[He slides a hand down his face.]

That'd be the Queen of Hearts. She's kind of a bitch. It's like she's on constant PMS. The mirrors either respect her, are absolutely fuckin' devoted to her, or they're scared outta their fuckin' minds. She's the one who creates and ultimately destroys our mirrors, if she deems it "just." Whether the bitch'll meet with you is up to how she's feelin'. She doesn't much like us.
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Dunno why, either, but it's why some people recognize what the fuck's goin' on and will warn us about it.

[He shrugs.]

She favors the mirrors, but even then they're terrified that she'll kill them. The good thing she's got goin' on is that she's a much stronger ruler than Alice. Though, now I'm wonderin' what exactly the deal was with the mansion on our side swallowin' the bitch.

Best way to describe that is when a girl on her bleedin' week gets pretty moody. Mood swings everywhere. One minute she's happy and the next she's flingin' death threats and tears like shuriken. Some of them have...interestin'...times.
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Sokka is better off home. At least he got out, and at least we know we can actually leave.


That woman was the Queen. I thought we were through with her. Without the Rabbit, I'm not sure how we can deal with her, but with her back in control, things will probably get worse from here.
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[He sounds..slightly sad.]

Yeah, he's gone. The only one on the other side we can actually trust is gone.

I don't know where she is, but the Queen might have gotten rid of her.

[Practicing is good.]

I've been training.
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If she's alive, she can help us.

[Oh no you didn't just call him that.]

I told you to stop calling me that.

[There's a hint of anger in his voice. Nope, he's as humorless as always.]
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[There's a pause on the other line.]

But I'm not Firelord, at least not yet.
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The Queen? You'd like, be better off trying to deal with the mirrors--at least some of them don't suck.

I'm like, sorry about your friends, though, Aang. That's... always way rough.
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My mirror doesn't scare me so much as piss me off. Like, if he ever comes anywhere near my husband again, he's done.

I guess it's pretty cool to have friends here and all. Really sucks when they disappear, though...
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I killed mine, once. Kinda a trip. Fighting Liet's was harder, though.

[Not because Liet is particularly stronger, though his mirror's more confident... it's not even because he was tired already, but because he couldn't kill even a fake of the man he loves. Liet's never hearing that.]

[He thinks of more people than he'd like to admit--Lawr and Ritsuka, in particular, today, but there are many others--and smiles sort of understandingly.]

Let's hang sometime soon, ok? We can like, go ride horses or chill out in the woods or something.
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Lemme know when you're free sometime, then!

[Poland needs to spend more time with friend who aren't Liet. He loves him and all, but... some days, that's the problem, isn't it?]
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[OOC: Anytime!]