insanitywalking: (he stands he'll fall down)
Michael/Patrick ([personal profile] insanitywalking) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2012-05-18 07:33 am

[Accidental Video] 001

[The com flickered a moment before clearing up and focusing on a sleeping Michael. He laid there unmoving for a few minutes before his eyes began to slowly flutter movement.
He shot up from the bed, his eyes now wide as he realized he wasn't home; stuck in a room he had no memory of going in.]

Shaun? Anyone?

[A pause.]

Where am I?

[Michael stood up from the bed, looking panicked as hell as he opened the door to see where he was.Still within veiw of the camera as he did so. He moved away from the door, his breathing becoming slightly altered as he panicked. Memories of the mental hospital came flooding back as voices in their head told him he was forced into a new mental facility.
He sat in a corner of his room, crying. Now confused and scared, anyone want to comfort him?]

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