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024 - Action

[Puck's in the music room by himself, jamming out with his guitar and playing anything and everything, whatever songs come to his mind.

Whoever happens to be passing by might even catch him singing to himself. It's something he's good at, and he doesn't care who's listening. An audience is great, and he gets a huge rush from that, but sometimes, he just needs to play for himself.

Anyone's welcome to join him. He's gonna be here for awhile, playing and singing and thinking things over.]
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[ She's always had an admiration for any kind of singers or musicians. Listening to music is a nice, vicarious escape for a girl that couldn't carry a tune if it came with a handle.

She won't dare interrupt the performance, rather standing back in the hall and observing while finishing her cigarette.
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[ She smiles at the acknowledgement, moving closer to the door frame while she gives the music room a thoughtful glance over. ]

Marlena Rosenbluth-- I hope I'm not interrupting?
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[ She smiles, repeating the name with a small pop as if it will help her memory. ]

I've never heard anyone play like that before. It's...loud.

[ Not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly part of what brought her to the music room in the first place. ]
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I don't scare easily if that's your intention.

[ She teases, savoring another drag. Admittedly, she wonders just how well he can outdo himself. ]

Maybe a week or so? I haven't really been out much, but it seemed like it was about time for a walk.
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[ She pauses, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and eyeing the corner of the room as if the amp would reveal itself to her. She doesn't care much for being out of the loop, and apparently there are some wonderful things in the time ahead of her. ]


[ It's a quiet response, almost embarrassed. She tries not to let the feeling linger. ]

I've heard some stories, but for the most part it seems like everyone is still in one piece.
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[Lithuania will linger in the door for a while, just listening. Being from a place where the only music is live music, he has never found it in him to try out those recording devices. They sound like witchcraft to him, and while he uses some items that are just as much witchcraft as them...]
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That sounded nice.
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Do you want to talk?

[His tone is inobstrusive, he is just as okay with leaving or just sitting down and being there as with talking. Or talking about something unrelated.]
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That works.

[He just sits down on a chair and gets comfortable.]
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[Lithuania interprets the amused expression as a comment for "friend", not "guy", and blushes, raising both hands in a gesture of "let me explain".]

The marriage is purely political. [Well, recently Poland started to court him personally, but...] We needed to combine forces to survive, and then it just evolved from there. [He smiles sheepishly.] You know him?
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We've been married for over two centuries now. [He laughs and shakes his head.] There is no reason for congratulations, it was born out of necessity and we were lucky enough that it turned into a good friendship. [Even though he rather regularely gets the feeling that Poland will be the end of his nerves.]

It's good to know that he is making friends, he's always had a hard time doing that. [He really sounds more like a doting mother than a husband or friend when he says that.]
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I'm not sure. Poland counts from his baptism, which would make him around 600, but I'm quite sure that he is older than that. I'm maybe fifty or a hundred years younger than him.
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It's completely normal for nations. [Good thing he is talking to Lithuania and not to one of the other two nations that are currently in Wonderland. Because while Liet does not like being called "something crazy", he will try his best to explain because this is Wonderland. He has thought that very same thing often enough himself, and he is used to people who have a hard time not blurting out what they think without a second thought. He's rather good at not taking offense if it wasn't meant like that.]

Six hundred is a rather young age, I don't think there are any nations that are really younger than that in Europe right now - a few are a lot older, though.