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[Michael had spent several days within the walls of his bedroom, to scared to leave into a world in what he assumed were illusions.He had been taking pills from the closet in hopes that it would help him wake up back home but nothing, he was stuck here.
One day turned into multiple days without food or water and he was getting ill but Michael paid no mind and just stayed in the safety of the bedroom he had originally woken up in. Then halfway through the day something changed, his mind seemed to freeze on him and he blacked out.
Michael's switch in the brain had shut off and the other personality was allowed to wake up.His eyes widened when he realized he wasn't where he was supposed to be, the feeling of his master's static was no longer around him or even close by. In fact he didn't even feel it which spooked the proxy a bit more then he would have liked to admit.He went through the things that had been brought with them and found his small mannequin he had been hiding. He set it up on the bedroom floor before looking towards the door, heading to the closet first and pulling out a knife to attack someone if needed.He also grabbed out some nicer clothes and changed into them before leaving the room.
He chuckled slightly in anticipation as he walked down the hall, his knife held firmly in his hand in case someone tried to hurt him.]
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[He recognizes that guy. A new one... he should check on him and see if he has started to get used to the place. Lithuania stops and shifts the laundry basket in his arms to greet the other male.]

Good morning!
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It's Lithuania.

[The other male must have made a lot of experiences since coming here, it can easily be too much to take in at once.]

How are you?
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[ Oh hey it's someone prowling around with a knife. That's never ever a bad sign. :l

...Then again, Alex does carry around a gun, so he's not in a position to judge. He's just going to keep his distance and keep an eye on that weapon. ]

People don't usually attack you in the corridors.

[ Now, that's delivered in a practiced deadpan, and it could mean "you're safe without having the knife in your hand all the time" or "don't attack people with knives, asshole". Alex isn't filled with the glow of brotherhood and helpful advice for all. He wants to get an idea of this guy's intentions. ]
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[ Alex doesn't have Patrick's slendersense, but he does have a finely-tuned nose for damaged goods. Especially when they're not even trying to be subtle about it.

Quick mental check: exits plentiful, gun close to hand, okay good good. ]

I bet you're doing well here.

[ His face is the very antithesis of a smile. ]