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Tara Gregson ([personal profile] brainkegger) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2012-07-11 10:58 pm

[video forever] Jesus loves the little children.

[Alice looks severe. Not angry or happy or anything in particular just...severe. Intense. Intimidating, even in her rouge and lipstick. Maybe because of the lipstick.]

So. It's come to my attention that our morals have gone a bit...lax. While I can't claim to be perfectly sinless, I do think I make a daily effort to better myself and those close to me, and if I'm doing that much, why shouldn't I offer to extend my efforts to the entire mansion?

[She holds up a book. The Good Book, to be precise. You know-- the Bible.]

Starting this Sunday, I'll be hosting a class once a month to remind everyone of the values I know you all hold deep down. As I can't expect everyone to get up at six AM sharp like I always do, I'll simply record my lessons for you. Feel free to reflect on them whenever you have time, but it would please me very much to see some of you in person. I'll be using one of the tea rooms for the recordings, more info TBA!

[She pauses, clearly trying to remember what else she meant to say.]

Oh! There will be coffee and freshly made donuts after every meeting! Everyone is welcome to stop by just for the snack if they so desire.

[The tone of her voice suggests that Alice wouldn't exactly suggest anyone do that.]

Well, thank you all for listening. I hope to have some intriguing discussions this Sunday! God bless!

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