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Tony Stark ([personal profile] arrogantalloy) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2012-07-21 04:11 pm

Mark II [Action/Video]

[Tony wakes up at his desk, which no matter where he is is normal for him. He stretches  and heads to the wardrobe, where he pulls out a large coffee mug out and he clings to it as he heads to his bedroom to change into some clean clothes. He stops in the door way when he sees a child. No more than a year old, sitting in the middle of the bed.

He stares at it.

The baby stares back.]



That's a baby.

As always, sir. You are incredibly on top of things.

Why is it here?

My sensors didn't detect anyone coming in and leaving him there, sir. He seems to have just materialised.

In a weird pocket dimension, with wish fulfilment closets, and freaky mirrors. Then all of a sudden baby. You know, if I didn't know that horses could talk here. This would be disturbing.

It is still cause for concern.

Then you can concern yourself. Tell me if it cries or does something that it shouldn't be doing.

[Tony leaves the room and pulls the communicator out of his pocket, and turns it on to broadcast.]

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a baby here. Because I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be up for a paternity suit. Also, what do I do with it?

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