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(Backdated to baby event) Video

[The camera turned on to Jay looking more tired then usual sitting on a bed, holding a baby version of himself. He could hardly keep his eyes open but he kept telling himself he needed to in case the baby version of himself got into some sort of trouble while he slept.]

Has Wonderland made a baby sitting service yet or...? I really haven't slept in a couple days..I need to sleep, but I can't if someone won't watch the kid. Any help?
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We can look after it for a bit if you'd like.

[Lithuania has the most easy kid, even though the boy could be a bit less nervous around the two other roommates, but at least he is responsible and calm. So he feels that he should offer help to others that are less fortunate.]
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In mine and Poland's room - we can meet in the staircase, 5th floor?
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i can, if you haven't found someone already