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third bite ✦ accidental video ✦ backdated to the ninth

[Natasha woke with a strangled scream bubbling in her throat, lips locked against letting it actually sound. Her chest was heaving was she struggled for air, curls matted against her forehead, damp with sweat. How long -- how long had she been asleep? Her body felt heavy, weak; she had to estimate four days, perhaps even as long as a week, off hand. But why?

This stank of an attack to her.

Her second priority was, of course, the child. With her asleep, who had taken care of the miniature who had suddenly appeared in her apartments? Her first survey of the room yielded no sign of a toddler, her second told her that all the various out-of-place items had been reordered.. no sign of a child whatsoever.

Good. She didn't want to have to worry about a kid when she went after whoever it was who saw fit to put her in a coma for the last week or so. Forcing her still sleep-sodden body to cooperate with her demands, Natasha ran her fingers through her matted curls. Shower first.

Finding out who did this and making them pay would come later.]

[ooc: Oops, sleeping beauty is awake and not happy about it! Just in case you didn't see the note in the title, this is backdated to August 9th, because I fail. Feel free to have your character have noticed her absence or that her door has been suspiciously locked and she has been unreachable the last week!]

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