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[Lithuania and Poland had evacuated the horses and ponies from the stables as soon as they noticed that the fog would not stay away from the immediate mansion grounds, but when Lithuania gets up at the morning of the 20th to go downstairs and check on them, give them their food and calm them down, he can see that something is very wrong the moment he enters the ground floor.

Very wrong..

The fumes or clouds or whatever they are have invaded the house. With a hand that is too agitated and jittery to really hit the right bottoms, he speeddials Poland's number, hitting the general network instead with his message, only waiting for the feed to turn on before starting to walk again, dodging the red and black fog more hastily than entirely successfully. By the time that he can see the tearoom that they have turned into a makeshift stable for the time being (getting the equestrians upstairs would just have been too much when it didn't seem necessary) he is almost running, the view of the camera jumping up and down, sometimes showing the nation's face, a deep frown from worry marring his features.]

Poland. The ground floor is affected too! Get down, we need to get the ponies and horses upstairs, and as quickly as possible - I hope-

[And then he stands in front of a cloud, of only maybe a metre diameter but it is blocking the door to him. He angles the camera at it before stuffing the still running device into his shirt.] I'll go in there.

[And then there is only darkness and the screeching of the door before the device bumps against his tummy, hitting the off button.]
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[Aang is extremely distressed as to his friend's well-being. However, this event has left the Avatar feeling extremely weak; it's likely that he won't be of much help.]

Poland???? Hey, Poland! Answer me! Are you okay??? Poland!!!