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[backdated to last event/accidental video]

[Jay hadn't been doing to well lately; Jay had locked himself in his room for days without food or water and it was begining to effect his health. He ignored all reasons to leave until he looked out the window and saw the fog. He paled even more then he already was, he could tell it was probably dangerous but-he almost wanted to investigate it, not realizing that it would turn him to stone. He noticed the device was on and grabbed it before heading towards the stairs, planning on investigating. Someone try to talk some sense into him?]
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[Lithuania stands behind him, half a flight of stairs above, and starts to go after him as he talks.]

If you go downstairs, the fog will turn you into stone. [Or weaken him extremely, you can never tell from appearance, but he will just go with the harsher result in case the man is human.]
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Stone. I saw my horse and pony turn into it, and a man is standing downstairs who was not stone this morning.

...stop. [He sounds exasperated, frustrated, grieving. Not only has he to stomach the death of two horses and a pony, he also has to deal with his partner dealing with it, and now this guy is going to kill himself if he doesn't stop him...]
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I'm not mortal.

[He would normally not talk about those things this easily and crudely, choosing a less obvious way maybe, but he is too emotionally drained and on edge to spend much time with pleasantries.]

The wolf lady mentioned it. Only mortals will be turned to stone - not that it won't affect others at all, but we may live. isn't a pleasant experience, though, I can assure you.
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...would you like a hot drink instead? Me and my partner live on the fifth floor and have a fireplace that was luckily large enough to cook at it.

[He's found that hot drinks - most of which he didn't know before coming here - usually help people to calm down and keep them away from trouble.]
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Let's head there, then, shall we? [He'll take a tentative step into the right direction and look at the other male, hoping that he will follow. Just get away from the fog...]
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[Lithuania will knock, as if he expects someone to be inside, and the open the door quietly to look. He frowns when he takes a step back but doesn't comment, instead opening the door full and stepping inside.] Just sit down at the table, I will get everything ready.
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I'm doing my best. [Because Poland isn't doing much :|]

You can come by more often, if you'd like.