May. 18th, 2012

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[The com flickered a moment before clearing up and focusing on a sleeping Michael. He laid there unmoving for a few minutes before his eyes began to slowly flutter movement.
He shot up from the bed, his eyes now wide as he realized he wasn't home; stuck in a room he had no memory of going in.]

Shaun? Anyone?

[A pause.]

Where am I?

[Michael stood up from the bed, looking panicked as hell as he opened the door to see where he was.Still within veiw of the camera as he did so. He moved away from the door, his breathing becoming slightly altered as he panicked. Memories of the mental hospital came flooding back as voices in their head told him he was forced into a new mental facility.
He sat in a corner of his room, crying. Now confused and scared, anyone want to comfort him?]
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[Sirius is sitting in his room when the video feed turns on.]

I haven't the foggiest idea what this is all about. Imps? People with weapons that aren't wands? Powers that I've never heard of in my life?

It's all mind-bogglingly strange! And yet, it's fascinating all at the same time.

[He gets up and leaves his room, still talking to the device and whoever may be nearby or watching.]

I feel oddly fortunate today. I can't explain it, but whatever it is that's happening, I can tell that it is going to be absolutely exciting and wonderful!

[If anyone is interested in going off on adventures that have no plan or rhyme or reason whatsoever, then Sirius is just the person you need to see.]
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[Minato is well aware that he's something of Page of Hope with particular powers, and while that was something he had to focus on or ponder more, he had been more occupied with mastering something else instead. Being God Tier (and in the appropriate attire) was helpful for the former, but more essential for the latter.

The view on the screen was all upside down for a very long time. Then it spun around just once like it had corkscrewed through the air. A few minutes later, scenes had passed by so fast it was hard to see, and came to a sudden stop. Minato had been holding onto his communication device the whole time as he flew with it, practicing this new aerial ability. He threw the comm device and flew to catch it before it hit the ground. This happened several times over. Somehow flying has become easier after experiencing it twice before with wings, although now it felt different without them.

Minato had been out in the checkerboard field near one of the rivers. Now the comm device was on the ground, on an edge where black met white, while he remained hovering beside it. Anyone passing by or seeing him could notice him laying around in the air, one leg crossed over the other, his mp3 player in hand as he was listening to music. He would fight off anything that wanted to battle him (being swordkind and sort of gunkind and--maybe Personakind?--is helpful too), but priorities first to flying and to his music.]


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