Jun. 12th, 2012

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[So Evelyn read from a book she wasn't supposed to. These sorts of things can happen to anyone! After all, what harm could possibly come from reading a book?

Outside of bringing a three-thousand year old mummy back from the dead with a vengeance; It's all well and good until the locusts start swarming and fire rains from the sky.

...right. She stays here - you three, come with me.

[O'Connell is the first to jump into action, which means that Evelyn takes immediate offence.]

Now, just a minute! You can't just leave me behind here like some old kind of carpet-bag, I mean- Who put you in charge-

[After that, in the cloud of anger that has something to do with O'Connell picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder as he forcibly moves her back to her room, she can hardly remember precisely what she's saying. It's all a blur.]

O'Connell! What do you think you are doing? Jonathan!

Ah...sorry, Evie, he's a bit...tall...

O'Connell! Jonathan, you- you coward that you are! O'Connell, you are not leaving me in here!

[The door slams shut behind her, tumbler rolling into place heavily, giving her an instant to realise that he's locked her in.

She tries the handles. She beats against the panels. She briefly considers throwing her typewriter before abandoning the idea, because she only has one and ordering another from London would take far too much time, even using telegram. So Evelyn paces. Sits. Waits.

Her impatience gets the better of her, though, and it isn't long before she gets up, turns the knob again, and - lo and behold! An...

...empty hallway, rather than the parlour guarded by two ill-mannered Americans that she had expected.


[Memories from a place without sand and murderous, undead priests hit her like a wave of vertigo, and she stares down at a curious communicating device in her hand. It looks familiar, but at the same time, it's not something she should know.]


[That definitely puts "saving mankind" on hold, doesn't it?]
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[The video switches itself on for no apparent reason. At the other end of the room, Aradia is... uh, smiling. At a mirror, very intently. It looks extremely forced and also kind of creepy, because what the fuck.

She continues this for about a minute, then abruptly stops, now staring at the mirror blankly.

Another minute later, she goes right back to the freakish smiling thing. She goes back and forth like this for awhile, possibly forever if someone doesn't interrupt her.

(also open to mirrors, if they feel like writing at her)]
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[ Hey Wonderland, you have a new arrival today! The video feed turns on to show...nothing, precisely, just the blackness of someone's pocket, since the new owner haven't realised the journal's presence yet. From the sound of the footsteps, it's obvious that he's sizing up the place, and from the sound of his voice, he's thinking out loud. ]

I haven't seen this place around before. Is it part of Chaos's clubhouse? I thought I've gotten out ages ago! [ The footsteps stopped. ] Whatever it is, I'd better stay sharp.

[ "Taking a wrong turn" is not an option for him. In fact, he kind of...entered the mansion on purpose. It's not his fault he kept finding interesting things when his friends wasn't looking, okay! Anyway, this is the moment where he realised that there's something in his pocket, other than his crystal, and a moment later, the network finally gets a first glance of him. Brown hair, grey eyes, probably looked like he's in his late teens instead of 20 and dressed oddly in modern-day standards. He's probably holding the device upside-down or something. ]

Hey, I found something! What is this thing? I haven’t seen anything like this before. It doesn’t seem like it’s edible. Is it some kind of weapon? No, I don’t think so. Some kind of equipment? Nah, don’t think so either. Can it do- [ His boisterous train of thought was cut short by the fact that he realised the device is on. There’s a loud “woah” at this, and he stumbled back, almost dropping the journal. When he snapped out of his shock, you're getting one (1) Bartz Klauser staring at you in the face, network. A little too close, in fact. ]

Wow, this is cool! I’ve gotta show this to Zidane, he’s gonna be real jealous! [ That being said, he glanced around, obviously curious about everything. ] It's no time for playing around, and I've gotta get outta here, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I took a little detour.

[ After all, that's what he do best. Dudes and dudettes, feel free to run into him in the Entrance Hall, if you prefer some action. ]


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