Jul. 29th, 2012

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[The camera turned on to Jay looking more tired then usual sitting on a bed, holding a baby version of himself. He could hardly keep his eyes open but he kept telling himself he needed to in case the baby version of himself got into some sort of trouble while he slept.]

Has Wonderland made a baby sitting service yet or...? I really haven't slept in a couple days..I need to sleep, but I can't if someone won't watch the kid. Any help?

15; video

Jul. 29th, 2012 07:16 pm
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[The video feed is very brief. The frame starts out at an angle, since Souji hadn't really meant to record this, with a mirror at its center. The word "WELL?" is written in very precise handwriting.

The mirror gets closer as Souji walks over and as he kneels in front of it and sets the camera aside, the feed briefly shows a rather grisly image. A yellow parakeet is laid out on the floor in front of the mirror, positioned on its back with its wings outspread. There's no blood, but the bird has been cut open and the flesh and bones cut away entirely to reveal carefully displayed organs. It's hard to tell, given how briefly the camera shows it, but the bird's heart is still beating, and it's still breathing.

Then the camera's sitting to the side and Souji's in the frame now, just looking at the bird. His eyes are wider than normal, but otherwise, his expression is neutral. After a second, he moves, bringing both hands together in front of him, but rather than pick the bird up, there's just a very small snapping noise as he breaks its neck off screen.

At the very edge of the frame, a flurry of writing starts to appear on the mirror's surface, but the angle makes it impossible to make out any words.

omg I'm so sorry for the tl'dr]


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