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[The Once-ler had honestly been ignoring everything going on outside. He's not magic, and he doesn't have to go out in that, so it's been an excuse to hang out inside, make more Thneeds, and pretty much just do all the things he usually does. He doesn't start worrying until he tries to go down to the kitchen and finds that red fog stuff inside. He's not really sure what to do at first (and flails about in a panic) but he does eventually reach the common sense conclusion that up is the way to go. So he runs back upstairs to the tenth floor where everything is fine and safe.

Last event, he spent almost all of his time building a Whisper-ma-phone. It's a long, long metal tube that stretches all the way down from near Room 398 on the tenth floor, to somewhere near the library on the first, with funnel-looking things on either end. And it occurs to him that maybe now is a good time to test it.

So, he coughs into it, hoping it will blow the dust out of it. And then, he speaks loudly through it, with a metal twinge to his voice:




[There. He's done his good deed for the day. It was probably a little hard to hear, since you're supposed to lean into a Whisper-ma-phone to hear it, but maybe someone in the vicinity would hear a loud whisper of something and call back, or just come upstairs.

...Of course, he could have just posted on the network, but that would invalidate the need for a Whisper-ma-phone! And Wonderland needs one, obviously!
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[Lithuania and Poland had evacuated the horses and ponies from the stables as soon as they noticed that the fog would not stay away from the immediate mansion grounds, but when Lithuania gets up at the morning of the 20th to go downstairs and check on them, give them their food and calm them down, he can see that something is very wrong the moment he enters the ground floor.

Very wrong..

The fumes or clouds or whatever they are have invaded the house. With a hand that is too agitated and jittery to really hit the right bottoms, he speeddials Poland's number, hitting the general network instead with his message, only waiting for the feed to turn on before starting to walk again, dodging the red and black fog more hastily than entirely successfully. By the time that he can see the tearoom that they have turned into a makeshift stable for the time being (getting the equestrians upstairs would just have been too much when it didn't seem necessary) he is almost running, the view of the camera jumping up and down, sometimes showing the nation's face, a deep frown from worry marring his features.]

Poland. The ground floor is affected too! Get down, we need to get the ponies and horses upstairs, and as quickly as possible - I hope-

[And then he stands in front of a cloud, of only maybe a metre diameter but it is blocking the door to him. He angles the camera at it before stuffing the still running device into his shirt.] I'll go in there.

[And then there is only darkness and the screeching of the door before the device bumps against his tummy, hitting the off button.]
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There is nothing quite like a pleasant jaunt outside, and for once Athos actually laments the fact that he can't get out and about. Ironic that the week he feels more inclined to do something, he's restricted by this ludicrous black fog, the edges of which crackle with some kind of red fire that refuses to radiate any heat.


It calls for some inspection of the area, observations that the mystery stuff appears to kill everything it touches...or at least stop things in their tracks, if they had been moving. A number of small animals are trapped.

Unfortunate that he doesn't quite have the words to describe the occurrence, given that things like this don't happen in High Renaissance France very often, if ever.

You may find him lurking around the edges of the dangerous, roiling mist, attempting to test its reaction with things like plants, stones, his sword.

...Or you may find him after he's decided to screw the consequences and figure out what's going on firsthand, in which case he'll be nothing more than a statue, frozen solid on the outskirts of the fog, blade in hand and more granite than steel.

[ ooc note; Athos traipsing around and testing the waters, so to speak, so you can pester him there and interrupt his train of thought OR you can interact with his stony self in any way you like if you know what I mean. c: ]
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[Steve had been laying low since his arrival, which he knew was not the necessarily smartest thing. He should be out and finding information, but it had just been too much culture shock in a row.

Now, though? Now that he could look out the window and see how this Wonderland was turning bleak, and grim? Now he needed to step up and do his job.

He turns on the video feed, looking like he means business.]

Hello. This is Captain Steve Rogers, and I'm sorry for my absence. I'm back now, and ready to assist anyone in need. Things seem to be getting a bit grim.

Though I'm not quite sure what's going on, and if anyone can fill me in I would really appreciate it.

[And with that, the feed ends. Steve is going to start patrolling the floors, starting with the tenth. He'll be easy pretty to spot, as his shield is nothing if not noticeable.]
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[The feed turns on to show Aang curled up in a room that is not his own - like many, he has moved to the upper floors for safety. He looks tired, as if he isn't quite himself.

[He sighs, rubbing his eyes before speaking.]

I feel so tired. It's this curse - Amaterasu said it's from her world, and that it's really dangerous. I've been trying to gather as many people who are trying to get away from the fog as I can. I'd like to try and get those who have turned into stone to the upper floors as well, but I don't think I can manage it. I'm just not as strong as I was.

[Aang smiles bitterly.]

My bending is pretty much all but gone.

[To demonstrate, he tries to create one of his air scooters - a simple trademark move for Aang. However, all he manages to create is barely a puff of wind.]

I don't like this - it feels unnatural to not bend. It's been such a huge part of my life...I know I might regret saying this later, but this is probably the worst event I've ever been a part of.

[The Avatar doesn't say anything for a few moments before he turns off the feed.]


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