Apr. 8th, 2013

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--ou give me directions?

[The feed's dim, but not completely dark, when it activates. It seems to tilt, and for a moment a flash of blue sky is visible before the screen turns back to shadow.]

No, I'm not interested in any of this. I don't even think I want to get into how I got here - I just want to know how to get home.

[He sighs. The vendor's refusal to answer is really starting to frustrate him - he needs to get back, damnit.]

Customers only, is that what you're trying to say? Fine, I'll buy something.

[The rustle of cloth is loud as he reaches for his wallet, only for his hand to close around the journal. He pulls the foreign object from his pocket warily. It's not his phone.

When he realizes it's recording, his bargaining with the silent vendor is momentarily put on hold.

The screen lurches, flashes of the landscape showing before it stops. A bespectacled man in his late fifties appears on screen, eyebrows furrowed.]

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[Henry blinked. Then blinked again. This was not Storybrooke. It wasn't New York either.]

Okay, so I’m suddenly in a castle… [He muttered to himself, quickly finding the journal to make a video post.]

Mom? Are you there? [He paused for a moment, then added something he never thought he’d say.] Dad?

[It sounded stupid. So he addressed the entire place at large.]

If anyone can hear me, my name is Henry and I’m a little lost. Does anyone know the way back to Storybrooke? Or Maine in America? Because that would be a start.


If you don’t, that’s okay too.
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[A thin man of possibly Asian descent is staring at the camera like a deer caught in headlights. He looks pale and worn; there are bags under his eyes and blood is trickling down from one nostril. He seems entirely oblivious to that little fact.

He takes a deep breath, grimaces and speaks in a rasping whisper.]

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Zulf of the Ura and I--

[He pauses, laying a hand over his right flank, grimacing in pain.]

Do excuse me. I am injured and require assistance. I fear some of Rucks' stitching has come loose. I would much appreciate the attention of a physician or, failing that, a seamstress.

[He tries to smile]

[[ooc: if anyone wants to come to Zulf's assistance, I'll be putting up an open log in the logs comm, since I'm more comfortable with prose than actionspam!]]


Apr. 8th, 2013 10:24 am
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[The video blurs at first, the picture turning and twisting between colors of blue and white as the owner of the device tries to figure out its workings. Finally the video clears and stills in an upright position - but maybe it would be better for all if it hadn't.

The face isn't a particularly scary one, but neither is it at all attractive. A whiny laugh accompanies the picture's clearing, sharp pointed teeth, an expansive white matted beard, and obscenely long nose are all suddenly visible. Ouch, yes, the view might physically hurt anyone with keen dislike for anything on the ugly or disgusting side of the scale.

There we go, there we go. All better now, huh? Though I'm not really sure who I'm talking to. [Faintly crazed laughter.] Maybe- oh, could it be? Has a princess finally kidnapped me for once? That must be it! Oh finally, I don't have to do all the work for a change! [His whining, scratchy voice almost cracks with anger on that last part, then immeditately softens.]

Oooookay, Princess. I'm ready to meeeet you! No need to be shy, I mean, I won't bite unless you ask me to.

[One eyebrow waggles. Yes, yes it does. He's old enough to be most individuals ancestors and he's implying- yes, yes he is.]


Apr. 8th, 2013 11:10 am
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[The face that appears on the screen is troubled, but surprisingly calm. The red-haired woman might be panicking, like so many who arrive here unexpectedly, but you better believe she's too experienced and professional to show it. Blue eyes slip over the layout of the screen once, familiarizing herself with its functions quickly before addressing whoever might be out there.]

Hello. I guess I'm not really sure where I am, and whoever you are out there, you probably already know that. [She laughs a little nervously, unable to keep the noise from slipping out between her lips. It's only a second, and the control resumes, a mask as natural as breathing for someone like her. She shrugs a little and sighs.]

My name is Pepper Potts, and whatever you brought me here for - I think you should know that Stark Industries doesn't cater to terrorists or kidnappers. Whatever you thought you'd get by taking me I'm afraid you won't be getting, ever. So you might as well tell me why you brought me here.

[Arms fold, a no-nonsense pose being taken despite the fact that her insides feel like jelly from both uncertainty of her situation and the nightmare she had before waking.]

Well? I'm waiting.

[This expression has worked before, I swear.]
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[The Feed turns on.  It's upside-down.  At least the frown on her face looks like a smile this way?]

[Take two.  Suddenly, she's blue.  No, literally.  Somehow, she managed to tint the entire screen a very deep Prussian.]

[Third time's the charm, right?  Except for the part where all that can be seen is the back of her head, even though she's very clearly looking at the camera.]


[...yeah, don't even ask how she managed to accomplish that one.]

[Finally, after what seems like a backwards eternity, the image of one Brittany Susan Pierce appears on-screen.  Looking slightly put out, yet relieved at the same time.]

The instruction guide to this thing should come with an instruction guide.  Just sayin'
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Garcia if you could run the name Frances Dr-

[Something danced in the corner of his eye and an odd sort of noise that sounded faintly like a record skip filled his ears and he stopped, blinked, and stared into the room he had been walking into once more. Though something was off...

This wasn't the Unsubs room.

It was too clean first of all, that was perhaps the biggest difference. The Unsubs room had been trashed but this was perfect, it almost looked as though no one at all lived in it. Not to mention the whole layout had changed completely. Where the bed had once stood in the center of the room there was blank space, the bed now finding a home against the far right hand corner of the room, and rather than having four haphazardly displayed dressers scattered throughout there was only the one pushed against the far side wall.

He blinked furiously, concerned he might be seeing things which was more disconcerting then any other option there possibly was floating through his mind at this point. When he opened his eyes once more completely he found nothing had changed and moved to pull the phone away from his ear and found that, that too had changed. It was seemingly newer than his own, and appeared to be a matte black rather than the silver of the one he was so used to seeing. What the hell was going on here?! He panicked slightly and tried to figure out how to use the phone in his hand.]

Garcia? Garcia!? Penelope!

[He wasn't that great with this kind of phone and he had no idea if he was actually doing something or if he was just yelling into nothing. He spun around quickly, flinging open the door in an attempt to get back into the living room he'd just been walking from to get to the Unsubs room but... that wasn't there either. Instead there was a long hallway with seemingly hundreds of doors.

His breathing was heavy as he spun around to see the room he'd just come out of once more. Nothing had changed and now he started panicking. Not because he was worried about being somewhere else but... because of the fear that this wasn't real at all. That it was all some sort of twisted trick his mind was playing on him.]


[He srood in the middle of the hallway swallowing hard.]

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[ The network feed opens and Wonderland is treated to a whole lot of shaking video (apologies to those with motion sickness). When it finally stops, it stays on a crooked shot of a hallway and a girl. A girl who is looking particularly fed up and isn't even paying attention to the screen. Probably because to her it's nothing more than a bizarre and useless box. ]

Koubun! Are you here? Hello? [ The video starts to move back and forth as she walks-- no, stomps her way down the hall. Her assistant has a lot of explaining to do. Honestly, going to sleep and waking up without knowing how she got from point A to point B was something that was happening a little too often for the poor princess. ]
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[ Crowley really doesn't appreciate waking up in the grass, not the least of which because he doesn't appreciate waking up. It implies some things that just don't suit him at all. Once he notices the device he's been left with, he goes right for it, standing up and looking around before he gets it on. ]

You know, this is all very cute, but is there a purpose to all of it? I've got some things I'd like to get back to and if there's anything I can do to speed this whole process along, I'd love to hear it. Time is money. Yadda yadda yadda.

[ He rolls his eyes. His first guess at who did this is Naomi. Surely the Winchesters don't have this kind of power and he's still questioning Castiel's virility after Purgatory chewed on him for so long. ]

So if you'd like to barter, I'd be more than happy to speak to someone. Face to face, perhaps?

[ He'd like to at least know what manner of creature he's dealing with here. ]

I'm sure we can come to an amiable agreement.
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Let me just sneak this in here among all the intro posts! The activity check is now over. The list below is made up of characters who were either dropped during the check or lost to it.

All characters on this list are welcome to re-apply to the game if they choose, and if they re-apply within one month, they may keep their memories. If the application is received in the next week, characters do not have to be sent back home, so there will not be a break in their stay in Wonderland.

Characters lost:
Mituna Captor [personal profile] 0ll1350u7135
Sollux Captor [personal profile] aquarium_tipper
Cooper Anderson [personal profile] bigbrothercoop
Jack Frost [personal profile] canyouseeme
Nami [personal profile] ebbandflow
Pinkie Pie [personal profile] insidethechimney
Kyle Broflovski [personal profile] learnedsomething
Tim [personal profile] notapsychopath
Philip [personal profile] radiopalkiller
Ron Weasley [personal profile] recognizable
Touko Fukawa [personal profile] shelflife
Jay [personal profile] thisisthescript
Daiki Kaitou [personal profile] treasurethieving

If there is anyone who is on this list in error, please let one of us know right away. Our AIM screennames are on [community profile] entranceway's main page or you can PM this account.
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[Whale pinches the bridge of his nose wearily, taking a slow breath as he tries to talk over what’s happening. He triggers the video function without really noticing]

All right, I know I didn’t have that much to drink last night. Where in the world am I? Certainly not Storybrooke…

[and that statement gives way to a new realization. His face goes wide in surprise and wonder] I’m not in Storybrooke, yet I have all my memories. How is that possible? Is there a way around that new curse? [he pauses, his expression now calculating] Hmm… I’ll have to do some experimenting on this once I get my bearings.

Which leads me back to: where am I?
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[ The camera comes to life, showing a young woman who's probably 17 or so, of apparent Asian descent, peering curiously at it. She smiles widely when she realizes she's figured out how to use it ]

Hello! It seems there are so many people here! I'd gotten used to only being with a few, this is so strange.

[ She gets a bit more serious, then, glancing around like she's looking for someone before looking back to the camera ] Also, if anyone has met men who go by Zulf or Rucks, or a young man with white hair and a Cael hammer... please let me know? We're the only ones left, really, from our home, and I'd hate to lose track of them.

Thank you!
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[It took the Kid awhile to figure out this...whatever it is. Magical communication-y thing. There was nothing like this back in Caelondia. Fortunately magical bullshit tends to be somewhat intuitive.]

[Now here's a kid who ain't got a clue what's going on. His face is half-hidden behind an umbrella and he's not looking straight into the camera; more off to the side, as if he's not sure where to look. And he speaks like he's definitely not used to public speaking.]

...'Preciate a free bed an' all, but I'm confused. Would be fair pleased if someone could explain where I am. Never seen any place like this.

[He rubs the back of his head awkwardly.] M' lookin' for a big 'ol hunk 'o flyin' land, 's called the Bastion. An' any o' the folk who were on it. Mighta, uh...appeared here with me. Name of Zia, Zulf an' Rucks.
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[At first, the image is to blurry and dark to make out anything. Metallic clinking can be heard, as well as a few strange hisses. Then the comm is turned, and at least one side of the Scarecrow's face can be seen. Along with those glowing eyes of his, and one needle-tipped hand. He taps the needles gently on the table that he's apparently sitting at, which is apparently made of metal. The only visible source of light is a singular bulb, hanging above him.

Jonathan Crane's found himself a room in the basement, and he's pretty much stayed there. And yes, it got even creepier with his presence.]

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some poison without any bread.
She whipped them all soundly and whump went her head!

[His voice — there's something wrong with it. He sounds too low, too distorted for it to be natural. It's probably some issue with his device. Right? ...right? When he speaks again, it's in a higher tone. But not that much higher.]

This is too relaxed for an asylum. So tell me, are we all mad here?
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[The post starts out as a video. Yousuke just looks... Surprised. He runs a hand through his hair.]

Holy shit, this many?

Looks like we really need to start on that pamphlet...

[He shakes his head and turns off the feed, switching instead to text.]

A couple days ago I was talking with someone about the mirrors, just passing on information, and it sorta made me realize, there a lot of stuff us, uh, established residents know that newbies don't. Things about how the mansion works, and why, the residents, the mirrors, things that've happened in the past that were important. Sometimes it takes a really long time for them to figure that out. And it could end up being important, knowing the crap that goes down around here.

I know that usually people get helped by others when they first get here, but it's easy to forget stuff and they still might not get the whole story. So I was thinking, maybe we could work out some kind of pamphlet to hand out to newbies, or a whole shebang we can post somewhere where anyone could read it whenever they wanted.

Since we're getting this crazy amount of new guys in this time around, I thought about it again. It's just that-- well, I'm no good at writing and organizing and that sort of thing. But if a couple of us work together, it could totally get done.

So, who out there's good with details and nitty gritty like that? I've been here long enough that I can provide the information. Even just the basics of daily life around here could be helpful to anyone that's just gotten here.

And, uh, welcome to all the newcomers. Usually we don't get such huge groups all at once. Don't trample each other on your way in.


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