May. 1st, 2013

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[Walking through the halls, Henry looks just as at home as he usually does but to the untrained eye, he's got a slight smirk to the smile on his face. He'll get to the door later but right now he's having a look around. This is his first time over here and he's going to make the most of it. Not to mention have a little fun. His "real" self is so naive and trusting, he can certainly use that to his advantage while he's here.

That said, maybe while he's looking around, he could ask about the door. See what other people think? Seems like something he would do.]

What do you guys think of the door then? Reminds me of Operation Cobra back in Storybrooke.
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[The video flickers on clumsily. It shifts around for a few seconds before focusing Blair witch style on Amy's face.]

So, I'm not sure what exactly that is, but I think I might need some help. If anyone can spare a minute.

[And then it flickers to the giant lumbering beast bearing down on her as the hallway dances in and out of view.]

Please. [She shouts the last bit.] I'm not sure where exactly I am, but I'm pretty sure I'm still on the first floor.

[Amy's nothing if not helpful :3]
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[There's a very well-dressed young man on the feed, looking a little confused, even though he's had some things explained to him.]

"Wonderland"- it does not seem like a very wonderful place if people are brought here against their will. I would say it's nice to meet all of you, but... well, the circumstances could be better. My name is Simon; for those of you who know River Tam, I am her older brother. I'd like to thank everyone who had shown her kindness thus far, because I know it can't have been easy for her to be separated from me. As much as I dislike the idea of being trapped here, at least we are together, I suppose.

[A pause as he considers what else to say.]

Are we expected to take up employment? I am a doctor, and I would prefer to not remain idle while I am here.
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[thanks to his conversation with Martha, Whale is going outside the box with guessing the riddles. If he gets it wrong, no big deal here. No regrets from him. So he stands in front of the door in his stolen clothes from his real self, and sings to it.

Yes. He is singing to the door. Just to see what happens. When he's finished and nothing's happened, he gives it some thought]

Perhaps you prefer the Ave Maria?
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[It's a short video this time. Dean's onscreen with a shotgun resting on his shoulder, face serious.]

First of all, a big thanks to the jackass who decided to poke the door with a stick. Really awesome, solid work on that one. Great going.

[He is just so unbelievably sarcastic about that. Really. You don't even know.]

Everyone else, get up to the bar. Lock the doors, pile the tables in front of it and sit tight

[Text to Sam.]

I think you better sit this one out, man.

[ooc: I asked around and people seemed in favor of the idea of one great big organized post with subsections, so feel free to keep your Bandersnatch shenanigans in here, or ignore it completely and do your own post thang!]
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[John's looking a little shaken and out of breath. It's not clear where he is, other than inside, but based on the relative quiet it's clear he isn't anywhere near the butterscotch bandersnatch. John forces a smile but it doesn't meet his eyes.]

Hhhey, guys! So, um, I don't know how many of you are barricaded up at this point, but if any of you are out in the rest of the mansion and need a rescue or something, two things:

[He points the camera at a nearby mirror, which has a great big arrow in blue dry erase marker drawn on it. He then directs the camera down the hall, showing that it is one of many arrows, all directing the same way.

John turns the camera back on himself, gesturing with his chin at the mirrors that are now off-screen.]

My mirror's trying to tell us which way it's going. These are from a few minutes ago. If you see these, try to go in the opposite direction! If you can get up or down stairs, that'd probably be for the best!

Otherwise, if you can even just turn your camera on and give me an idea of where you are, I'll come drag you out of there or distract him or something! I'm pretty fast and my wind powers can help, a little. I mean, most animals don't like getting air blown in their face!

[Awkward laughter. Awkward laughter!

And then some rumbling and John looking off-screen again, presumably at another message from the mirrorside.]

Yeah, okay, let me know if you need me!

[The transmission ends.]

[[OOC: Post messages for John in here and we can start a thread in Dean's big post for him actually coming to rescue anyone!]]


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