Jun. 16th, 2013

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[ Everyone's so busy ducking shadows and spilling secrets around here! So, have a Winchester, looking to mix things up. ]

Funny thing about these guys is, they may know our weaknesses, but we know some of their's, too. Like, silver--

[ Silver? If you're thinking knives and bullets, don't. Because the video turns from Sam's half amused, half still secretly very worn down expression to the shadow version of the man, who's tied up nice and tight in a chair, mouth sealed up with some duct tape. ]

Anyway, you don't have to deal with them if you know all their--

[ Tricks? Speaking of, that surly-looking shadow in the background seems to know Sam's, as previously mentioned. And springs out of his bindings to tussle with the original, so clunk goes the device. ]
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[The sounds of a room getting violently trashed echo across the corridor of the  fifth floor. John doesn't have too much in his room, but everything that's there MUST SUFFER. 

Because that goddamn thing just won't.shut.up, and even worse - it won't die. He's been cooped up in his room since it emerged, terrified of the prospect of anyone hearing what that thing has to  say, terrified by the sight of those yellow eyes looking calmly back at him from his own face.

The last time his eyes gleamed yellow, his sons almost died. 

And as if things weren't bad enough, the device that's landed somewhat safely on his bed decides that the world needs to be privy to his meltdown, and it needs to see it in full video. From its angle, it catches two sets of legs with some of the torso, identically clad. One is moving almost frantically, and hurls a nightstand against the other; a nightstand that just bounces back and smashes against the wall, as words are continually spoken in an irritating calmness.]

She'll never love you, you know. Neither will they. Nobody loves a broken man, he only gets just enough pets to keep him calm, like an old mutt who won't stop pissing on the carpet.

I told you - 

And one of these days, they're gonna get damn tired of cleanin' that mess up, 

to shut the hell up already!  [a chair goes the same way as the nightstand]

 you know they will. And you know what happens to an old dog who outlives his use. The only decent thing left for you to do is save th- 

[A lamp is thrown and crashes into the device when it boomerangs off the shadow, crashing it to the floor and cutting the feed.

Outside room 112, noises can still be heard.]

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[ the voice message is quick, but he sounds tired and run-down and just a bit cranky. ]

Is there any chance anyone's found a way t'keep these damn creatures from makin' noise? Mine's not exactly the best conversationalist. I'll take a wild guess of "no", but. Better t'ask than assume in this particular situation.

[ the message ends abruptly once some odd noise in the background kicks up. it sounds almost like whale song.. ]
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Hey! Let go of me, you creep!

[The feed flickers on, and it catches the Once-ler (or rather the Once-lers) as they make their way down the hall. The one with the yellow eyes is dragging the original by the wrist, towards the exit.]

I can't believe the nerve of that guy! He's going to corner the Wonderland market, and then where will we be? We'll be back at square one, because that weirdo in the mask is going to steal all of our customers!

[He's talking, of course, about this weirdo in a mask, but the real Once-ler looks unsure.]

Uh...we're not even selling the same things though? It's not like he's selling more Thneeds.

No, but Thneeds can do anything, so every item he sells is taking money out of your pocket! You've done a pretty good job of that yourself though - what the heck were you thinking, trying to teach anyone to knit? If they can knit then they won't need a Thneed! Idiot.

Hey, that's not...! ...well. [Maybe that's kind of true. He'll just change the subject.] Where are we even going anyway?

The Vendors. Progress is progress, and progress must grow - and it's not going to grow with you in charge. We're going to go sell some more of your stupid memories for Truffula tufts. Maybe then you'll actually be able to put together a decent inventory.

[Well, that makes the Once-ler tug harder against his Shadow.]

H-Hey, you can't do that! They're my memories!

[But his Shadow just scoffs.] Whatever - they're my memories too. And if I didn't push you into it, you'd be doing it yourself later. You already did it once, remember?

[Of course, the Once-ler is still protesting, but by now they're no longer in view of the camera. People are welcome to reply by video, run into them somewhere in the mansion, or even run into them down on the grounds before or after their little shopping trip at the vendors.
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[He'd been pretty good about avoiding people as best he could ever since his 'double' had shown up, which was a pretty extraordinary feat for Sirius Black. But it had been days now and, as surprised as he was at his own patience, it was wearing dangerously thin.

When he turns on the feed he's sitting in his room with a clearly exasperated look on his face.]

So nothing works on them and they won't stay gone if you try to lose them.

How long do these things usually last? Feels like-

[There's movement behind him and his shadow with his eerie yellow eyes peaks over his shoulder and gives the device a look of utter disdain.]

Turned to others for company, have you? Why bother, they're all worthless lowlifes anyway, hardly worth anyone's time at all, let alone ours.

[The real Sirius' jaw tightens in an obvious show of restraint. No reaction, a reaction is exactly what it wants and that's exactly what he's not going to give it. Really, it's just like dealing with his family.]

In fact, while we're on the subject, you should find yourself some new friends, the atrocities you keep around hardly count. One of them is a bloodtraitor and the other is no more than a useless mongrel not fit to be your pet.

[And just like that, his strained patience snaps and whatever chair he was sitting in topples over as he turns and punches his shadow in the face. He'd never liked dealing with his family.

Angrily, he switches off the device, not even caring about answers right now. Right now he needs to punch his own pretty face in.]


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