Jun. 21st, 2013


Jun. 21st, 2013 09:40 am
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[Elizabeth looks a little panicked.]

Mr. Dewitt? Mr. Dewitt??

Where is he?

Has anyone seen Mr. Dewitt? I can't find him anywhere and he won't answer me!
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I've, ah-

[Give the camera a moment to steady, just so Evelyn can set it up properly. It took her a bloody long time to figure out how to make her missives private or 'locked,' as it were, so she's happy to finally be able to use this skill.]

...I've been doing some research lately- [Which shouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows her.] -and I've been wondering:

[A beat.]

Does anyone know anything about plasmids?
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[The feed turns on to Annie's bright, smiling face. Behind her is the Wonderland Clinic, and it's practically shining with how clean it is. All of the beds are made up, the shelves are stocked and organized and the floor would probably squeak if anyone were to walk across it. Except no one's walking across it. Because it's empty.

And usually Annie wouldn't mind something like that, because, whatever she can read a book or something to keep occupied, but every time she takes her shift at the clinic, it's completely empty. It's like people know she's going to be there so they don't get hurt. Well, no that's stupid, and she knows that's stupid, but... she doesn't want to sit alone in the clinic! That's weird and kinda lame, and Annie has friends, okay! She does! So, she smiles into the device.]

Hey guys!! Um, just here to remind you that the Clinic is open and I'm on duty, if you're like, hurt or something and need help. Or if you just wanna talk! I won't bite, I promise.

[She laughs, because she's funny, okay???]

Anyway, I'm here for a few more hours, so you should drop by!
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[After the last several times of visiting the kitchen for an evening cup of tea or other similarly soothing drink, Valjean opted for a different part of the mansion, simply because a change of scene was something he desired at this particular moment.

Except it was hardly a literal change of pace, since Wonderland was lacking in entirely new places to visit. But then again, Valjean was not exactly seeking out a brand new area to wander. The hallways and corridors of the mansion were enough for him.

His steps took him through various rooms and locations, but he barely paid attention to them. The walls were hardly interesting, after all.

But perhaps someone would come along who would remove him from his quiet state of reverie.]


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