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Dead AU Tara; Action

[Tara is seven years old. She's sitting Indian-style in a beanbag in a basement. Her face is beat-up, some cuts, mostly bruises and burns. He could do more to her face as it became clear there'd be no use in her hiding what happened anymore. He'd made his decision and there was no one to stop him.

No one did.

She's all cried out. At some point she put a bandage over some of the cuts, but she knows there's no point anymore. They don't even bleed.]
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[Lithuania will stop a few feet away from her, not sure if he should approach further. Keeping his distance until he has this figured out. He's not sure if she needs help, if there is a way to help her, because this even seems to shift and change everything, reality and knowledge, within a few seconds anytime it pleases to do so.

He's been searching for Poland.

Maybe... He doesn't dare to hope, but maybe. Yet, what he found is this child. And he's sure that this is not his memory. Cannot be. The surroundigns don't match up. So it must be hers, considering that he cannot see anyone around.]
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I'm not sure.

[He simply sits own where he is to show her that he has no intention of coming closer without her consent.]

But I seem to be here because we have met before, or at least that seems to be a common theme so far.
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Yours would be weird in my time, too.

Well, the time that I am from originally, that is. Right now... [Who even knows what time they are in.]
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I'm Lithuania, by the way. [He smiles at her, the same smile that he would give an injured soldier or traumatized civilian.] What's your name?
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I'm not sure what that is. I'm a nation. Male. Brown-haired. A knight. [He tilts his head slightly, unsure if that answered her question.]

Is Chicken a nickname?
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I'm not sure what stories you know, but I guess so.