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[Xephos had expected magma. He had expected wires and pipes and electronics and most of all he had expected Honeydew at the very least to be right there with him. Alone in the woods was most certainly not at all what he had expected at all

The camera shows one William Riker of the USS Enterprise standing in the woods, looking rather lost and confused. He may look like the starship commander, but he most certainly does not sound like him.]

Wha-this isn’t the Nether. Simon? Simon! Oh, this is absolutely ridiculous! Is this the spawn point? How did I die?! I don’t remember dying! I was just… Is this… is this near Terrorvale? Was Terrorvale near the forest biome? How did... I can’t believe this! Are you in the Nether? Actually, can I teleport to the Nether from here? Hold on.

[He stands still for a moment then throws his arms up in the air.]

Great, just great. Something’s wrong; I’m not an op anymore. Simon, can you even hear me? I can’t teleport to you and it’s getting dark… Oh, look at this, I have absolutely nothing! No coal, no sword, no tools! I cannot believe this!

[Xephos walks over to the nearest tree and starts to punch it.]

Punch tree, punch tree-Eeaaah~! What's wrong with the trees?

[He tries other trees with much the same result, shaking his poor hands.]

Oh, God. I am so screwed! Why can’t I punch these trees down?! [whine] Oh my God, Simon, what has gone wrong with my client? Notch!

[Not able to punch the trees down, Xephos goes for the only logical step left: dig down deep to bury himself underground for safety. He crouches and furiously digs at the earth. There is a lot of whining and pretend heavy breathing involved.]

I can’t punch through the dirt? Oh, God, this is going to take ages! Why is everything so nerfed?!

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