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Helen Magnus (Normandy) ([personal profile] absolutelynot) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2013-04-15 03:51 pm

001 | video;

[ talk about a bad day. honestly, helen isn't entirely sure what to make of this, whether it's some lovely trick of the nazis or another abnormal or just her bad day. maybe it's some combination. either way, she is in some strange place -- yet again -- and in possession of some sort of new communicator device the likes of which she's never before seen. she's lucky she can figure out how to work it.

for a moment, she pauses, more to catch her breath and poise than anything else, so that when she finally addresses whoever is in charge, she's calm and collected. as much as she can be after what she's just been through. anyone from earth will more than recognize her very obviously british accent. ]

I don't normally go into something new making demands until I've properly discovered all possible intelligence reports on what I'm about to go into. In fact, I hardly go anywhere without some sort of intelligence. [ even looking for king tut's tomb had been on some intel. granted, it hadn't been much, but some was better than none at all. ] So, I'll give you one chance to tell me as much as you know about where I am before I find my way back to England without your help or permission. I doubt you want to go through that after what happened to your elemental.

For anyone who is listening, my name is Dr. Helen Magnus. [ because that is important in case one of korba's idiots has her somewhere, though why they wouldn't have imprisoned her again, she isn't sure. ] I have something rather important to attend to, so I won't be staying. I do look forward to hearing from you.

Good day. [ though she doesn't particularly sound or look pleased about this. it is, however, the last she will say until someone coughs up an explanation. ]

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