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action/accidental video

[The sounds of a room getting violently trashed echo across the corridor of the  fifth floor. John doesn't have too much in his room, but everything that's there MUST SUFFER. 

Because that goddamn thing just won't.shut.up, and even worse - it won't die. He's been cooped up in his room since it emerged, terrified of the prospect of anyone hearing what that thing has to  say, terrified by the sight of those yellow eyes looking calmly back at him from his own face.

The last time his eyes gleamed yellow, his sons almost died. 

And as if things weren't bad enough, the device that's landed somewhat safely on his bed decides that the world needs to be privy to his meltdown, and it needs to see it in full video. From its angle, it catches two sets of legs with some of the torso, identically clad. One is moving almost frantically, and hurls a nightstand against the other; a nightstand that just bounces back and smashes against the wall, as words are continually spoken in an irritating calmness.]

She'll never love you, you know. Neither will they. Nobody loves a broken man, he only gets just enough pets to keep him calm, like an old mutt who won't stop pissing on the carpet.

I told you - 

And one of these days, they're gonna get damn tired of cleanin' that mess up, 

to shut the hell up already!  [a chair goes the same way as the nightstand]

 you know they will. And you know what happens to an old dog who outlives his use. The only decent thing left for you to do is save th- 

[A lamp is thrown and crashes into the device when it boomerangs off the shadow, crashing it to the floor and cutting the feed.

Outside room 112, noises can still be heard.]

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[Well, this one is interesting. Death can tell by looking who this is even without a name in front of him. Listening to this is rather entertaining. He does finally speak, his voice calm and even.]

You seem to be having a difficult time to say the least. From this angle, it appears to be an all-out war on yourself.
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[Oh, this is going to be fun. Death's face does not change much, not even a tick in his eyebrow.]

Eloquent text aside on your part, your friend there appears to be holding some sort of grudge with you. Not so pleasant to have your dirty laundry thrown in your face, is it?

[Commentary is just part of the full Death experience.]

I probably could stop it for you, but I do not feel all that compelled to. You have a reputation. I'm sure you can pull yourself out of it.
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[Death does not take demands too well...and he is always an ass, John.]

I know everybody's reputation and no amount of threats on any level mean a thing to me.

[Is that another crash? If only he cared about any of that. The Winchesters do have a reputation of being demanding. John is taking the cake.]

And what's in it for me if I get rid of it?


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:D Still video

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Oh I do >[

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Keep trying then~

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[The terrible connection distorts Scarecrow's voice even more than usual. He cackles, quietly, at the video, but his mirth is short-lived as his Shadow joins in.]

You can't kill it.

You'd have to kill yourself.
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Oh, how marvelous, is that how you respond to everything you don't like? Threaten to kill it? I can think of so many patterns that speaks of— do you also have trouble backing down from—

[Scarecrow, the real one, makes a vaguely angry sound in his throat. His Shadow is far too mouthy.]

I'd like to see you try and find me, with ten floors, little man. How is your method of dealing with your Shadow going? Not well, I think.

Perhaps you should simply ignore it. Or take the basest parts of its wisdom to heart.


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[As much as he'd like to run to the rescue and prove himself by helping his dad kick the shit out of his shadow, there are a few things holding him back. Number one, he sure as hell doesn't want his father to hear what his has to say. Number two, kicking the ass of something that's identical to his father is a little too Twilight Zone.

But he's gotta set a few things straight.]

You get not a goddamn piece of that is true, right? None of it. Mom loves you. So do we.
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[This is exactly why he taped over the camera on his phone the second this goddamn event started. There was no way in hell Dad or Sam or Cas or anyone should have to hear whatever this version of himself has to say.

Of course, of course John blows him off. He sighs, rolls his eyes to the ceiling for a second.]

It's called an Event. They happen every two weeks or so, fueled by the mansion. Managed to figure out they're inspired by memories. The mansion plucks it outta someone's head and turns it loose on the residents. Far as we can tell there's no stopping them. Ran the drill. Tried to have Cas teleport us away from them. Tried locking them up, shutting them down, nothing. Only thing for it is to wait it out.


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[audio] but can we juggle TWO threads now

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Need help?


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[Even without checking the network, Jo can hear the racket from her own room a few doors down. The message itself does catch her interest when she sees it; though no two Shadows are exactly alike, she can empathize. They all seem to know just how to push the buttons of their original, how best to get under the skin.

She bites at her lower lip, debating whether or not she should answer at all. They're not close. In fact, things are tense between them -- they haven't had a proper reunion, and when they do, she knows they'll have a hell of a lot to talk about. But not saying anything? That feels wrong.]

I've found that locking them in the closet works pretty well. For a little while, at least.

[From somewhere behind her, muffled thumping can be heard.]
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[As far as advice goes, it's not much, but she had to say something. She presses her lips together and turns off her video feed, opting to follow his lead and switch to text.]

Are you okay over there? Do you need help?

[Things between them were awkward at best, but she had to offer. It was right to do so.]


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[action] (I actually don't know if anyone shared angel wardings with John, but I can edit)

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[Dean is secure, for now. So are Castiel's other charges, and it leaves him the capacity to check on everyone he has no love for.

And in some cases, can't even muster indifference.

Still, for better or for worse, this man is Dean's father, and that connection is enough for Castiel to investigate the noise so easily heard. Unfortunately for both of them, doors don't do much to stop an angel, and neither does anything else John could attempt to use against Castiel.

Also unfortunately for Castiel, this means he arrives with a flutter of wings only to have some flying object hit him in the face.

It's all a cosmic joke he can't find funny, really.

Castiel staggers and rightens himself a glare in John's direction. His yellow eyed double stands stiff, chin raised. Defiant. At attention.]

This wouldn't have happened had you not broken rank.
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[action] awesome <3 more hateship for us! \o/

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[And oh, Castiel would like to see John try that, he really would. There is nothing the human could do to him that the angel would feel concerned about... yet. Once his Grace fades away some more, it might be a different matter entirely.]

You're Dean's father. While I don't care about you I'd rather not deal with his sulking should you get hurt. You're aware, I hope, that the temper tantrum has no use against the creature.

Dean would blame you. Your refusal to put the human in palce only encourages him to treat you like his personal attack dog.