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captain's log ✰ two ✰ video

[ Someone's gotten more used to his life in Wonderland. At least so far. He's figured out the communicator, even though he's been irritated that he hasn't had any luck with changing the way it communicates. There's nothing scientific about this place. It's all magic and fantasy and things that don't make a whole lot of sense. Well, like this. He's never had difficulty with seeing things that shouldn't be there, but it surprisingly doesn't seem to bother him. ]

Not really surprised you've managed to end up here, are you? Following in his footsteps. What an afterlife, eh?

[ Another him. Two Kirks, together, one with a passively blank expression, avoiding the other. There's a frustrating tension, an anger that eases at his brows, furrowed against his eyes. ] Look. I did what I could. What I had to do. There wasn't exactly a whole lot of options was there?

He would've done the same thing, in fact, he did didn't he? What did you expect? That you'd be any differe-

There's a difference.

Nothing that stands out to me. He abandoned your entire family. Congratulations, you did the same to yours. What family you have, anyway.

But they're alive. So that's what matters.

Alive because you abandoned them.

Look. I don't know what you're doing here. I don't know why - [ he gestures wildly towards his room, the castle, the grounds, everything ] - I'm here. Why I'm not for some reason buried six feet under somewhere. I probably should be, I'm not arguing that. I don't know if my ship or my crew even exist in this world somewhere. But there's no way you're going to make me regret my decision. We would have died either way. [ He's getting emotional, he's getting infuriated, angry. ] What my father - [ He says the word like it's disgusting, like he doesn't like to think about it. ] did, could have been avoided by him disengaging and getting the hell out of there while he still could. The ship would have been destroyed either way.

Convinced yourself yet, Jim? Happy father's day.

[ The real Jim Kirk is rubbing his eyes, rubbing his eyes hard enough in hopes that this shadow of himself goes away, sinking into the chair in his room. He's got a headache that could kill, and if he thinks it would do anything he would've punched the other Kirk by now. ] Yeah. You too, asshole.
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[video] brace for tl;dr ahaha I'm so sorry

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[Under normal circumstances, this would've been a text, but the last time Sherlock had tried to send one of those, he and his double had only ended up fighting over the device. So here you are, Jim: double the inquisitory stare, and two instances of a perhaps uncomfortably familiar face. It's the yellow-eyed doppelganger which speaks first.]

Textbook. Uninteresting except where the underlying problem is compounded by said father's loss, probably at an early age, thus the unrealistic aggrandizement and idolization, tempered by resentment. Clearly a great deal of resentment, that's why the fighting; obvious, and we know, don't we? Textbook, boring, but we'd not be bothering to say anything at all if we weren't curious, would we, no point if we already understand, but we don't, isn't as though our father was ever worth idolizing and his was probably as thoroughly predictable as he is so why bother thinking--

Thank you for that startling insight into the depths of your psyche, but I suggest--

--about him at all? Startling, startling? Startlingly obvious, daddy issues in the strutting captain; hardly a surprise, is it? Everybody's got those, not even worth dwelling upon, though more interesting than the stain on the carpet earlier -- coffee, you remember the smell and the shape -- one on the wallpaper in 221B, Mrs. Hudson, startled by a client, not even a good case, the one with the idiot girl who'd misplaced her husband; or rather, he'd misplaced himself, intentionally, obvious within the first ten seconds by the way she wore her hair compared to the style of her ring, not at all compatible but they'd gone on with it anyway; why do people do that? Isn't as though being around most people is nice enough to be worth the trouble, is it? Sentiment, must be-- oh, there you are: sentiment. That's why the father is--

--I suggest you do your best to ignore it. Don't expect it drives you to stalk about talking to yourself when it's in your head -- or at least I should hope it doesn't -- so: can't see why it should now. Best you don't let on any more than you can help over the network.
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video; no worries :)

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Nobody's is.

Nobody's brain is as chatty as ours, is it? Hardly even saying all the things I could; no mouth in the world could keep up with us. Doesn't stop, either, so I don't get to stop. Nobody knows, do they, nobody realises what it's like, all so normal, no idea what it's like when we get bored. Then it's even worse, then it's all the thoughts but none of the content, just the scratches on the floor and what they mean, which doesn't matter, and the pipes tapping in the walls, never shutting up, tea kettle, street outside, people chattering in the next flat over, a bloody bird somewhere, dogs barking; and that's just sounds, you see; it's everything, and you lot can't begin to imagine.

As espionage tactics go it's rather a clever one.

[Sherlock pauses, and the double, for once, is morosely silent.]

I bloody well hope this is an espionage tactic, anyway; else it's just pointlessly annoying.
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[The connection is very buzzy and distorted, and so the Scarecrow's voice is rather monstrous as a result. Not quite as monstrous as his Shadow's, though.]

Noisy little things, aren't they?

How could you possibly dislike me? I'm you.
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Tried. Failed.

It'd be like killing yourself without actually killing yourself, you know. Impossible.

Yes. [Now the one that sounds less like a leer is impatient.] Mechanical, chemical, automatic. Nothing seems to work.
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If it's like any other event here, it will.


[There's a giggle from the Shadow, more distorted than the real Scarecrow.]
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I hardly think God has much to do with it. What is the God in Wonderland? Insanity? Are we gods?

[Scarecrow snorts, almost derisive.]

I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again. Or... not, as the case may be.
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[She doesn't know Jim Kirk that well, but she helped him with his communicator that one time. And this whole video has been one awkward moment after another, so she feels bad for him. Even her shadow feels bad and awkward for what she just witnessed, and both Claras just stand there, side by side.]

You don't have to convince anyone. Not even yourself.
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[Clara will try to ignore it too. For his sake.]

Know what works wonders in times like this? Not talking about anything related to feelings and being active.

[She's already been swimming and out for a nice walk through the forest, and managed to ditch her shadow for a short period of time. It looks like he could use the time away, too.]

Heard some people are able to shove theirs in the cupboards, if that helps any.
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[They've never spoken before, but Emma is intimately familiar with the struggle that comes with combating that kind of guilt. More than once in the not-so-distant past, she's asked herself what might have happened if she'd just done a few things different. Who might still be alive. Who might still be whole.

Even if you're sure that what you did was the only way, that it was the absolute best that you could have done, there's always that doubt. You can be okay on the outside and still have that pressing on you.]


[It's not a very eloquent greeting, but eloquence has never been her game.]

Try not to let it get to you, if you can. Easier said than done, I know, but--

Do you really think giving him that kind of crap advice is going to help anything? You just want to make yourself feel better about your own shit choices.

[She grimaces.]

They're a real trip, aren't they?
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It's not much, I know, but it helps a little to know that they're making all of us miserable, right?

[The look on his face isn't entirely lost on her. She may not know the reasoning behind it, but she takes note of it and shifts uncomfortably, wondering if it's this brief exchange that's made him look so spooked or something she might have missed beforehand. The Shadows do have that effect on people.]

What are you staring at, huh?
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I don't think you do. Lots of people around here. Hard to get to meet everyone as soon as they turn up.

[She smiles grimly.]

Emma. Emma Swan. Nice to meet you, Jim.
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Trust me. I've had more 'weird' in the past year than most people see in a lifetime. Lay it on me. Can't get much weirder than being stuck in Wonderland.

[Seriously. Consider where they are.]
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Yeah? Maybe I've just got one of those faces.

[She smiles a little, humoring him. There are plenty of people out there who resemble others, right?]

Hopefully one you liked, at least.
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Hey, you don't have to apologize. Trust me. I know all about weird. No stranger to it. Besides, if I saw someone who looked familiar, I would probably do a double-take, too.

[She pauses for a moment. He seems really hung up on just how weird he thinks it is. She has to ask.]

Just out of curiosity -- how similar are we talking, here?
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Oh, jeez. That must be awkward -- I mean, this has to be awkward for you.

[She winces. Sorry, pal.]

Yeah, I definitely get why it's weird. On some level, I can kind of relate.

[She's never met her parents' doppelgangers, but her parents are her age. That's definitely weird.]
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[She raises an eyebrow, a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips.]

As far as pickup lines, I've heard worse.

[She pauses, but only for dramatic effect, because she continues on with:]

But not much worse. It's all right. I'll give you a free pass this time. Unforseeable awkward situation and all. Gives you time to work on your game.

Oh, come on. You're going to lead him on like that?

[She deflates, if only slightly. The situation was odd enough that she had almost forgotten about that annoying Shadow.]

And hell, if we hadn't made it awkward, our doppelgangers would. [She gestures vaguely towards her double behind her. What a peach.]
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[She winces a little on his behalf. This is getting painful to watch.]

You know what? Don't worry about it. Next time we talk, clean slate.

[And no Shadows, God willing.]

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to keep off the network until they beat it, at this point.