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Mikan Tsumiki ([personal profile] naughty_nurse) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2016-02-01 06:50 pm


Excuse me... I'm terribly sorry for bothering a-all of you, but, um... it's February. I think. I mean, it's hard t-to keep track of time here, with events, and losing memories... b-but I think it's February, since Christmas was two months ago...

Anyway, I... I wanted to make Christmas cake for th-those who have been so nice to me, but, um, that didn't... work out... So I thought I'd give i-it another try, this time with Valentine's Day chocolate. I kn-know it's not until the fourteenth, but things could h-happen, so I wanted to be p-prepared... So... I'm going to be making chocolate every day until after the fourteenth! Th-that way, I won't have a chance to miss it.

And I know you can simply... w-wish for chocolates here, but, I, I wanted to show my appreciation to everyone who has been so kind to me here. I've never known so m-many nice people before... so... i-if you'll accept them, I w-want to give you chocolate!

... Oh, but, um, if you want some anyway, even if you d-don't know me, you can have them.

[For those who'd like to play out Action, she will indeed be in the kitchen every day from feb 1 to feb 14!]

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