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[River has done everything you are supposed to do. She has wandered the grounds, played with the fish, admired the flowers, then suddenly took notice of the giant mansion that had been looming at the corner of her eye the entire time. She then dutifully entered and took a long walk straight to an empty room. Because that's what she's supposed to do.

It's then that she addresses the communicator that's been in her hand the whole time.

everyone gets bored always saying the same things
i got told i wont wake up and this planets in a corner of the verse no one can reach
no need to threaten anyone

[She pauses to gather her thoughts. There are a lot of them and some of them aren't hers and those ones are making her brain itchy. She's trying her best to be clear.]

people say strange things that have nothing to do with this place
but thats only as important as you make it
whats important is

[What is important? River is not sure she even knows. She scratches at her head and continues.]

too empty for a place thats full
wish i was lost

[That's enough for now. She hits send and leaves the room, and sets off wandering the mansion the way she did the grounds. Her footsteps are heavy in their big combat boots, but she gives a kind of grace to it regardless. She can be found anywhere, looking very lost with big confused eyes that stare like she's constantly in the headlights. She pointedly avoids the labs and the clinic, but has no qualms stepping into, say, the bar or the magic study, although she has no place in either. She touches things a lot.]
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[Chloe's pointed look at Max is met by a sharper one in return. When it comes to these two best friends, River isn't the only mind-reader. Yes Chloe, we're going to take care of the crazy kid, and she's definitely not staying in your room.

..Not that Max would be staying in the same room as River for long. Unless the girl really wants company, which Max kind of doubts. She wants to help, sure. Just as long as this doesn't turn into another Chara incident.]

I don't doubt it, River. [She smiles encouragingly at the River as they make their way along the hall. The stairs are nearby, so pretty soon she starts to climb them.]
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[Chloe follows Max and River up to the stairs until they reach the third floor. Max's and Chloe's rooms are just a few feet from the staircase so Chloe is able to easily spot the numbers 307 and 308 from the distance. She stops in front of 307-- Max's room-- and turns the knob.]

Home sweet home, ladies.
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[Why? Max misunderstands the question. She gestures through the door.] It's safer here.

[But the memory of why she's doing it is there. A classmate, Nathan Prescott- mentally disturbed, misunderstood- no one actually helping him, really listening- to the point that he became dangerous- that he shot Chloe, that blue-haired girl standing behind her.

That's why Max wants to make sure someone helps this time.

And that's why neither girl wants to stay in the same room as River, too.]
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[Chloe is struggling to keep her cool. She really is not in the mood for a pep talk.The last time she was with someone crazy, she ended up drugged and on the floor, with a camera pointed at her face. Chloe's not exactly keen on being buds with someone as cray-cray as Nathan right now. The sooner they get in the room, the sooner this will all be over.]

It would be a lot safer if we weren't just standing like a bunch of idiots outside the room.

[She enters the room and takes out a box of cigarettes and a lighter from Max's closet (she left her other pack in her room) and lights up one cigarette. Chloe slowly exhales a puff of smoke and turns to face the window. A little R'n'R in case all hell breaks loose later on.]

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[Max glances first at Chloe (looking for support, and wondering if the blue-haired girl is pissed off), then at River. Slowly Max sits on the bed next to her, and with great care lays a gentle hand on the girl's shoulder.]

No biggie. I guess we're kind of used to 'not safe.' [Max glances again at Chloe, with a small smirk.]

We'll just be across the hall, okay? Room 208. And you can stay here as long as you want.