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[text/action] better luck next timeline

[It's late afternoon when Sans goes and knocks on Papyrus's door. Nothing important--just wanted to say hi, bother his brother a little like usual, maybe chat. Only the door is unlocked.]

[And the room beyond is empty. As if no one ever lived there at all.]

[Ah. Alright, then.]

[He loses track of time, just standing in Papyrus's old room, hands in his pockets, not really moving.]

[An hour or so later he figures he should probably let people know. So he makes a very simple text post.]

papyrus is gone.

[Then he leaves.]


[He sticks a post-it note on his door that says gone fishin'.]

[It's evening when Sans goes to the beach. He even has a fishing pole--a guy named Death taught him to fish one time--but he's not doing anything with it. It's mostly just there to complete the joke.]

[He sits at the edge of the water for hours, watching the sun set.]

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[It was a beautiful sunset, wasn't it? The light dancing across the water, the waves lapping against the shore... It was a bit too cold to be going to the beach, but Dorian felt like walking along the shoreline this evening to take in the view.]

[He sees someone near the water, carrying a fishing pole, staring off into space. Curious, Dorian strolls up to the man, going to introduce himself, when upon further inspection, he realizes the man is literally skeletal. A jolt of fright shoots down his spine, only to fade into guilt as he remembers another incident in Neverland he would rather forget.]

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[His voice sounds much gentler than the kid from Neverland. In fact, should Sans care to look, he would find an fancy young adult instead of a ruthless child.]

Nothing much, really...

Mind if I join you?

[This does look like a good place to sit and chill.]

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[They muster the ability to feel something in response. They search for something inside them that allows them to feel anything, anything at all. Melancholia. Mourning. Regret. Remorse. Even guilt. They always feel guilty about everything, don't they?

But there's nothing. Or if there is anything, it's so small and insubstantial that there might as well not be.

Frisk would put out an effort. Frisk would try to say something.]


[There. That's a Frisklike thing to say, isn't it?

Yes. It is, they think. Even if it's not much.

Even if it might as well be nothing at all.]
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Hope he comes back.

[And they suppose they...do, even if it's just for Sans's sake. Because that will make him happy.]
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[She sees the message. Goes to find him, can't.

Instead, she takes the key he never took from her to feed 4. Goes in, pets the cat, and searches around for what she's looking for. Finds the picture frame she gave him months ago on his birthday, and sticks a USB in the side. Loads in some photos she never gave him. A selfie with Papyrus and Mettaton, waiting for him to get back, sitting in his room in a circle with peace signs. Pictures of the three of them she insisted on taking after the Deep Roads, all sitting in a pile, looking tired as hell. As many as she has with Papyrus in them that weren't blurry, and even a couple that are, because Sans or her looks hilarious.

She leaves one, printed, on the bed for him when he gets back. The three of them, at Summerween, dressed like heroes. All smiling.

She pets 4 again, and leaves, takes in Papyrus' empty room for herself, and goes back.]
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They don't feel anything in particular about this. Papyrus is gone. Oh well. Forgettable.

They guess, on some detached observational level, Sans is probably going to be a mess about it.

Don't feel anything in particular about that, either.

But Frisk would, if it hadn't been for Chara. Frisk would have been rushing to the side of a beloved friend. Maybe Alphys will do it, instead. Maybe Sans has some other friends. He's been around longer than anyone else from the Underground.

Ha. Funny how Sans had pinned them as the "because you can, you have to" type. Seems like "because nobody else can, you have do" does a much better job of motivating them.

It's a pain, honestly. It's inefficient. It's a waste of time. The note on his door saying "gone fishin'" is probably a lie. He's probably sitting in a diner or at a bar. The flowers they wanted aren't in season. Getting a handful of them required the closets. They'd wanted one in a pot, but all they could get were cut flowers. Oh well. He'd kill a houseplant, anyway. (Ha ha.) They waste time revisiting the pond where the narcissus and hydrangeas grow (much cleaner than the last time they visited, ha ha), but he's not there. They drag themselves to the beach next, and it's more luck than foreknowledge or deduction that lets them find him there.

They stop walking. A little too far away. Hold out the flowers, even if they're way out of arm's reach. They look like daisies, only light purple in hue. Like the color of a royal robe.]

Michaelmas daisies.

Aster amellus.

[Aster. Maybe that's more in poor taste than anything.]

For a farewell or departure.
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Sans wouldn't know that daffodils are poisonous. Sans doesn't know about buttercups. He can't know. He can't. He couldn't even identify flowers that were right in front of him. How would he know? If Chara, who loved flowers, who spent hours in the garden with Asgore, hadn't known that using buttercups instead of butter would -


Of course.

They know how Frisk is with things like secrets and promises. It was probably for Chara's own good. It's only karmic justice if they receive judgment for it. It's admirable, in fact, that he would be so dedicated to his duty that he could continue to do so now.

They drop the flowers on the ground. Discard. Throw it on the ground like the garbage it is. Free space in your inventory again, room for something useful.]

Humans have no dust to spread. Their tradition is to leave flowers where they want to remember their loved ones.

I suppose that's irrelevant.

[They know where Papyrus is going back to, after all. They know he's dead, and they know exactly whose fault that is.

This was probably a mistake.]


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[He doesn't know much what to make of the message that flicks up on his phone screen. "Papyrus" - his brother, right? Even if the physics behind how skeletons can have brothers is a bit beyond him, it doesn't really matter. He wouldn't know what it's like to lose a sibling. He wouldn't even really know what it's like to lose a friend.

So he doesn't go out there for comfort. He doesn't go out there for much of anything. He honestly doesn't mean to stumble across the squat skeleton he remembers greeting on his arrival. Mostly he just wandered outside for a smoke and a moment to take in everything - to turn the tape over and over in his hand as he curses himself for not taking initiative and burning the damn thing already.

And lo and behold, there's the skeleton. Sans. He's sitting there with a fishing pole, and Tim stands there awkwardly with a cigarette stuck between his lips until finally he remembers himself, shoving the tape into his back pocket.

Will he be averse to company? Hopefully not.

He crunches across the sand until he's a pace or two behind the skeleton in question, exhaling a long plume of smoke.]

Pretty cold out.

[And then he looks down at himself, clad in nothing more than a t-shirt and jeans, and then at Sans, who's made of bones anyway. And then he sighs, and shakes his head.]

Guess that doesn't really matter.
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[Tim huffs a sound that could maybe be a laugh, if you're feeling creative. He wishes he knew how. He hunkers down in the sand beside Sans - maybe a half-step or so behind - and looks out across the water. Doesn't look at him directly.

He's not sure what to say.

Instead he takes another drag from his cigarette.]

Sorry about your brother. But you've probably heard that a bunch today already.


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[Mettaton is surprised by how much it hurts to receive that text. His SOUL flutters a bit, and he feels just a bit shaky. The beautiful bouquet that Papyrus gave him as an apology for missing his concert still sits on his desk. It had been so sweet. Papyrus had been so sweet.

He goes to Papyrus's room. Considers going in. He peeks in instead, hoping briefly that maybe this was a mistake. That Papyrus is still here. But the walls are empty, the floor bare. All is as it was stated. So he leaves after a moment's lingering, a hand holding a tiny bit too long onto the door frame as he goes.

From there he walks to Sans's room. He sees the note and considers leaving well enough alone. Sans probably needs some space right now. They're not supposed to be close friends anyway.

And yet. How would he feel, if the tables were turned? If it had been Napstablook who had left and Mettaton the grieving family member left behind? He wouldn't want to be alone. Sans probably is different, but...

After a bit of walking, he finds him on the beach. He notes the fishing pole, and can't stop a small, sad chuckle. Even when he is completely distraught, Sans still finds time to make sure his jokes land. They're more alike than Mettaton cares to admit sometimes. He sits down next to Sans.]

This sunset is really beautiful.
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[He sits there for a bit with him quietly. It feels unusual for Mettaton to be this way, but it also feels... right, somehow. It's like a quiet wake by the ocean side.

After a time, he speaks.]

If there is one good thing I can say about Wonderland, it's that beyond the events, it can give people who weren't happy back home a reprieve.

[Like Napstablook. Like Asgore. Like Toriel. He's not sure if Papyrus was the same way, but he wouldn't be surprised if he was.]

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He'd only met Papyrus once since he'd gotten here, but even that experience was... nice. And now he's gone, back home to... something. He still doesn't know how things are with their world, but.

He knows what it's like to lose family. When it's the only thing you have to keep you going.]


[He wants to be sure before he just barrels on out there.]
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[Space. He... he gets that. When you just need time to think, to process everything. But he can't help but still be a bit...




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I'm- sorry about your brother... Papyrus. I know how much you care about him.

If there's anything I can do to help, just... let me know?

[She'll wait patiently for a response, but won't push further if she doesn't get one.]
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[She's still reeling herself from Tali's departure- she knows what it means when someone leaves, even if she's not sure she's ready to say anything about it. Logically, Shepard knows it's not a loss. When she goes home, she'll see her again, and they'll be fine. They'll go into the final fight together.

But she's seen too much, has felt too many people leave her life too suddenly for it not to convince her panic reflex that she may never see her again. So she goes to the beach, because it's where she always goes when she needs to think, in absence of a person who used to calm her mind. Except... she's not alone. And ironically, this is the second time she's met him while trying to laugh off a pile of emotional turmoil. Great.

The beach isn't big enough that they could be at opposite ends and have it not be awkward that they're just sitting a few feet from each other. So instead, she walks up, arms crossed as she stands.]

Catch anything?
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[She snorts a little bit. He always did seem good for a laugh.]

Man, that's not even bait. Then again, I know damn nothing about fishing.

[She sits down, not too close, but not too far, knees pulled up but not hugging them.]

Sorry to interrupt. Felt like it'd be weird if we were sitting just barely apart from each other not talking. Only felt right to acknowledge you.

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