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sans ([personal profile] punful) wrote in [community profile] entranceway2016-11-23 03:12 pm

[text/action] better luck next timeline

[It's late afternoon when Sans goes and knocks on Papyrus's door. Nothing important--just wanted to say hi, bother his brother a little like usual, maybe chat. Only the door is unlocked.]

[And the room beyond is empty. As if no one ever lived there at all.]

[Ah. Alright, then.]

[He loses track of time, just standing in Papyrus's old room, hands in his pockets, not really moving.]

[An hour or so later he figures he should probably let people know. So he makes a very simple text post.]

papyrus is gone.

[Then he leaves.]


[He sticks a post-it note on his door that says gone fishin'.]

[It's evening when Sans goes to the beach. He even has a fishing pole--a guy named Death taught him to fish one time--but he's not doing anything with it. It's mostly just there to complete the joke.]

[He sits at the edge of the water for hours, watching the sun set.]

[ooc: sans will probably not be responding to messages]

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