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[How many days has this been going on, again? He isn't even sure any more. He sleeps, but it's not restful because he wakes up in another version of Wonderland every time and he's awake the whole time there and-- ay dios mio, everything's a mess. He's exhausted and has taken to mainlining coffee when he's awake just to attempt to function.

And misery loves company, right?]

Does anybody else feel like time and sleep have both lost all meaning by now? Because I'm not sure I know what either of them are any more. This has to end sometime, doesn't it? Come be miserably awake with me, Wonderland. At least if we're talking, we aren't sleeping and at least it's on our own terms. Or something. I don't know, I'm tired, come keep me virtual company.

[ooc; just so y'all know, if I make public posts, everyone feel free to threadjack everywhere to everyone all the time. I love that shit. Blow it up. I welcome it.]
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Get lucky enough to be in the same room as us any time soon and you can see it live. [Another thing he doesn't need a repeat of, but in a way there's almost a kind of familiarity to it.]

You ain't a good liar, anyone ever told you that?
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If it helps you, we kind of worked through it eventually. Partly. He's just not there yet. [A shrug.] Timelines.

[Did they work through it? In a way, perhaps. He wonders if Mick will ever forgive him, he knows he won't forgive himself. But they synced up again, for a while there, before he had to go full circle. Only one way he'd ever not have come back for him.]

Too good a liar? [He has to smirk, even if self-depreciating, given the current topic.] Often. Comes with the territory.
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You would be burned by that.

[He talks to the Flash.]

What's your view on spoilers?
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Join the club. [Less exclusive than one might think.

He pauses at the question. What did he have to tell him? Nothing. However...]

You get rich and successful and marry a model, gender unspecified. Just go with the flow.

[A roll of his eyes and he does some actual clarification.]

Nothing about you. Though if I did and it was bad, but it's true that you can't change nothing, won't remember back home, would you really wanna know?
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Yeah. Just gotta wonder how much of that is selfish. Not wanting to deal with the consequences. [He's already dealing with consequences. His whole body is. But having to deal with being the one to tell Mick what's going to happen? That was a great deal worse than some bruises.]

There's no definite answer. Thanks for your input. But, say, you're a smart one. Do you think there's any way whatever happens here could affect our timelines back home?
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Don't know about that. He's hurting either way.

[Even if Leonard is the one with the very noticeable bruises. But then, he hasn't said that he's not hurting. The bruises are the least part of it.]

Yeah, that's what I figure. It's not really in touch with out timelines, seems like. That's how you get dead people walking around.
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I've no idea. It takes away his agency. I got a nasty habit of doing that anyway, so it fits right in.

[His shrug is cut short when he winces, but he just moves past that, shifting a little to avoid a repeat of that.]

Guess so. Strange kinda afterlife too.
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Yeah, I'll see about that. Thanks.

[So helpful. Not that he's really depending on Cisco's advice here.]

See, I don't think I'd fit in at the pearly gates and I've never been a big fan of the heat, so this ain't the worst. Could do without some of those events.