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[How many days has this been going on, again? He isn't even sure any more. He sleeps, but it's not restful because he wakes up in another version of Wonderland every time and he's awake the whole time there and-- ay dios mio, everything's a mess. He's exhausted and has taken to mainlining coffee when he's awake just to attempt to function.

And misery loves company, right?]

Does anybody else feel like time and sleep have both lost all meaning by now? Because I'm not sure I know what either of them are any more. This has to end sometime, doesn't it? Come be miserably awake with me, Wonderland. At least if we're talking, we aren't sleeping and at least it's on our own terms. Or something. I don't know, I'm tired, come keep me virtual company.

[ooc; just so y'all know, if I make public posts, everyone feel free to threadjack everywhere to everyone all the time. I love that shit. Blow it up. I welcome it.]
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Hmm. Think he scraped his knuckles a bit.

[He shrugs and the movement is a bit tight, careful. He is hurt. But he's used enough to pain, so he doesn't wince.]

Looks worse than it is.
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I figured that on account of the fact that there's words coming out of your mouth and you're not ... ya know. Dead.

[Kenzi offering up something close to a smile that's half sympathetic and half, what could best be described as 'eek'.]
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Oh, come on. It's not that hideous.

[Bruises did hurt worse before they turned black, so he still had a bit to go with that, but he's had worse. Physical pain he can deal with easily anyway.]

Just got a bit of colouring.
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Oh yeah! No it's, totally... [Her hands hover in front of her face, as if framing up his bruising.] Manly! And not at all painful looking.


Still? You should maybe avoid brick walls for a little while. [Okay so she might be overplaying how bad it looks.