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[This kid's been busy, it turns out. Very busy. It's Valentine's Day, as most everyone is in all likelihood well aware, and for the first few moments of the broadcast, they appear to be quite busy with something, tongue stuck between their teeth, brow furrowed with concentration.

Eventually they glance up, however, and hold up a simple heart cut out of red construction paper. They appear to have been in the process of drawing myriad swirls along the edges. They were going for something reminiscent of a lace pattern, but results are...inconclusive.]

If anyone needs valentines, I made... [A brief pause, and they duck out of sight, only to return with an armful of hearts of every color in the rainbow.] I, um, I have a lot extra.

[But that's just the first purpose of their broadcast. The second is something they've been hard at work on for some time. A combination of careful observation, idle speculation, and wheedling questions has yielded some interesting results, and it's about time those were documented.]

And there's something else, too.

[For a brief moment, they form a fingergun with their free hand, one maroon eye winking shut in a gesture that was, in all likelihood, meant to emerge as flirtatious but simply ends up comically overexaggerated. And then...then they upload the file.]



[And yes, they will very much be monitoring any and all chatter that goes on within, so they may update their couples list accordingly. Go hog wild, Wonderland.]

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Apr. 13th, 2016 10:26 am
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I need a few people who can dedicate about three hours of their time daily and are interested in learning anything from basic data analysis to mechanical engineering to anything related to the cosmic sciences.

In short: if you’re good with your hands or good at recognizing patterns and you’d like to put those skills to use, we can help each other.

And obviously you’re more than welcome to work more than that and are exempt from working during events.

Thank you.

-Dr Jane Foster
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I haven't actually used this thing much since I've been here, at least outside of talking to people who are already using it, but I was thinking maybe some sort of school type thing would be a good idea.  Admittedly, my own education is ...a bit different than most traditional ones so I'd probably be rubbish at most of the 'typical' subjects for something like this but I'd be willing to give it a try.

I'd offer to teach magic but I'm not really sure how the magic I use would work for any of the rest of you who can use magic.

Oh and Ron, if you're around, can you meet me in the library?
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[Not a single part of this makes any damn sense to him.

He's done his fair share of exploring, if it could be called that given how expansive this place actually is. However, he's learned enough through what he's come across to come to one definite conclusion:

This isn't where he's supposed to be.

And he has no idea where 'this' even is. The walls are nowhere to be found from as far as he can tell, though in their place are several things that stick out like a sore thumb. It leaves him on edge even if his expression betrays nothing, lips drawn into a thin line as he makes his way through the ornate halls of the mansion. Whatever new devices that appear on his person are initially ignored; finding someone else is his top priority.

Levi's on the second floor when he walks up to the nearest window to shove it open, glancing down below at the building's entrance. And here is where his refined social skills come into play, searching for the first person that appears below before:]

Tell me where the hell this is.
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[When the feed kicks on, the most obvious thing is that the air is full of soot. Or smoke. Or maybe both, though the ratio isn't really all that important. Hector's got it smeared down one cheek, as though he's wiped his face with a dirty hand, and across the front of his shirt, invoking the same idea.

However, it's apparent just from his expression that he is having an absolute blast, and his grin couldn't get any wider if it tried.]

If ye have need of the sixth floor, I suggest ye watch your step. Might have gotten a little overzealous with the grenades. They work a treat to blow the bloody things apart, but.


They work just as well on walls and floors, don't they.

[He gives a snort, before another cloud of smoke, along with the sound of the grenade exploding, goes off behind him, and he kills the feed.]

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People really do come and go without warning, huh?

For those who knew him, John Winchester's gone. Home, I guess.


People who've been here a long time, or who've been told they were here before: I've got a few questions. Was there ever a time you got thrown back home and kept some of what you learned here? Any of the memories, anything?

And-- If there's someone here who can mess with that kind of stuff--memories--let me know. Just trying to sort something out, take notes, the usual. But it's important.


Jul. 27th, 2013 04:21 pm
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[Ianto's expression is tight as he turns on the camera and addresses the network, but there is a sadness around his eyes. It's only the second time he's done so, and he wishes that it were under better circumstances.]

Has anyone seen Jack today? Jack Harkness? He...

[Damn it. He's tried to send messages to Jack but to no response, and this place isn't that big to lose someone for this long, plus Jack doesn't have any reason to avoid him for this long. And then there's the fact that.]

His things have disappeared from my room, and I don't know. I'm not sure what that means. I can't...

[Ianto doesn't care that that's admitting a lot over a public forum, which says a lot about his state of mind at the moment. Ianto knows, in the corner of his mind, what the response to this is going to be. What sort of response people are going to give him. In the back of his mind, Ianto knows what has happened. It's why he hasn't gone to look at Jack's room to see if his things are gone from there too. He's too afraid of what he'll find. He's trying not to seem desperate here, trying not to appear like he's falling apart, or that the floor has just fallen out from under his feet, but he's never been much of an optimist, and he's fairly certain that one of the only things that gave purpose to his life has just disappeared from it, and clinging to this one last chance of hope is the only thing that's kept him from losing himself all over again.

He doesn't even know who he's addressing or what plea he is trying to make as he continues with one final word:]

[ooc note: as of the morning of the 27th, jack harkness has disappeared from the mansion and gone home ;; and ianto is not dealing well with this. feel free to try and give hope or console or stay clear of him, i welcome any interactions here <3]
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[It's been a few days since everyone came back to Real Side, but it only confirmed what Tohru had suspected and feared when they were on Mirror Side. Ruby has vanished. Her room is completely empty, and Tohru hasn't seen any sign of her since.

And when Tohru realized this, she cried. She cried for a long, long time. Ruby was gone, and Tohru might never see her again. But...the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she should be happy for Ruby. Ruby would probably want to be at home with her family and friends, living a normal life without Wonderland. But...that didn't make it less sad that Wonderland took her away without letting anyone say good-bye.

Now though, she's finally addressing the network, from their diner. They built it together so it's still their diner, even though Ruby's gone now.

Um...hello! [And she gives a small wave at the camera.] I hope everyone's doing well, now that we've come back.

[It takes Tohru a moment to figure out exactly how to say what she wants to say, even though she thought long and hard about this post before she made it. It's just...a hard subject, that's all. But, she tries to stay cheerful!]

It, uh. It seems that Ruby was able to go home. Which is sad, but it's also kind of good too. Everyone wants to go home, so...maybe we should be happy for her, that she was allowed to leave.

[She clasps her hands together then, as if sending out a tiny, quiet prayer to Ruby.]

...I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner's still remaining open. I think it's something really important to have here in Wonderland, so...I'd like to continue it, if at all possible, even though Ruby is gone. Err, I mostly did the Japanese side of the menu, but Ruby had been showing me how to make a little bit of the American side...I'll do my best until we find another cook, if there's anything anyone wants that she usually cooks! Hopefully I'll be able to do her dishes justice.

[They will have to get another cook eventually, or at the very least teach Aerith how to cook more things. But Tohru still wants to keep the diner running in the meantime.]

Oh! That's right though, I almost forgot. Um...that chess match was really difficult, but everyone fought bravely! I wanted to do something to thank you all for it. I-I know we didn't win, and that a lot of people suffered very badly...but I made a special treat for everyone who was forced onto the field. It was a terrible event, and I know it isn't very much, but I hope you'll all take them, as a token of gratitude and sympathy. I really, truly hope no one is forced to do something like that again.

They're up here in the diner, so please come claim yours! And everyone else is welcome too, if they want to stop by.

[And she waves at the camera quick before shutting it off.]
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[ this is one severus snape finally turning on his journal. he's been here for a few days and gathered a few things about this place, namely that avoiding everyone for a few days was a very good idea. no one saw his shadow, thank merlin. now that he's taken a little time to get acquainted with this... place, he's a little more willing to address the insane ones here.


his voice is as deadpan as normal when he speaks, his eyes not betraying his thoughts in any way. in fact, his eyes may appear a little dead, devoid of emotion almost entirely. ]

As it would seem I am hardly the first arrival here, and not likely the last, I will avoid asking needlessly stupid questions. [ yes, he's looking at some of you fellow newbies. ] Instead, I'm curious about the enchantments binding this manor. [ because there has to be something and he's fairly certain it would have made dear filius flitwick fall off his stack of books again if he saw it. ] Rather than asking where we all are, I would have thought the intelligent question would be "How did we get here?" I wasn't aware that the place I was in last could be infiltrated in such a way as this. Congratulations. [ whoever you are.

he might sound slightly impressed. slightly. maybe. if you squint. ]
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So apparently the thing about not remembering being here is true when you're sent home. I have no idea how long I was gone but I'm back.

And apparently this place decided it was a good idea to drop me into a tree on arrival. The branches didn't agree, but I at least didn't really hurt myself. 

Everyone still here? 

How long was I gone?


Apr. 25th, 2013 04:58 pm
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[It happens slowly, like waking from a dream.

The first thing he notices is the cold grass against his face, and that it's dark out. His head is heavy. But as soon as it dawns on him that his head is heavy because he still has antlers, because he's still a stag, everything comes flooding back at once.

He swiftly changes back into himself and sits up. It doesn't hurt, not any more. But the blood that had covered his fur is all over his clothes, and there's a splotch dried onto his glasses. He stands, but when he goes to brush himself off, his hands come back red and the sight of it makes his heart almost stop for a second time.

There's no way to know what time it is, or what day. All he knows is that it's night, but he listens carefully. There's a howl, but it's far off in the distance. That sound is all it takes for his feet to start moving though. He runs, as fast as he can toward the mansion. He'd apparate, but he's still not sure what his status is. If he tries and it turns out he's missing kidneys or something, he'll screw it up and he has had enough of screwing up for today, thank you. He doesn't stop until the door is slammed behind him, and he's breathing hard and heavy.

He catches a glimpse of himself in one of the many mirrors, That's a lot worse than he thought, now that he can see it clearly. The blood's all over him, and sort of strangely distributed, since they were from wounds he obtained as a stag. He definitely looks like he's either been murdered or done some murdering himself.

He takes a deep breath though, stands up right, and starts to head back up to his room on the seventh floor. A shower and some clean clothes would do him a world of good. Feel free to run into him on his way there though. All replies are assumed to be before Lily's thread. ♥

1st spell

Apr. 7th, 2013 10:07 pm
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You know it's pretty disorienting, stepping through doorway and falling flat on your arse in the middle of a pond. That aside though, I do have two questions. [ At least she'd been able to dry herself off with a spell. She would have assumed kidnapping, but that usually involved actual people and not just landing somewhere else.] 

Has anyone seen my husband, and where exactly have I landed? If this was Hogwarts, I'd assume it was one of his pranks, but since I don't see anything remotely familiar. 

By the way, my name's Lily. [ And that's where it ends.]


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