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[When the feed comes on, Lithuania is leaning against a wall, breathing harshly and covered in blood - some of it is definitely not his own, but some of it probably is. He turns the camera away from himself to show a white and heavily bleeding ...pig. In a semicircle around it lie dead dogs that have clearly been killed with a sword or some other kind of blade, which means that the pig can hardly have done it.]

Are there any doctors that specialize in animals here, or someone who could tell me how I can figure out if the pig will live or die? It's bleeding but I don't think that any deep wounds have been inflicted on it, except for one of the hind legs being damaged too heavily for it to walk on it.

[Normally he would just deliver a mercy-kill to an animal that is hurt like this, but in this place you can never tell if someone/thing is sentient or not...]
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[The feed turns on accidentally. Shuu is seated at the head of a dinner table, with a young lady, her hair strongly resembling feathers, sitting to his left, and a young man - a stranger - sitting beside her. To his right is a small person; but not just any small person. He's covered head to toe in feathers. His nose resembles a beak, although the rest of his face is that of a human. Two butlers stand off to the side, awaiting orders from the good doctor. One of them has the body of a man and the head of a falcon, while the other looks mostly normal except for the fact that his arms seem to be melded with a pair of bird wings. These are but a few of Shuu's "children".

[Another young man sits across the table from the girl. He seems to be in good spirits, although the stranger does not. Shuu claps his wings, turning to the perturbed guest.]

Well, Mr. Douglas. It's very good of you to join us. Please tell me. Is the Devil still pursuing you?

[He laughs - the other man across the table, his assistant, laughs. Even the midget-monster next to Shuu can't help but guffaw at that. Douglas' brow furrows. He's clearly upset, and retorts with "Well, perhaps you can explain what you mean by "the Devil", since you seem to be on good terms with him."

[Shuu doesn't miss a beat.]

Well, permit me, Mr. Douglas, to tell you something of the Devil, that I've come to know him. The Devil is that element of human nature that compels us to destroy and debase.

[He leans back in his chair, gazing upwards in philosophical thought. Mr. Douglas mutters darkly to himself, "And what to you, upon this island, is nothing but destruction and debasement?"

[This isn't the first time Dr. Moreau Dr. Iwamine has had to defend his research from the ignorant and close-minded.]

Oh. Well, I can tell you very plainly -

[He interrupts his thoughts to scold the midget monster next to him who started pecking at his food with his beak nose.]

No, no, no, please don't do that.

[The monster looks up at him sheepishly and uses his utensil like a proper gentleman. The doctor continues.]

For seventeen years, I have been striving to create a...some measure of refinement in the human species, you see. And it is here, on this very island, that I, sir, have found the very essence of the Devil.

[Douglas glares at him. "What do you mean?"

[All humor leaves Shuu's face. He's deadly serious now.]

I have seen the Devil in my microscope, and I have chained him. And I suppose you can say, in a sense, metaphorically speaking, I have cut him to pieces. The Devil, Mr. Douglas, I've nothing more than...a tiresome collection of genes. And it is with great assurance that I can tell you that Lucifer, Son of Morning, is no more.

[Shuu clears his throat, hoping that his guest understands.

[Douglas doesn't buy it, of course. "Wow. I don't see how any of this species nonsense justifies these monstrous disfigurements." He gestures to the creatures around them. The falcon-headed butler looks to Shuu, a bit offended by this man's comments.]

Very simply, they represent a stage in the process, the eradication...of destructive elements found in the human psyche. And I...I have almost achieved perfection, you see, of a divine creature that is pure, harmonious, absolutely incapable of malice. And if in my tinkering, I have fallen short of the human form by snout, claw, or hoof, it is of really no great import. I am closer than you could possibly imagine, sir.

[The wing-armed servant notices the communicator, and discreetly turns it off.]

[OOC: I really loved the monologue Marlon Brando has in this movie, so. It made me think of Shuu, too, so I hope this kind of gives a bit of what his thought process is.]
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[This post begins with a whole lot of flailing. It seems The Once-ler's being attacked by a bunch of crows. He's putting up a pretty good fight though, violently swatting them away with his hat.]

Stupid old crows! Leave me alone! Go pick on some worms or something! Scram!

[He eventually makes his way over to the stairs and bolts down them, tripping down the last couple of steps to the ninth floor. Curiously, the crows don't follow him - they just continue flying around the tenth floor.]

Huh. That's...weird.

[He decides it's probably better not to press his luck though, and heads down the ninth floor, which seems pretty safe, what's that?

The Once-ler looks down and there's a shiny gold ring on the ground, just begging for someone to take it. He glances around, to see if anyone's looking. The coast is clear though, so he grins.

I guess you're mine now!

[So he quickly bends down, picks it up, puts it on, and...disappears.

Wait, what?
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[The face of a young woman appears on the screen. The little device seems to be below her face, resting on something. The woman seems..mystical or at least, some entity that has a spiritual presence.]

[Text. Always. Text.]

I give my apologies to whoever owns this.

However, I seem to be some distance from home, and I must return prestissimo.

Can anyone who locates this point me in the direction of the Fields of Justice?

[Some time passes, and it's clear she has no idea how to work this thing.]

Or is there someone who can explain this predicament to me? It was that I simply was one place, then somewhere else, soudainment. A strange occurrence, but I suppose magic can be unpredictable sometimes even in the most deft fingers.
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[Now that everything is settled and back to normal, Rapunzel seems a little nervous, but determined.]

Um...hello, everyone. This might sound kinda strange, but I can heal people, if anybody's been hurt I can heal you!

I'm on the 10th floor, but I can move to where you are if you need me to.

[She plays with her hair a little bit before tentatively asking:]

Um, so...who was that person who killed the Jabberwocky, anyway?
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[Instead of a partridge, a human dressed in a lab coat sits at the desk, his hands folded, his chin resting against them. His eyes glare into the camera. Clearly, Shuu is not happy.]

...I would absolutely love to know just whose memory this is. The shape of this room is bad enough -

[He waves an arm, moving to the side to show the interior of his room. Dirt floor, crude wooden bed with cheap cot, and a night stand to match. Definitely not the most lavish place in the world.]

- but to have a memory to cause an event like this...

[Shuu leans forward, his teeth clenching, glowering into the camera.]

I will kill you. This is a disgrace. Me, a human???? This is unacceptable!!!!!

[Yeah, he's not too happy about being trapped in a human's body. It feels really weird.]
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[Oh God there's a major close-up of Rapunzel's green eyes as she puzzles out this communications device.]

Hello? Hellooooo? Is it broken or something?

[She frowns at it.]

I don't get it! What does the little red blinking light mean?

[The girl turns it this way and that, tilting the screen curiously.]

I hope the light doesn't mean I broke it. That would make a horrible first impression to whoever lives here!

[Rapunzel is going to fiddle with it, so it cycles through video to voice to text and back to repeat this horrible cycle. After a while, it starts to speed up until someone decides to speak to her and help a girl out.]
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Things have turned out much different than I expected. As...charming as the forest was, it is a relief to be back inside a building with comforts. My room is very much like my infirmary, and I feel quite comfortable here. That being said...

I don't suppose anyone has performed physicals on any of the various sentient beings here? If there are other medical practitioners, I would very much like to discuss the state of things with you and possibly get a copy of your findings. There's a lot of work to do.


Mar. 24th, 2012 06:30 pm
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Drop whatever you're doing and listen! Unless you're holding something fragile. You should put that down gently or it'll break and then you might get hurt.

As a representative of Equestria, I am hosting an official conference to celebrate pony contact with aliens - I mean humans - and you're all invited!

[She drops her voice to a whisper.]

In case you don't know, a conference is like a serious business grown-up party. That means you've got to dress up in your fancy-pantsiest clothes and all the food will be teeny-tiny.

[Done with her aside, she raises her voice again.]

But this isn't just going to be a super official conference, oh no! Aang had a super idea to make it even better. It's also going to be an award ceremony! So if there's somepony or lots of someponies - though I guess you'd say somehumans, huh? Anyway, if there's somehuman or somehumans you think are absolutely awesome tell me what they deserve an award for and what their favourite colours are.
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[The communicator beeps on as the partridge pulls itself up. He's large, about the size of a turkey, and looks into the camera, his eyes narrowing.]

I don't know who or what you are, but this is an awfully interesting punishment, Nanaki. Or is it Sakuya behind this? Thrown me into the wilderness, have you? Plan on leaving me to slowly bleed to death?

[He turns to his left side to cough. Several bullet wounds litter his right side; the blood's still wet. He turns back to the camera, his voice soft and deadly.]

I'll tell you this. You may have destroyed my research, everything I have slaved over...but I'll build it up again. I'll end this war...I'll make that damned bird's wish come true.

[There's an almost manic look in his eyes as the camera clicks off, ending the transmission.]
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[Campin' is usually right up Buck's alley, but there's quite a lotta fuckin' kids around. Bluh. At least he can get drunk and sleep in a makeshift hammock.

Or he could. If that fuckin' frog would shut the hell up. Who the hell does he think he is? King of the forest?

Well, he is wrong.

Dead wrong.

Buck, hunting knife in hand, sets out to prove he's the real King.

Buck is.

Buck is the King.]


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